Young amateur teen pictures
Click the pic for a hot gallery of sexy young teens taking homemade pictures!!

Okay guys, as you might be able to tell from my blog post, I’m in a place where I see a lot of young teens dressed like the girls in the gallery – slutty!!! Dressed in as little as possible, shorts that show off their butt cracks and cheeks, etc! The gallery above comes from a site dedicated to homemade teen photographs – teens getting drunk and dirty!!!

Anyways, there was a lov-e-ly bunch of coconuts…

Deedle dee dee.

Last summer, I visited M&M World in Las Vegas for the first time. While there, I picked up a big baggie of chocolate cherry M&Ms.

Love ’em.

I’ve been very careful in how I eat them. Only a few at a time, and not very frequently. In fact, I still have some from last year! Still, I figured it would be a good idea for me to stock up on them the next time I found myself in fabulous Las Vegas.

Fast forward to today. I’m in Sin City on a spur of the moment trip with some friends…. I walk into M&M World, make a beeline for the wall of M&Ms, and lo – no chocolate cherry. I ask an employee about them. I am told they were limited edition, and are therefore no longer available. Phooey.

So what’s the current limited edition flavour? Coconut.

So I bought a bag of coconut M&Ms. I have since smapled them. They are very nice. Not as nice as the cherry, but still very nice.

I also bought a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms.

In fact, I bought probably way more M&Ms than I should have. I ended up spending far more than is reasonable on chocolate candies.

Well, I’m set for at least another year. $93 worth of M&M’s….. and some Coca-Cola pajamas from the store next door!!!

I wonder what next year’s limited edition flavour will be???

Enjoy the drunk teen photographs from the gallery above!

4 Responses to “Young amateur teen self-made pictures!”
  1. Barry says:

    How do you store your candy? That’s a lot of candy.
    How hot is Vegas?
    These types of photos are always fun. I like seeing how they want to be seen.

  2. IFuckAmy says:

    If your M&M melt in the hot Vegas sun, smear it onto your body and I’ll help clean it up.

  3. Kaori says:

    Barry: I’m not sure if it’s going carryon or in my suitcase yet…. that’s something I didn”t plan on :)

    IFA: M&M’s don’t melt in your hand, they melt in your mouth!!!

    That being said, it’s SO hot here!!! 43C!! (I think around 109F)

  4. souas says:

    I’m not sure if it’s going carryon or in my suitcase yet…. that’s something I didn”t plan on

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