Well, I posted a nice little amateur gallery a few days ago, and then sort of ‘fell off the wagon’ again… Or would that be ‘got on the wagon?’.
Anyway, it was nice to see so many people welcoming me back! I guess I’ll explain a bit more.
Well. It had been a while, now.

I kind of fell into a rut there. Nothing went wrong, life was continuing on as it always does, but nothing seemed particularly comment-worthy, and therefore I would consistently find myself with nothing blog-worthy on my mind. Job was the same. Day-to-day life was the same.

I wasn’t unhappy or anything. It just didn’t seem like anyone other than me would really care to read about it, so I never wrote about it. That being said, I had a lot of ‘welcome back messages’. So maybe….

So here we are. Still, nothing’s really changed, but I found I sort of missed writing these little blurbs, so I’m going to try to get back into it. I realize this will be challenging, since I still feel like I don’t really have anything to write about that would be worth reading, but maybe I can come up with something.

Maybe. I promise nothing….

In the meantime, here’s a nice amateur blonde girl playing with her boyfriend on the beach. 51 homemade pictures!

4 Responses to “Wow. So many comments!”
  1. MtSoloTim says:

    Great amateur pictures. We need more wholesome stuff like this Kaori.

    • Kaori says:

      MtSolo: You’ll be getting lots more 😀

      Mike: Glad you enjoy them! Maybe i’ll get more ‘me pics’ up soon, but now I’m getting old!!!!

      Jason: Heh, I bought a masquerade mask a while ago, but it was crooked :(

  2. Mike says:

    I enjoy your blogging, and your pictures, those pictures of you, and your hard work you put into making your body HOT !

  3. Jason says:

    Welcome back Kaori.

    Amateurs are nice. If you were to get a masquerade mask you could do some amateur pictures of your own without revealing your face. *wink*

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