Vanessa Hudgens Lesbian Vanessa Hudgens Panties
Vanessa Hudgens Panties Vanessa Hudgens Panties
Vanessa Hudgens Lesbian  

okay guys – no ‘formal’ blog post tonight, instead I’m just putting up more of the Vanessa Hudgens naked pictures!!! You can see Vanessa’s first (and only true) nude picture in this post:
Vanessa Hudgens Nude, but of course, I’ll make it easy for you, and include it down below….

I hope you enjoy these Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures – a lot of other websites have started yanking them down, and I’m not sure why! Vanessa sent these dirty pictures to her ‘at the time boyfriend’ Zac Efron… I just wish Vanessa Hudgens shaved before the pic :)
Vanessa Hudgens from

45 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens – More Nude Pictures”
  1. Zac Efron says:

    She DID shave! It was halfway around her leg before.

  2. Barry says:

    I’m glad she didn’t shave, it looks better that way. Has she had a boob job?
    How’s the teaching going?

  3. Jim says:

    I agree with you..a shame she didnt shave. She’s hot except too much hair down there!

  4. Cryogenically Frozen Walt Disney says:

    It specifically states in her contract she must keep a full bush.

  5. Kaori says:

    Zac: She does look like the hairy type!!

    Barry: Nope – no boob job!!! Teaching is going good! A lot of work though!!!!

    Jim: Very hot!

    Cryo: Gotta keep that ‘innocent girl’ look?

  6. Patrick Anderson says:

    you are very hot.Keep on rocking girl!

  7. Miley Cyrus says:

    i’m so upset with vanessa i can’t evan look at her the same.

  8. alexandra says:

    i cant believe u did this ………….now i will never watch high school musical again because u used to be my favourite now i hate u !!! Ur a huge slut bitch skank

  9. Mandii says:

    miley my ass!

  10. jack says:

    i have to say she is hot and i love the pic would love to see more of here

  11. Steve says:

    Damn, she looks great! I totally dig the trimmed bush. Looks totally yummy… :)

  12. diego says:

    you are so sexy girl i had never seen high school musical, but my niece does, can you please shave it off, and then can you become my teacher since you hotty. i will like to see you in personal and naked.

  13. bostontpartier says:

    shit i know why my 14yr old brother still sings along

  14. Not a says:

    This confirms my fear that I am missing out on the high school sex scene. Damn.

  15. crime_of_opportunity says:

    wow. that chick alexandra has been drinking that haterade.

  16. Zac says:

    i wanna fuck her

  17. Cedar says:

    Damn she’s hot that is all I can say

  18. zac efron says:

    that pussy is mine!!stop looking at it!!!

  19. DANIEL says:

    omg zac your so dirty haha wellvanessa you lokk good i stl love the movie haha bt wats rng wit the birfdae suit miley get a hld of your self would you goshdrama queen

    l8as oh mily i love you 2 dnt be madd please

    oh and dat alexandra poo **** off

  20. harry says:

    Isnuck on the computer and have been masturbating for 3 hours please fuck me

  21. james says:

    im so upset about this i luv hsm how could she do that thow but she does look hot thow she needs a boob job lol!!

  22. retardz says:

    u all r so stupid tht aint even vanessa thtz sum wanna b

  23. john says:

    this is zac efron try eatin thaat shit out i got carpet burn

  24. bt bt says:

    I would stick my toungue so far up that ass!!!!!

  25. hank g says:

    hey zac i dnt give a sit if its yours i will fuck her hardcore

  26. ronaldo says:

    as long as fi ar pussy fat it all right shave r not

  27. big puss says:

    damn that looks nice

  28. Jeck Nikholson says:

    I’m so.. fuck, kin pissed that kids.. er thinkin they ken be is hooot. as us somee times….. uh oh heart attack.

  29. George Clooneye says:

    Wait!?!… What the hell. Jeck Nikhol…. Jack Nickolson is that you.

  30. lol says:

    miley u get naked change

  31. Miley Cyrus says:

    She has a better pussy than i do. People i am a lesbian…. I am masturbating right now while watching this pic of Vanessa Hudgens. Im cumming

  32. john says:

    dood she is hot can it be zoomed in

  33. Miley Cyrus says:

    Vanessa, I want to eat your pussy so bad. May I? Oh, I am putting some nude photos on my myspace. Check it out.

  34. chris fentress says:

    I want to fuck,fuck,fuck her so hard that my dick will get longer if you know wat I mean.

  35. doom says:

    Leave da poor grl alone she’s aalready embarresed enough without u ppl keep reminding her about it we should just leave all celebs alone

  36. Miley Cyrus says:

    vanessa put more naked pics online or come to my bed.i am so lesbo

  37. jak says:

    you people are retarded.
    you do realize there is a 70 percent chance thats a fake?
    i mean come on, she works for disney and when disney stars get nude it makes the company look bad to respectable parents.
    so do you really think disney would let her do this?

  38. Babe says:

    This bitch sh3 is stupid if this real but i still like this pic sh3 sexy

  39. bio says:

    das sind geile titen ich will dich ficken du sau
    aber rasiren müsst sie sich mal

  40. disney says:

    Zac you do not know who I am but I am in bed with her right now and oh yeah she telling to come back for more!

  41. oh_man!!! says:

    dang vanessa i wanna do u hard babe…
    shave it off and i will do u even harder babee…
    lookin good tho

  42. josh says:

    very amatuer. she has nice tits, but can’t move her body right. i think welll see better in the future. god knows we can only see worse. she chould just go on to x rated movies. she’s hot, no doubt about that. just get naked once and for all. she obviously wants to. If i was her bf, i’d totally want her to be seen.

  43. PoloMan says:

    Man I would fuck de shit outta here real talk man i would punish dat pussy nite n day non stop man my dick would be in here pussy or n dat jaw 24/7. vanessa cum holla at me n ill make u cum all nite plus i gotta huge one

  44. Nicolas Cage says:

    Vannesa is prity but Miley Cyrus is better 😛

  45. Nicolas Cageerus says:

    Vannesa is prity but Miley Cyrus is better 😛 :)

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