Uncensored Japanese Game Show - Sex
Click the pic for a new, hot gallery from a brand new Japanese Gameshow site – KobeSurprise!!

Hey guys, this is a brand new site from the guys who bring you Dancing Bear – the CFNM / Male Stripper sex website… The new site is a Japanese CFNM site – dedicated to XXX Japanese Gameshows… And the perk for this is, it’s completely uncensored!!! I’ve seen some other interesting Japanese Games shows in the past.. You can find the ‘Zenra’ site here – under asian..

KobeSurprise looks like it might have a lot of potential.. It’s always fun to watch innocent Japanese girls compete in hardcore Japanese games to win money!!

Anyways, it’s a downhill learning curve….

I like to think of myself as a relatively intelligent individual. I’ve typically gotten highish scores in school, earning spots on honour rolls and dean’s lists in addition to a decent-sized list of scholarships. When I need to learn a new sequence of events for a job or something, I’m generally pretty quick at picking things up.

And yet, I have yet to figure out that I am clumsy, and should therefore not wear a white top on a day when I am planning to cook with tomatoes.

I figured that for dinner tonight, I’d try out a hamburger soup recipe. I remember making it ages ago in home ec, and being pleasantly surprised with the outcome – after all, hamburger soup lacks somewhat in appeal. I located a recipe, went out in search of groceries, returned home, and started working towards my dinner.

Now, I actually found the recipe a few days ago. I arrived at my decision to make this for my dinner tonight yesterday. So, hours and hours before getting dressed this morning, I knew I’d be sloshing around in the kitchen with cans of diced tomatoes and tomato sauce.

This morning? I picked out a top as white as snow to wear.

To my credit, I managed not to splash any tomato-related liquid on me.

Instead, I splashed a little Worcestershire sauce on me. Not even as I was pouring it out to measure, or as I was adding it to the pot. The splash happened as I was closing the snap-top lid.


Anyways, enjoy the XXX Japanese Gameshow uncensored pictures here
The Japanese Sex Game Show Movies are here

4 Responses to “Uncensored Japanese Game Show – Sex”
  1. CS says:

    That’s what dry cleaning is for.

  2. IFuckAmy says:

    No! No dry cleaning, unless CS meant licking it up dry.
    Tomato and Worcestershire sauce on Lady Kaori! What can be more delicious than that? Oh yeah I forgot – Natural Cherry Juice from Lady Kaori O_O. – No condensed milk.

  3. Necto says:

    the site is pretty funny.

    “hamburger soup” sounds weird to we, what does it looks like ?

  4. Kaori says:

    CS: Drycleaning??? You must be Mr. Moneybags!!! ^_^

    IFA: I agree… It does sound like a nice mix :)

    Necto: Ummm… looks like an orange soup base with carrots and ground beef… It’d be nice to have cheese in it too…

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