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Here’s a fun teen casting call gallery for you! Apparently they required the girl to try double vaginal penetration… I personally don’t see how a girl that young can do that! Not that I’ve ever tried, but, big toys are too big for me!! Maybe she recently had kids? Anyways…

Apparently, women love multiple male partners… Here are some stats from a norwegian study:

1000 norwegian women between 18 and 84 has revealed their fantasies. This is the facts published in a new book called venus. Only 1 of the 1000 women had no fantasies at all and a lot were pretty kinky. The most common fantasies were normal hardcore sex, while oral sex, threesomes (mmf) and large penises came second.

What | Fantasy % | Done %

fuck a large penis | 69% | N/A
getting raped | 60% | 6% (said to be “safe rape”, but is it rape if you can control it?)
raping | 8% | 2%
vaginal fisting | 41% | 13%
anal fisting | 8% | 2%
lesbian sex | 46% | 34%
beeing a whore | 21% | 2%
ffm threesome | 44% | 27%
fmm threesome | 73% | 20%
swallow sperm | 47% | 42%
anal sex | 57% | 41%
S&M | 41% | 22%
sex in car | 50% | 40%
Sex with horse | 10% | N/A (comment from the female authors: very surpriscing and mostly related to the fact that women want large penises and a fascination for the violent and animalistic)

Okay… sex with a HORSE? Who wants to do that? YUCK!!! I read about someone DYING from that just a little while ago… It was a GUY which is even worse!!
The rape thing, I believe was translated poorly. I like it when a LOVER takes control, overpowers me, etc. Rape though? Not ever!! I’d crush their testicles and bite their penis off!

Anyways, enough of that..
I guess you want to know the rest of what I like :)
Big Penises = fantasy only… Too big = too painful.. definately fun to think about though! :)
vaginal fisting.. never really thought of it.. fisting in general that is..
lesbian sex = oh yeah!
being a whore… what???? like a hooker? No thanks!!! Being a little sluttier is fun to think about though :)
ffm and mmf are both fun to think of :)
anal=meh, it’s okay, not great, not my favorite, and not something I like often!
SM=definately fun to roll play!
Sex in a car=what, that’s only a fantasy? who hasn’t given roadhead? :) (or I guess, received it for you guys :))

Sorry for the break in updates! Things have been CRAZY here!!!

5 Responses to “Teen casting requires double vaginal penetration”
  1. Jim says:

    hi Kaori,i liked your “oh yeah” on the lesbian issue Mmmm!

  2. Ashley says:

    You don’t have to be older or have had kids to be able to do double vaginal penetration. I was 19 (with a very tight vagina, I might add) when I had a MMF threesome and (sort of accidentally but ended up LOVING it) had double vaginal penetration.

  3. loveboy_htmlcm says:

    double penetration very pleasurable

  4. loveboy_06_@htmlcm says:

    @ Ashley:
    double vaginal sex very nice

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