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2 Young Lesbian Blondes from JoyMii
Click the picture to see a hot gallery of 2 young lesbian blondes from FemJoy

2 Young Lesbian Blondes from JoyMii

2 Young Lesbian Blondes from JoyMii
Click the picture to see some hot naked teens posing from Femjoy!

Okay guys, here’s a gallery from a sister site of JoyMii. Femjoy and Joymii both post really hot teens posing.. Occasional lesbian action, occasional XXX action – but always gorgeous models. I’ve collected a few sets off of both sites for you to enjoy… This one has two hot teens (yes, only one is truly blonde), posing outside. They’re fully shaved and have nice, athletic bodies.
I need to search their archives and see if they have some Xmas porn ^_^.

Anyway, practicality and the gift season…… Every year, my parents ask me for a wishlist. Honestly, it’s my mother who asks for it – so that she’s not randomly guessing at what might make a good Christmas present for me.

Consequently, every year I have a mild existential crisis about what sorts of things should be on that list.

Usually I lean towards the practical – it seems unbecoming to request wildly expensive or lavish gifts, and the thought of asking for even frivolous gifts makes me cringe a tiny bit. I’m really not sure what has prompted this way of thinking, but it is what it is. So my gift lists are sort of dull, and read a bit like humdrum everyday shopping lists rather than gift requests.

When I was twelve, I asked for new jeans. Not designer jeans, either – just basic jeans.

In 2004, I think I asked for new pants – well, to be honest, I asked for the money to cover the cost of ordering the pants from Victoria’s Secret.

The year before last, I asked for measuring cups and some new kitchen utensils.

I think I did better this year, though. I mean, sure, some hobby supplies worked their way onto the list, but I did manage to put one stereotypical but not hugely extravagant item on my list.

I asked for new earrings.

I did not specify the style of the earrings – it seems sort of counter to the whole concept for me to pick out a specific pair and point to them and say, These. I want these.

Then again, maybe that’s what my mother’s been truly asking for all these years…
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Young Black Teen - Kiesha Little
Click the picture for a nude gallery of a young black teen with a fully shaved pussy!

Okay guys, here’s a new black teen for you guys. The last ‘ebony lesbians’ I posted ages ago went over well, and Pat wanted to find the ‘hottest black girl porn’. Unfortunately, the really hot ebony teen I was thinking of seemed to have removed herself from the internet… I can’t find her website anymore!! Instead, I bring you Kiesha Little. Make sure you look at the rest of her pics in the gallery… I collected this before I started the 3 picture preview porn. I feel like a change, and want a few more naked ethnic girls on the blog :)

Here’s another black teen you might like – Minnie St. Claire!

Anyways, doodely…

Have you ever noticed the Google Doodles?

Any time you go to the Google page and their usual logo isn’t up there, you’re looking at a doodle. Sometimes they’re interactive – the one they did to commemorate Jim Henson’s birthday had a few easter eggs in it, which a friend pointed out to me, but I no longer remember how to do. There was one with a PAC-MAN game embedded into it – I spent a few minutes playing with that.

The doodles, particularly the interactive ones, are fun little distractions in your day. Unfortunately, I use Google Chrome as my browser of choice, and one of the features of Chrome is that your address bar can be used to do a Google search, just by keying your search terms in there. Which means that I don’t actually have to visit Google to do my Googling, so I actually don’t see the doodles very often – only when a friend has found them first and has told me about it.

Fortunately for me, Google maintains an archive of all their doodles. So I could, in theory, spend some time sifting through there to play with all of the doodles I’ve missed.

Would I actually do that?

Well. Work contracts will be starting up again soon, and I do have an ongoing project that I’d like to see wrapped up before the new contracts begin.

So probably yes.

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Young Asian Amateur XXX
Click the picture to see a young, innocent amateur Asian girl having sex with her boyfriend.

Young Asian Amateur XXX

Young Asian Amateur XXX
Click the picture to see a normal Asian girl fucking her boyfriend.

Okay guys, here’s an amateur Asian XXX gallery. It features a cute and young, but rather plain looking Asian girl having sex with her bf. She’s very ‘pleasant’ looking. Not sexy, just normal. Probably like most of the Asian girls you know that go home and take piano lessons after school… The ones still constrained by their parents!
Seriously though – if she learned how to do her makeup, she’d look significantly different! But not as fresh-faced. It’s from clubseventeen.

Anyways… Uncharacteristicly, I had a nap today.

This is actually a pretty wild breach of character for me. I don’t nap. If I feel the need to have a nap, it’s because I’m actually sick – probably with the flu – and I am not sick.

And no, that’s not the raving of someone who clearly feels like crap, staring at you blearily through watery eyes, insisting that “I’b DOT sick” right before tucking a nose that is a most frighteningly angry shade of red into a tissue and making it abundantly clear that mucus is being moved around. I truly feel totally fine.

And yet, I had a nap, when I am not a napper.

I’m not a napper because I have a beast of a time waking up again after the nap. Truthfully, I’m horrible for waking up any time – it takes me forever, and I’m pretty miserable until some switch in my brain clicks into Awake mode, and then I’m totally fine. If I’ve got no obligations for places to be or things to do, say, on weekends, I will absolutely stay in bed and doze peacefully until early afternoon – I’ll wake up, check out the time, think about getting up, but end up falling back asleep for a while longer. Lather, rinse, repeat, until I’m able to shamefully push my slothy self out of bed.

So to avoid all that unhappy post-nap drowsy time, I just don’t nap. It helps immensely that I rarely feel sleepy anyway – at least, I don’t feel sleepy until I lie down. Once I’m horizontal, if I’m tired, the sleepiness washes over me like a tsunami, and I’m unconscious within a minute.

Yes, that is how I fall asleep at night on a regular basis.

Today, though, I happened to get up and walk into the bedroom, and I looked at my bed, and I wasn’t sleepy at all, but golly gee willickers it sure looked comfy. I sat down first, then was moved to lie down for maximum comfort.

Two hours later, I was wakened by the phone ringing.

I guess I needed some extra rest….
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Oiled teen sunbathes - shaved pussy Nicola
Click the picture to see a hot teen Nicola!

Oiled teen sunbathes - shaved pussy Nicola

Oiled teen sunbathes - shaved pussy Nicola
Click the picture to see a sexy gallery from Hegre Art featuring the young, gorgeous model Nicola

Okay guys, here’s another Hegre Art gallery! It features the stunning Nicola that I had posted before.. Here, here, and here. She’s covered in oil, and bathing languidly in the hot sun. I’m jealous!

She has a fully shaved pussy and a gorgeous body.

Now, to be honest, I almost didn’t post this gallery. It’s very, very close to jailbait, although I know that Hegre is very strict and legit these days… Just like LittleSummer and LittleApril. They look young, but they’re not.

Anyways, I was going to post more tonight, but it’s way too late! I’m off to bed!

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Thai with Sparse Pussy Hair
Click the picture to see a hot thai babe with sparse pussy hair!

Thai with Sparse Pussy Hair

Thai with Sparse Pussy Hair
Click the picture to see a hot Asian with barely any pubic hair!

Okay guys. I’m jealous. I have no idea how she has so little pubic hair. Is it natural, or is it just grow-in from a waxing followed with subsequent waxings? Eitherway, her pubic hair is the reason I posted this gallery. No other reason 😀 I guess she is young, Asian, and ‘sort of cute’ in a trampy sort of way.

Anyways, so my recent order of pants arrived on Monday of last week. I only just got around to washing them today, and I didn’t even get the new dress pants washed. Just the jeans.

Normally when new clothes arrive I get all hyper and antsy to get the washed so they can enter the rotation. I don’t wear clothes if I haven’t washed them first. This is a practice my mother has always strongly encouraged – when I was younger, everything got run through the laundry machines once the tags came off – and I’m not sure if Mum does it because she’s heard all those urban legends about the friend of a friend who got some sort of wicked poisoning from some clothes that were purchased that had chemicals in the fabric, but I err on the side of caution. My skin tends to be sort of sensitive anyway, so it’s just good sense for me to be extra careful in this respect. Not that I believe the clothes I purchase from online stores have been soaking in vats of formaldehyde in their warehouses prior to being shipped to me, but I must admit I do feel better about wearing the clothes once they’ve been washed, and I do think that snipping off the tags and then throwing the garment right on for wear is more than a little wrong.

Anyway. This past week somehow ended up short on home time in which I can do laundry, so I didn’t get to do the jeans wash till today. Now that they’re all done and clean, I can hardly wait to wear the new ones. I’ve now got two sets in a lighter denim fabric – I suppose some folks might argue that they’re really denim-style cotton – and another set in a heavier gauge denim. I suspect the lighter weight ones will get more usage in the summer months.

You hear that, summer? I’m ready, I’m all set for the joy of rediscovering my tee collection. Come on.

What are you waiting for?
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