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Okay guys, my blog is broken again… I updated it to the newest version and it broke everything… Needless to say, it was a little disappointing, discouraging, and soul crushing 😀 This darn server has been acting up a fair bit in the last month.

Anyway, today I’ve decided to post a few animated gifs that I find interesting plus a gallery of some naked Harvard students having a snowball fight! Just think, these students will be future lawyers, judges and high powered executives, but right now, they’re running around in the snow showing off their hairy private parts! (Seriously, the girls look like they shave their pussy and then let it grow back in for fun before shaving again…. That is not the way to stay comfortably groomed. Talk about itchy!

Chin Dildo Fucking

Chin Dildo Fucking

Ripped jeans show pussy

Ripped jeans show pussy

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Thumb Desc3
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Okay guys, here’s a gallery I collected in 2008, and just forgot to post!! It was sitting in my archives… This XXX gallery features a relatively unknown thai teen girl having hardcore sex.. Although most of the pictures are just blowjobs… It’s from a site dedicated to Thai Pussy.

Anyways, I was out walking today, and I decided to make use of the iPod function on my iPhone as I walked. I used to do this all the time while walking to and from metro stations, and also while riding the metro and buses. Since I mostly drive to and from work, as transit to get there is a bit of a nightmare, it’s changed my routine, and now I rarely have my headphones on.

I decided to go for some Atomic Kitten, and as soon a the first notes of It’s OK started up, I was mentally timewarped back to the summer of 2004, which is when it occurred to me that since I enjoyed Right Now in one of the Dance Dance Revolution games I had played, I might enjoy more Atomic Kitten, and so I gave them a whirl.

It just seemed so right to be out walking in the sunshine with that peppy music ringing in my ears.

Okay, summer. I’m totally ready for you.

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Hot young lesbian teens
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Okay guys, here’s random gallery of some young looking teens from a network site that specializes in young looking teens with braces

Anyways, when I got my Blizzard treat on Sunday, I was a bit gluttonous and got the large one. It didn’t seem like that much at the time.

As it turned out, when I was about halfway through, I started feeling a bit full. When I got to the two thirds mark, I was done, and I was faced with a choice – I could toss the remainder, or stick the whole shebang in the freezer to save for another day.

I pondered the options. Throwing out the remaining Blizzard seemed like a horrible waste of a perfectly good treat. On the other hand, I was worried about refreezing – I feared it would transform into a solid hunk of frozen goodness, thoroughly inaccessible until it had melted completely. I pondered pushing myself to finish it even though I felt as if one more bite would make me burst, and decided that doing so might make me not want Blizzards at all anymore for quite some time, not a desirable outcome.

And then I figured I might as well try freezing it – worst case scenario, I wouldn’t be able to eat it later, and it would get tossed then, and I’d be no worse off than if I’d tossed it in the beginning. So into the freezer it went.

Tonight, the leftovers were pulled from the freezer.

Turns out, you can totally freeze a Blizzard for later consumption! Yes, it came out rather firmer than a freshly made one, but I didn’t have to chisel away at a solid block in search of morsels that would fit comfortably into my mouth. I didn’t notice any deterioration in flavour – but then again, I have binary tastebuds, so your experience may differ if you try this at home.

I suppose, really, we toss other ice creams into freezers all the time, and the results are always good, so perhaps it was silly of me to worry about what would happen to a Blizzard, which is, essentially, ice cream. Ah well. I worried, I tested it, and now I know it can be done.

And now you know too. A joyous learning experience for all.

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Sloppy drunk girls fuck male strippers (Tanner Mayes - Fake)
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Okay guys, you can thank Barry for this gallery… The site has been on my radar for a while, since it’s one of the ‘drunk girls and male stripper’ types like Partyhardcore and Loverboys… The only difference being, this site features porn models acting or getting drunk while molesting male strippers… Tying them up, tormenting them, and of course, having sex with the hapless male stripper. One of these girls even looks a bit Asian…. Partyhardcore is better :)

Anyways… Stress???? It is almost no longer April. May is fast approaching.

I’m feeling a time crunch not unusual for this time of year.

I’m getting awfully tired of this time crunch.

To get away from it, I’d need a career change.

I’m not sure I want to give that serious consideration at this point.

I’m very glad I stocked up on brandy beans while they were available. I still have several boxes, but I am going through them a bit more, er, efficiently. Self-bribing totally works.

Click here for a hot gallery of Cruelty Party
Click here for a hot movie gallery of Cruelty Party

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Black Dorm Room sex
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Okay guys, here’s a dorm room sex picture and movie gallery featuring hot ebony teens getting drunk, and posing nude in their dorm! It’s not often you see a gallery depicting drunk black teens – so I hope you enjoy today’s daredorm update! The same guys do moneytalks, and I believe it’s part of the same “pay one price” network!!!

Anyways, so much for good intentions….

Last year, I did a bit of a frantic scramble when the RRSP contribution deadline rolled around. Meaning, I left making my contribution until the very very last day possible, counting on being able to do it smoothly and quickly online. Then, I logged into my online banking system, and realized that because I had made a change to my account during the year, I would have to phone in and speak to a representative. On the last day where RRSP contributions for the 2008 tax year could be made.

Well. It got done. I sat on hold for a very, very long time, and you might remember my frustration upon realizing that my cordless phone’s battery had died – the hold music had been cutting in and out, and I put the line on speaker phone so I could do other things while I waited, and thus didn’t notice when the line just went completely dead. In any event, eventually it was all done, and I breathed a sigh of relief, followed by a solemn promise to myself – I would not go through this again. For the 2009 tax year, I would sort out my contributions early, and get them done early.

How’s that working out, you might ask?


Today is February 25.

I have yet to make my 2009 year’s contributions.

Everything’s all set up now – I should be able to do it all online, quickly and painlessly, right???

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