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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of a sexy Asian Bunny! I know that Easter was a while ago, but I’m not sure that this gallery will still be available next easter. It’s getting posted!
I sort of have the feeling that I’ve posted this shaved, big breasted amateur before.. If so, she’s still worth posting again!

Anyway, such gratitude…

I’ve managed to keep up somewhat decently with my increased water intake, though for the past few days I’ve only managing to get in two extra glasses of water a day. The strategy of having a glass of water any time you will be sitting and working for a bit sort of falls apart when you end up running around doing all sorts of errands.

Anyway. One thing that I’ve noticed with the increased drinking is increased peeing. This should not be surprising. I have some rudimentary understanding of how the body works, and I know that what goes in gets processed and then comes back out again. I was, however, also under the impression that I had pretty formidable bladder control and wickedly efficient kidneys. The newly available evidence suggests that what I actually had was an underused urinary system.

So I’ve been having more, um, pit stops. Including when I am at work. And often, one of my trips happens to coincide with the time window when one of the custodial staff is just finishing the cleaning of the restrooms.

Now, I appreciate the custodial staff at my workplace – they do a pretty good job, things seem pretty decently clean. Not phenomenally clean – I wouldn’t want to lick the floors or anything – but nothing appears to be gross, and that’s pretty impressive considering the hundreds of people who traipse through the premises daily. So I end up feeling particularly guilty when I need to make use of the facilities right after they’ve been cleaned, while the person who cleaned them is still in the area.

Nothing says gratitude like peeing all over someone’s hard work.

Enjoy the sexy Asian teen dressed in a costume!

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Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX
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Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX

Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX

Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX
Cute Shaved Redhead – Joymii XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot hardcore redhead gallery from Joymii. I’m pretty sure she’s a real redhead, despite not being able to check the carpets…. She sort of has some red ‘stubble’ and very pale skin. If I was a redhead, I think I’d keep some pubic hair… Hot either way.

Anyway, the new FWD….. When I got my first email account, I was a teenager.

This means that I used the account in what is likely a very typical teenaged girl way – it was new and exciting, and so I wanted to use it a lot, but the fact remained that I was a teenaged girl with not much of importance to say.

So I became a rather prolific forwarder of joke emails.

You know the ones. They’re basically chain letters, except I never liked the idea of actual chain letters, so the ones that came with instructions to forward to X number of people or suffer dire consequences typically stopped their trajectory in my inbox. Unless I thought that the joke that went along with it was really funny, in which case I would typically remove the chain-letter bit and then pass it on. I would also typically tidy the email up a little – remove the umpteen FWD: headings from the subject line, and remove the garbage text from the body of the message – all the message header information from previous senders, and any lame one-line bits (e.g., This is made me laugh so hard!!!)that people would inevitably add on for the benefit of their friends, who were always strangers to me. I would sometimes get other forwards that didn’t have any comedic value. Those I always deleted. I’d feel a little guilty about it – someone I knew had thought of me and sent me this message, and I was trashing it – but I’d delete them.

Eventually, though, I grew up, and stopped passing the funny things along entirely, and most of my friends also grew tired of them, because I stopped getting them. Except for one friend – an old childhood friend who lived in a different city and thus wasn’t really part of my regular social circle, but we still kept in touch. She ventured into the world of email rather later than I did, and so that forwarding bug hit her at a point when I was really over it, but I remember suddenly my inbox would get a huge burst of these things – like, nine of them at a time – but they were sporadic bursts, because she didn’t check her email that regularly. Or maybe the people sending them to her didn’t check their emails that regularly. She would also send everything that came her way – jokes, supposedly heart-warming stories, messages containing words of sage advice for improved health and personal safety, prayer circle things. Everything.

Again, after some time, she stopped forwarding those things. I thought she’d outgrown it, like I had.

A few years ago, she found Facebook, and friended me, and her account didn’t have much activity for a long time. And then she left her job to be a stay-at-home-mum, and her activity level increased – not a huge jump, but there were some pictures appearing, and occasional status updates.

And then, I guess about six months ago, the Sharing started.

I always take a look at them – out of morbid curiosity, I suppose – and they’re exactly the same sort of thing she used to forward in emails. Sometimes it’s a funny story. Sometimes it’s some warning about public safety, or health – they always trip my critical thinking alarm, so I look them up on Snopes, and they’ve all turned out to be works of fiction. (Well. One was listed as a ‘mixture’, but that’s because one aspect of the setup of the story is true. The story itself – along with the advice that was being emphasized – was false.) The part that makes me shake my head is the thread of comments left by her friends thanking her for sharing that information, usually accompanied by an expression of surprise.

At least this way, I don’t feel that tiny pang of guilt when I delete the message from my inbox.

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Amateur Russian Lesbians - Cute lesbos party
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Amateur Russian Lesbians - Cute lesbos party

Amateur Russian Lesbians - Cute lesbos party
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Okay guys, here’s another gallery I was just ‘testing out’. It’s from one of the many Russian amateur sites.. Basically my blog was messing up, so I needed a gallery from a website I know would work.
This was it.

Anyway, worth the effort…
A little while ago, someone showed me a picture, sourced from some now long forgotten source on the Internet, that illustrated an interesting way to prepare and serve raspberries – stuff a chocolate chip in the opening at the top.

I remember looking at the picture, and thinking, Man. Who wants to take the time to do all that fiddly stuffing?

Fast forward to tonight – I’m pulling together random components for dinner: homemade chicken fingers, oven-roasted kale chips, some leftover roasted sweet potato. And then I remember the containers of fresh raspberries that I picked up on sale, and reach for one, with the intent of washing them for eating straight up.

And then I thought…. Should I sugar the raspberries?

See, when I eat fresh strawberries, I like to cut them into quarters and then throw on some sugar. The sugar sticks to all the juicy cut surfaces, and it makes it extra wonderful. I’d never thought to apply the same process to raspberries though, and I had some doubts. Part of what made it work so well with strawberries was the juicy cut surfaces. There aren’t any with raspberries. I imagine a good deal of the sugar wouldn’t actually stick, and just end up in the bottom of the bowl.

But then I remembered the chocolate-chip-stuffed raspberry idea.

So I gave it a shot.

Yes, it’s a bit fiddly. Also, I don’t know where the person who captured that image I saw buys their raspberries, but mine were not particularly cooperative – they weren’t all perfectly uniform in size, with openings that neatly accommodated a single chocolate chip. Instead, I was able to stuff three or four chips into each raspberry.

I know. More chocolate per berry. Oh, what a shame.

The result? Pretty terrific, really. You have to chomp right down on the raspberry, so that as your teeth break apart the raspberry they also get into the chocolate, and then everything mingles together into something great.

Definitely something I’ll be repeating…. You can see samples here:

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Sexy Tattooed Amateur - Revenge
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Sexy Tattooed Amateur - Revenge

Sexy Tattooed Amateur - Revenge
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Okay guys, this is a bit of a boring gallery – but it has a nice, geeky amateur girl taking nude pictures of her tattoo… That’s always fun… I definitely prefer true amateur porn to m/f pornstar sex. I’m sure you all know that.

Anyway, refusing to follow directions…
I’ve been doing at-home gel manicures for months now – since last summer… And I’ve been very happy with it.

But I’ve been at it long enough now that I’ve started to get creative with the procedure.

See, the removal process is pretty simple and straightforward – you buy these nail wraps, load up the pad part with nail polish remover, then wrap your fingertip up so that your nail is in contact with the polish remover. Do up all your nails, leave them for 20 minutes, then remove wraps to find that most of the gel polish has peeled off – some stubborn bits remain, but these are easily scraped off using a cuticle pusher. It’s not a complicated procedure, but it takes a bit of a while.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was getting ready for bed, when I noticed one of my nails snag a bit on something – a towel or something – and I took a closer look and saw that the polish was lifting at the cuticle edge. This is nothing new – towards the tail end of the manicure’s longevity it starts to lift up from the cuticle edge. Usually, I try to separate that bit so that as much of the polish can be salvaged as possible. That particular night, though, I was thinking I’d redo my manicure the next day anyway, so I decided to try and see if I could get all of the polish off that one nail by carefully pulling on the gel layer so that it didn’t tear…

It worked. Brilliantly.

And then I started closely inspecting my other nails, and they were lifting too, and doing the same careful pulling manoeuvres resulted in bare nails in less than ten minutes.

Just the other night, I did the same thing again – noticed some lifting, and so I quickly removed all the polish, without the wraps, without the polish remover.

I may not need to buy a new bottle of polish remover soon after all.

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Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy
Click the picture for a hot gallery of a Sleepy blonde playing with her silky shaved pussy

Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy

Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy

Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy
Click the picture for a hot gallery from Met-Art of a sleepy blonde playing with her silky shaved pussy

Okay guys, this hot girl is Natalia from Met-Art. I’m betting she’s Russian with a strong Asian bloodline mixed in… She has very exotic features and a gorgeous, smooth looking body. I bet everything about her is silky. Met-art has some high quality models. Oh, and they now own ALSScan – I wonder how it will change…

Anyway, an ethical dilemma…
Sephora has a fabulous returns policy. If you don’t like something you’ve purchased, take it back. If you have the receipt, you can have a refund. If you don’t have a receipt, you can still have a refund, but for whatever the current price for the product is – that is, not necessarily the purchase price you paid, if the item has since gone on sale or something. If you’ve used some of the product, that’s okay – they’ll still take it back.

But this raises a bit of an ethical dilemma. At what point does one decide that they’ve used too much of the product and returning it really starts to go against the spirit of the awesome return policy? Clearly, if you’ve used all of it, you shouldn’t be able to return an empty container. And equally clearly, if you’ve only used a tiny bit, so the container is still essentially full, that’s totally fine to return.

But what to do about quantities that fall somewhere between those extremes?

I bought a bottle of new-to-me body wash, and I’ve been using it for the past month and a half or so, so there’s about a third of the bottle gone. I’ve at long last determined that I actually don’t like it – it seems to dry my skin out a bit.

So I want to return it.

But I’m not sure I’m ethically okay to return it. I mean, there’s nothing in the return policy as it’s formulated to prevent me from being able to return it, but I don’t want to unreasonably take advantage of it – when things like that happen too often, wonderful return policies get changed so that people can’t abuse them. I don’t want to contribute to that scenario.

So. Can I return my bottle?

Realistically, I could keep it and simply use it in the summer, when dryness isn’t as big of an issue.

Of course, the problem there is that I’m not particularly fond of the scent.

I keep going back and forth on whether I can return it or not.

Maybe tomorrow will bring me an answer….
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