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Sexy Tattooed Amateur - Revenge
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Sexy Tattooed Amateur - Revenge

Sexy Tattooed Amateur - Revenge
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Okay guys, this is a bit of a boring gallery – but it has a nice, geeky amateur girl taking nude pictures of her tattoo… That’s always fun… I definitely prefer true amateur porn to m/f pornstar sex. I’m sure you all know that.

Anyway, refusing to follow directions…
I’ve been doing at-home gel manicures for months now – since last summer… And I’ve been very happy with it.

But I’ve been at it long enough now that I’ve started to get creative with the procedure.

See, the removal process is pretty simple and straightforward – you buy these nail wraps, load up the pad part with nail polish remover, then wrap your fingertip up so that your nail is in contact with the polish remover. Do up all your nails, leave them for 20 minutes, then remove wraps to find that most of the gel polish has peeled off – some stubborn bits remain, but these are easily scraped off using a cuticle pusher. It’s not a complicated procedure, but it takes a bit of a while.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I was getting ready for bed, when I noticed one of my nails snag a bit on something – a towel or something – and I took a closer look and saw that the polish was lifting at the cuticle edge. This is nothing new – towards the tail end of the manicure’s longevity it starts to lift up from the cuticle edge. Usually, I try to separate that bit so that as much of the polish can be salvaged as possible. That particular night, though, I was thinking I’d redo my manicure the next day anyway, so I decided to try and see if I could get all of the polish off that one nail by carefully pulling on the gel layer so that it didn’t tear…

It worked. Brilliantly.

And then I started closely inspecting my other nails, and they were lifting too, and doing the same careful pulling manoeuvres resulted in bare nails in less than ten minutes.

Just the other night, I did the same thing again – noticed some lifting, and so I quickly removed all the polish, without the wraps, without the polish remover.

I may not need to buy a new bottle of polish remover soon after all.

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Cracked out Barbie fucked by black man

Cracked out Barbie fucked by black man
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Okay guys, here’s another blacks on blondes gallery of Jordan Pryce. She has a Barbie doll-esque stature. Tall, slim, blonde with giant fake breasts and a shaved pussy. Unfortunately, she also looks like she’s a crack addict… Her skin is a little rough, her muscle definition is odd, and her pupils are a bit dilated and don’t seem to be focusing right. I was zoomed in looking for track marks when I noticed that she had a pubic/pussy tattoo of a heart…. She (or the photographer) seems to be wanting to hide it… That’s okay though – she gets thoroughly fucked by a black guy, and takes it up the ass.

Anyway, death by grape….
Last night, my friends with orchard access called up, saying they’d been out to the land of plentiful fruit, and had returned with enough to share, and would I like some? Since the last bits of the previous haul had just been consumed, I said yes please. They said they had apples and grapes this time.

Then they showed up at my door, with a large bag that had something like fifteen apples in it, and a giant tray – really, one of the crisper drawers from their fridge – loaded down with little bunches of red grapes.

I ushered them inside and started working on finding space to accommodate the new produce, all the while inquiring as to the pedigree of the grapes. I really enjoyed the merlot grapes they gave me last time, and wondered if these were more of the same. They were able to tell me that they were wine grapes, but that was about it – it seems that their trip was a sort of whirlwind of sampling different grape types, and there was general confusion about what they had tried, and which of those these corresponded to. That’s okay though – not knowing what exactly they are doesn’t make them any less tasty. Besides, it’s not as if I can run out to the store and get more even if I knew what they were.

I started moving bunches from their tray to my crisper drawer, and I realized I had better double check their intentions. They had brought over a lot of grapes – surely this was meant to be spread around some other friends?

So I asked.

And I was told that the only things they would be taking with them when they left would be their empty apple bag and their empty fridge crisper drawer. They had plenty more at home, and would not be needing any of what they’d brought me.


So I have a fridge crisper drawer that is pretty well full of tasty red grapes of unknown pedigree.

I will be eating grapes for the foreseeable future.

For all of perpetuity, perhaps. Purpletuity, maybe.

Good thing I like ’em.

Though I may have a different opinion by the time the drawer’s empty.

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Lucy Ohara and Ivy Snow - Lesbian strapon fucking XXX
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Lucy Ohara and Ivy Snow - Lesbian strapon fucking XXX

Lucy Ohara and Ivy Snow - Lesbian strapon fucking XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of Lucy Ohara and Ivy Snow having hot, steamy, redheaded lesbian sex with each other. Ivy Snow is a pale skinned, tattooed, gorgeous teen with big breasts. You’ve seen Ivy Snow on here before, but not usually with a lesbian partner.

Lucy Ohara is a pale skinned redhead who’s tattoo free. She’s a ‘firebush’, and has a mall amount of orange pubic hair over perfectly shaved pussy lips. Lucy Ohara does a lot of camshows and is an active participant in generation of new content for her site. She has a lot of potential.
Lucy also designed her own gallery here, but it contains most of the same pictures from above.

Anyways… Choco-moderate….
I self-identify as someone who loves chocolate. If I’m buying myself a treat to eat, probably it will involve chocolate in some way. I like having lots of chocolate on hand, in the event that I want some.

That being said, I realized last night that I don’t typically eat a lot of it.

After dinner last night, I sat down to watch a movie here at home, and since movie time is also snacky time, I dug up a little something for myself – a couple of solid chocolate bars, one milk, one dark. They had been pre-scored so that they would easily break into eight pieces – eight pieces for the dark, ten pieces for the milk.

And I ate two of each of them.

Even though I reach for chocolate as a snack a fair bit of the time, it’s always a small snack – a little nibble here, a taste there. I’m not the sort of person who can sit and eat an entire chocolate bar in one sitting – even if that sitting is nearly two hours long, apparently.

Which is probably just as well. Given how often I reach for chocolate, if I ate larger quantities of it, I’d probably be in need of new clothes.

You know. Because I’d be dropping chocolate bits all over the place and staining my clothes. As Chief Wiggum said, Nothing gets chocolate out.

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Tattooed babe inserts vegetable in pussy
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Tattooed babe inserts vegetable in pussy

Tattooed babe inserts vegetable in pussy
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Okay guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted Ivy Snow! I’m still not sure what I think about her. She’s hot. But would she be hotter without all the tattoos?
Ivy Snow has a very statuesque body, and the contrast between the ink and her milky white skin is neat. The fact that she’s stuffing vegetables in her pussy only adds to the allure.

Anyways, yesterday, while walking along a beach, I stumbled upon a sea turtle.

It was laying on the sand, very still. I approached, cautiously and curiously. The turtle did not seem to mind my proximity, and continued to lie there, very still. I decided to back off after getting within a few paces of it, and still the turtle did nothing. I started to walk away.

After a few steps, though, I turned back to look at the turtle. It was still lying there, not moving. The waves were gently lapping up against its backside, but this did not seem to bother it in the slightest. This made me start to worry. The turtle’s eyes were closed. While that could indicate that it was sleeping, the complete stillness of the beast combined with the closed eyes made me wonder if it was, in fact, dead.

I stayed rooted to the spot for a few moments, watching the turtle intently. The waves were lapping up more insistently, and still the turtle did not show any signs of life. I started to feel sad about a dead turtle washed up on the beach, and wondered about who I should notify, if anyone, and then a rather large wave rushed forth, submerging the turtle completely for a couple of seconds.

That did the trick.

The turtle’s eyes opened – not wide in surprise or anything, but they did open. It looked around a bit, with an expression that can best be described as peevish, and then, with water still swirling around it, it turned itself around to face the ocean, and pushed off into the water, gliding away gracefully.

And here I thought I was a deep sleeper.

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Asian with pussy tattoo XXX
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Asian with pussy tattoo XXX

Asian with pussy tattoo XXX
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Okay guys, here’s another new website. It’s called ‘ImmoralLive‘, and it has an interesting premise. All content is shot ‘live’. It’s not edited, reshot, or faked.
They have multigirl blowjob competitions, live sex, and more.. A very interesting concept. If anyone joins, let me know what you think…

Anyways, it occurs to me that even though I’ve been playing Rock Band rather routinely every Monday night for several weeks now, and I’m enjoying it immensely, there is still a void in my Rock Banding heart.

I’ve had a bit of an inkling as to what the void was about for a little while, but over the past couple of days, it’s become fairly plain to me what the problem is.

You see, my virtual band gets together using the online play feature in Rock Band 3. We’ve all bought our export keys to gain access to most of the songs from Rock Band, Rock Band 2, and Lego Rock Band, along with all DLC that we have all purchased, so there’s a pretty big inventory of songs available to us for our sessions.

What is missing, however, is the collection from Beatles Rock Band.

There’s no export key for that one. It’s meant to exist as its own game, its own collection – no co-mingling with music by other artists.

And that’s really a shame, because I find I rather miss playing Beatles tunes. I’m finding myself moving through my days with random Beatles songs popping into my head with some degree of regularity. Not in a one-song-all-the-time-earworm sort of way. It’s almost like I’ve got a Beatles radio station broadcasting into my head.

I don’t really mind. They’re good songs, after all, and fun to play in the game. And it’s been a while.

Maybe I can convince the others that we should have a Beatles night??
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