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Eve Angel as a Naughty Easter Bunny
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Eve Angel as a Naughty Easter Bunny
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Okay guys, it’s almost Easter! Time for more Easter Porn galleries including this Eve Angel. It’s also almost time for another day off! I can’t wait. Work sucks….

Anyway, no rushing…
A little while ago I mentioned feeling sudden hatred for my hair, and resolving to get a cut to fix it, and then waking up one morning not hating my hair anymore.

Despite my change in attitude, it still seemed prudent to schedule a cut anyway, so a few days later I finally picked up the phone and called up the salon. My current work schedule is not at all flexible, so that placed some pretty severe restrictions on when I could actually go in, and I relayed those constraints to the woman on the phone.

Once we got it all sorted out, my appointment was booked for April 25.

So much for getting a cut ahead of schedule.

And, of course, wouldn’t you know it, today? I hate my hair again.

The next six weeks are really going to test my patience, aren’t they?
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Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX
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Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX

Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX

Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX
Cute Shaved Redhead – Joymii XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot hardcore redhead gallery from Joymii. I’m pretty sure she’s a real redhead, despite not being able to check the carpets…. She sort of has some red ‘stubble’ and very pale skin. If I was a redhead, I think I’d keep some pubic hair… Hot either way.

Anyway, the new FWD….. When I got my first email account, I was a teenager.

This means that I used the account in what is likely a very typical teenaged girl way – it was new and exciting, and so I wanted to use it a lot, but the fact remained that I was a teenaged girl with not much of importance to say.

So I became a rather prolific forwarder of joke emails.

You know the ones. They’re basically chain letters, except I never liked the idea of actual chain letters, so the ones that came with instructions to forward to X number of people or suffer dire consequences typically stopped their trajectory in my inbox. Unless I thought that the joke that went along with it was really funny, in which case I would typically remove the chain-letter bit and then pass it on. I would also typically tidy the email up a little – remove the umpteen FWD: headings from the subject line, and remove the garbage text from the body of the message – all the message header information from previous senders, and any lame one-line bits (e.g., This is made me laugh so hard!!!)that people would inevitably add on for the benefit of their friends, who were always strangers to me. I would sometimes get other forwards that didn’t have any comedic value. Those I always deleted. I’d feel a little guilty about it – someone I knew had thought of me and sent me this message, and I was trashing it – but I’d delete them.

Eventually, though, I grew up, and stopped passing the funny things along entirely, and most of my friends also grew tired of them, because I stopped getting them. Except for one friend – an old childhood friend who lived in a different city and thus wasn’t really part of my regular social circle, but we still kept in touch. She ventured into the world of email rather later than I did, and so that forwarding bug hit her at a point when I was really over it, but I remember suddenly my inbox would get a huge burst of these things – like, nine of them at a time – but they were sporadic bursts, because she didn’t check her email that regularly. Or maybe the people sending them to her didn’t check their emails that regularly. She would also send everything that came her way – jokes, supposedly heart-warming stories, messages containing words of sage advice for improved health and personal safety, prayer circle things. Everything.

Again, after some time, she stopped forwarding those things. I thought she’d outgrown it, like I had.

A few years ago, she found Facebook, and friended me, and her account didn’t have much activity for a long time. And then she left her job to be a stay-at-home-mum, and her activity level increased – not a huge jump, but there were some pictures appearing, and occasional status updates.

And then, I guess about six months ago, the Sharing started.

I always take a look at them – out of morbid curiosity, I suppose – and they’re exactly the same sort of thing she used to forward in emails. Sometimes it’s a funny story. Sometimes it’s some warning about public safety, or health – they always trip my critical thinking alarm, so I look them up on Snopes, and they’ve all turned out to be works of fiction. (Well. One was listed as a ‘mixture’, but that’s because one aspect of the setup of the story is true. The story itself – along with the advice that was being emphasized – was false.) The part that makes me shake my head is the thread of comments left by her friends thanking her for sharing that information, usually accompanied by an expression of surprise.

At least this way, I don’t feel that tiny pang of guilt when I delete the message from my inbox.

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Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy
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Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy

Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy

Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy
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Okay guys, this hot girl is Natalia from Met-Art. I’m betting she’s Russian with a strong Asian bloodline mixed in… She has very exotic features and a gorgeous, smooth looking body. I bet everything about her is silky. Met-art has some high quality models. Oh, and they now own ALSScan – I wonder how it will change…

Anyway, an ethical dilemma…
Sephora has a fabulous returns policy. If you don’t like something you’ve purchased, take it back. If you have the receipt, you can have a refund. If you don’t have a receipt, you can still have a refund, but for whatever the current price for the product is – that is, not necessarily the purchase price you paid, if the item has since gone on sale or something. If you’ve used some of the product, that’s okay – they’ll still take it back.

But this raises a bit of an ethical dilemma. At what point does one decide that they’ve used too much of the product and returning it really starts to go against the spirit of the awesome return policy? Clearly, if you’ve used all of it, you shouldn’t be able to return an empty container. And equally clearly, if you’ve only used a tiny bit, so the container is still essentially full, that’s totally fine to return.

But what to do about quantities that fall somewhere between those extremes?

I bought a bottle of new-to-me body wash, and I’ve been using it for the past month and a half or so, so there’s about a third of the bottle gone. I’ve at long last determined that I actually don’t like it – it seems to dry my skin out a bit.

So I want to return it.

But I’m not sure I’m ethically okay to return it. I mean, there’s nothing in the return policy as it’s formulated to prevent me from being able to return it, but I don’t want to unreasonably take advantage of it – when things like that happen too often, wonderful return policies get changed so that people can’t abuse them. I don’t want to contribute to that scenario.

So. Can I return my bottle?

Realistically, I could keep it and simply use it in the summer, when dryness isn’t as big of an issue.

Of course, the problem there is that I’m not particularly fond of the scent.

I keep going back and forth on whether I can return it or not.

Maybe tomorrow will bring me an answer….
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Shaved Pussy Mexican girl
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Shaved Pussy Mexican girl

Shaved Pussy Mexican girl

Shaved Pussy Mexican girl
Shaved Pussy Mexican girl
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Okay guys, here’s a gallery of a compact mexican girl.. I bet she’s part Mayan, and it’s not often you get to see Mayan pussy! She’s not really attractive, but she’s unique. This gallery comes from Hegre-Art.

Anyways, I watched Las Vegas while it was on the air. I enjoyed that show – it was fun. It actually contributed to my interest in spending some vacation time in Las Vegas. Sure, I knew that the Vegas life as presented on the show was far more glamorous than the average person’s average Vegas vacation – I wasn’t truly expecting to be whisked off to the Montecito, where I would be greeted by Sam Marquez. I realize that yes, the Montecito is fictional, as are all the people who are shown working there, and furthermore, I am not a whale. I am more of a timid, nervous gambler. I play penny slots.

That being said, that Facebook game I’ve been sort of playing in odd moments, the one that earns me loyalty points to spend in real Vegas? Since there’s no real money involved there – at least, not for me, it’s certainly possible to use real money to play, you can buy additional chips to play with – I’ve noticed that my play habits are different. Sure, I still look around for the CASH OUT button when I’m up, but beyond that, I’ve noticed I’ve gotten bolder with my betting.

Last week, I had a few good runs with a fair number of bonus games awarding me pretty substantial piles of chips. On Saturday, when I sat down to play a few rounds, I had about 250,000 chips. I remember looking at that number, and thinking to myself, If this were a penny slot, that would be $2500. I started spinning the reels, and things were going as they had been for the past few days – I’d win decently fairly frequently, so my overall chip balance didn’t really change too much.

Then, the wins stopped coming as often, and my balance dipped down to around 200,000. And I, for unknown reasons, chose that moment to get a bit bold, and increased my bet – I’d been playing 1700 chips per spin, and I increased it to 3400. A few spins, and my balance went back up to around 240,000. And I realized that if I had been playing a real penny slot, I’d be playing $34 per spin – way, way higher than any wager I’ve placed in real life.

Once I had that realization, my luck suddenly tanked, and before I knew it, I had 3,000 chips left – not enough for one last spin. I was forced to stop playing for a while – I need to rebuild my stash of chips to keep playing.

Now, I suppose I could reduce my wagers and play some more. But I don’t want to do that. It’s pretty thrilling to see such large numbers appear on the screen when you’ve spun a winning spin. Note the danger there – I’ve learned of the thrill of the big(ish – I’m still not placing maximum bets) win.

Compounding that danger? If I had been playing a real penny slot? I lost close to 250,000 chips – that would have been $2500. In the span of less than an hour. If that cash had been real, that would be pretty devastating. To my mind, that’s a lot of money.

I see, though, how easy it is to get caught up in the rush of gambling. And how easy it is to lose big time.

Man. I’m glad I learned with virtual chips.

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Cute Russian Teen gets Anal - XXX
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Cute Russian Teen gets Anal - XXX

Cute Russian Teen gets Anal - XXX
Cute Russian Teen gets Anal – XXX
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Anyway, old habits die hard…
A few weeks ago, I happened to notice a few new Facebook requests come my way – one from my mother, one from my aunt, and one from my uncle.

I found this curious because these are three individuals that have, in the past, displayed limited interest in social networking sites like Facebook. It was particularly perplexing in the case of my mother, who has shown very little interest in computers in general.

As it turns out, the accounts were created so that they could play an online slot machine game that earns you loyalty points for use at MGM resorts in Las Vegas. My aunt really wants to see Vegas, so when she found out about this game she was all over it, and a number of other family members jumped on board as well, including my mother. Hence the friend requests – you get bonus ‘chips’ to play with for adding more friends, and you and your friends can send each other chips on a daily basis.

I took a look at the rewards being offered, and they’re not bad – it’s not as if you need a ridiculous amount of points to be able to get anything, and it’s not as though all you can get are souvenir dice and cards – though you can get those too, if you wish. There are some complimentary nights, room upgrades, dining credits, show tickets. It may turn out that there is also some fine print once you go to claim one of these rewards that restricts the usage in some way, but so far I am reasonably intrigued.

After all. I like Vegas, too.

So I accepted their requests and started playing myself. There’s a small variety of different slot games, with the usual sorts of variation found with slot games, and I’ve settled in with one that I particularly like – not because I’m especially lucky with it, there have been times when I’ve sat down to spin the reels a few times and found my chip supply completely drained rather quickly. I like the way the bonus game works – the top prize isn’t as spectacular, probably, but you are guaranteed a prize from the game – and I like the fact that there are fewer psych-out wins. You know, the ones where the game makes all the happy noises like you’ve won, but really you’ve only gotten back a small fraction of your original bet. Like, if you’re betting 300 chips per spin, and you win back 40. Those tricky things.

Anyway, I’ve been playing, and it’s been fun, but I’m finding myself fighting my instincts a little bit as I play.

I keep wanting to cash out.

Of course, there’s no such thing – in fact, the whole point of playing is to basically spend as much as I can, to rack up those loyalty points. But whenever I’m up, a little voice tells me it’s time to cut and run, and I briefly look for the CASH OUT button. Which doesn’t exist.

I just hope that, when I next do get to Vegas, that little voice hasn’t completely been beaten down, and I remember to walk away from the machine when I’m up.

If I’m up. Because, you know, the house always wins….

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