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Big breasted chick fucked in front of fireplace

Big breasted chick fucked in front of fireplace
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Okay guys, here’s hot, romantic sex pictures of a big breasted brunette getting her shaved pussy fucked in front of the fireplace. X-art is chick-porn. Seriously. It’s high production value, soft filter photography that heightens the expression of romance.
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Anyways, I am not a sporty person. I remember we would do this fitness test thing in gym when I was a kid, and I always did terribly at it. I wasn’t fast, and I wasn’t strong, so my performance was typically pretty firmly in the Participant scoring zone. Granted, when I got a bit older my performance improved, and I earned better badges as a result – a couple of years I got bronze, and I think one year I even managed to get gold. I never got the top honour, though – I think it was called Excellence.

The point, though, is that I wasn’t one of those kids who was particularly interested in playing sports, and I was never really interested in watching sports either. Both of those hold true today. I don’t play sports. I don’t watch sports, be they live or on TV.

You’d think, then, that the Summer Olympics wouldn’t be very interesting to me, and that I would largely ignore that it was going on. I certainly thought that that would be true. And to a certain degree, it is – I’m not glued to the coverage broadcasts, I’m not constantly chasing down the results from the various events, I don’t have the event schedule memorized.

I have, however, caught a few events by chance at odd moments.

Each time that’s happened, I’ve felt myself getting sucked into an odd vortex to another universe where I am not really me – instead, I’m a person who does care about many different sports. I find myself being transfixed by BMX bike races, or diving competitions, or track races.

No, I don’t ride BMX, or race on my bike, or even really ride my bike. No, I don’t dive – I don’t even swim. No, I don’t run.

When they’re Olympic events, though, somehow they suddenly seem important, and suddenly I need to finish watching and see the final results.

Maybe there’s some subliminal messaging going on in the broadcast.
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Okay guys – here’s another Gigi Spice hardcore gallery! This hot gallery features the sexy young Latina getting fucked by a lucky guy!!

Anyways guys – I don’t have time to post a ‘real’ post tonight… So you get the sexy Gigi Spice XXX free picture gallery. It’s definitely one of her better picture sets… You can also check out Pamela Spice – another hot, hardcore latina teen…

I need to get to bed…. REALLY soon – before I fall asleep and have ‘QWERTY’ imprinted on my forehead!! Speaking of QWERTY, I do have an interesting anecdote.

I was helping one of my technologically challenged friends set up a web account…. I asked her for a password, and she had to think about it for a minute. Then, looking rather pleased with herself, she said ‘What about QWERTY? That seems like a good one’.

I looked at her, blinked a few times, and then chose a password for her.

I wonder if I’ll find whiteout on her screen.

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Okay guys, here’s another interracial group sex gallery from the guys at Blacks On Blondes! Jessica Woods is a skinny blonde with tattoos and piercings getting double penetrated by a couple of black guys!! it’s a pretty decent interracial sex gallery!

Anyways…. Exploring…

Trying new recipes is fun. Once upon a time, I thought it would be a good idea for me to make a real effort to sift through my cookbooks – somehow I’ve accumulated a fair number – on a regular basis to find new things to try making to add to my cooking repertoire. The idea being I’d progress beyond my current standing as a moderately competent cook.

I hadn’t done it in a while. I’ve tried two in the past few days though – Friday I tried a new pasta sauce that was basically pureed roasted red peppers cooked with lots of garlic and some onion and basil, then tossed with tortellini. I cheated and bought pre-made Olivieri tortellini from Costco. The end result was quite tasty, though.

Tonight I tried another new pasta dish. It wasn’t very saucy, but it still managed to be quite flavourful – mix together some soy sauce, plum sauce, and sesame oil, set aside, then stir fry some green beans and red pepper, then cook some shrimp with some garlic, ginger, black pepper and green onion. Add back the veggies, then douse in sauce, then toss in some cooked pasta – I used angel hair pasta – and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Again, quite tasty.

I wonder what I’ll have a go at next????

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Okay guys.. These pictures aren’t that exciting… The girls aren’t that cute… The colour and artistry of the pictures aren’t that great – however, it stars an interesting blonde girl that looks a bit Asian…. I’ve never really cared for blonde Asians, but figured that she was unique enough to post!!! She looks pure Oriental, and not mixed…

Anyways, it’s one of life’s mysteries

I am always amazed at just how well a mixture can be mixed simply by stirring.

I’m not sure why. People have been stirring to mix things together probably since the dawn of time. That wouldn’t be the case if it didn’t work. Generally speaking, techniques that are observed not to achieve the desired effect are abandoned in favour of techniques that do, or at least come closer to getting what you’re after. No one tries something, finds that what they’re doing just doesn’t get the job done, and then tries the exact same thing again and again. Okay, maybe some people do. But generally, less effective methods get left behind as more effective methods are discovered.

Any time a recipe directs me to stir some ingredients together, I get a bit nervous. Really? Stirring? Is that really going to provide adequate mixing? Am I really going to get a consistent mixture, or am I going to end up with weird layers or swirls of stuff? Then, I will obediently stir a bit, and look at that. They weren’t lying. It really is well mixed. And I didn’t have to sit here stirring for a solid 30 minutes or anything. What do you know.

I suppose it probably says something less than flattering about me that even though this scenario plays itself out many many times, the end is always a surprise for me. Let’s not think about that too carefully…..

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Okay guys, here’s another free xxx gallery of 18 year old teens having sex with a lucky guy!! Personally, I’ve never really understood the appeal of twins…. If you’re going to have sex with two people, don’t you want them to look as different as possible, while still being attractive??? These are very high resolution threesome porn pictures.. free!

Anyways, about as nature intended……..

Recently, I bought a 2 L tub of Breyer’s ice cream in mint chocolate chip.

I’m a big fan of the combination of mint and chocolate flavours in an ice cream. My absolute favourite ice cream flavour of all time was Laura Secord’s French and Frosted Mint – it was exceptional because there was a ribbon of fudge running through it, for extra chocolatey goodness, yet the ice cream itself was somehow a nice consistent mix of mint and chocolate. I find most mint chocolate chip ice creams are really mint ice cream with chocolate chips or chunks in them, so you don’t really get the two flavours mixed together until you chew down on those chocolate bits. If you happen to get a bit where there are no chocolate chunks, it’s just mint.

I still buy mint chocolate chip ice cream from the grocery store from time to time though.

This Breyer’s stuff though. I don’t know. On the box it says no artificial flavours or colours. That’s supposed to be a good thing. And I know that not everything mint-flavoured in life is green in colour, so clearly the green of other mint chocolate chip ice creams comes from artificial colouring.

Yet I was surprised when I opened the tub to see white ice cream, and not green.

The kicker? To my mind, it didn’t taste as good. In spite of being super duper deluxe premium ice cream….

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