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Two vibrators in her pussy
Click the picture to see a hot brunette stick 2 vibrators in her pussy – Kacey Chase

Two vibrators in her pussy

Two vibrators in her pussy
Click the picture to see a skinny Brunette stick 2 vibrators in her shaved pussy

Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery from ALSScan. It features the skinny brunette Kacey Chase sticking two vibrators in her shaved pussy. ALSScan always has hot thin girls with fully shaved pussies (ALS = All Ladies Shaved), stuffing big things inside themselves.

Also, my server has now been upgraded! It was running out of memory, so they added some more RAM. Hopefully it stays stable!!!! Silly server.

Anyway, my haircut is scheduled for Friday.

I am unreasonably excited about it.

Not exceptionally excited – I always get super excited about the prospect of getting my hair cut. This is probably because I am too cheap budget-conscious to do it very often, so it’s something of an event in my life when it happens. Since it’s always been rather a while since my last cut, I’m also usually pretty shaggy by the time I get back in the stylist’s chair, so adding to the excitement is the anticipation of coming out looking more like a civilized person, rather than the feral thing I fear I’ve become.

It’ll be good to get tidied up. I’ve been told that my bangs at the front have gotten long enough that they’ve started making me look ‘sneezy’ – they’re long enough now that they’ve got enough weight to not stay put when brushed away from my face, yet they’re not so long that they can be tucked behind my ear, so they fall down into my eyes pretty much all the time. Apparently, this makes me look as though I’m constantly battling with the urge to sneeze.

Honestly, a couple of well-placed clips would help me out a lot with this, and would be easier on the credit card, since I already have the clips.

But nah, it’s better this way. I’m getting my cut on Friday.

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Lesbian Christmas Porn - Naughty Allie

Lesbian Christmas Porn - Naughty Allie
Click here to see the Naughty Allie Lesbian Christmas porn gallery!

Okay guys. It’s December. It’s officially Christmas Month! That means snow, Christmas trees and Christmas porn! Today’s gallery is from an ancient site – Naughty Allie. She’s a big breasted, blonde swinger responsible for one of the most famous XXX animated gifs on the internet. You know, the one with 3 amateur women sucking one guy’s cock at the same time. I think her site first launched in 2003, and she was pretty active with her members. Naughty Allie always has nice Christmas porn galleries 😀

Anyway, for whatever reason of quirky personality, I tend to keep my eyes on the ground in front of me when I walk. Not that I have my chin tucked down against my chest – at least, I think I walk with my head held in a normal sort of posture. It’s sort of challenging to watch yourself walk, so I don’t know with any degree of certainty, but I don’t get a crick in my neck or anything, and I do maintain some awareness of other things going on around me (stop that laughing).

I do know, though, that I monitor the ground ahead of me. It’s not something that I consciously think is important to do, yet I do it anyway, automatically. I suspect that this habit might have started when I was really young – I used to walk from my house to my elementary school, and the shortest route required that I cross a field, and a number of folks in the neighbourhood would turn their dogs loose in that field for exercise and play, and so there were often…leavings…and I was pretty darn sure I didn’t want to have any sort of encounter with those…leavings…so I would watch where I was stepping.

At some point, it did take a weird, impractical turn, involving paying close attention to cracks in the sidewalk and gaps between paving stones and different types of ground cover – like different colours of paving stones, or different road surfaces. I would try to elongate my stride a bit to avoid stepping on a crack, or I’d make some other temporary adjustment to my gait so that I could step on a given surface type the same number of times with each foot, as if I was striving for balance. I don’t go out of my way for these sorts of things anymore, but I occasionally catch myself paying attention to them. The hallway outside my office is covered in carpet tiles that are patterned, and there are three distinct pattern types that are arranged decoratively over the floor’s surface, and sometimes I notice that I’m tracking how many times my right foot steps on a darker tile, compared to how often my left foot does it.

Of course, there’s an upside – if there’s money on the floor, I’m bound to see it. This paid off fantastically well a while back, when I found a $10 bill on the floor. A month ago, while I was shopping at a Sephora store, I happened to find a toonie on the floor. That was pretty nice too.

Today I was leaving work, and I was walking past a coffee stand, and I noticed a dime on the floor. Usually I see pennies, and I’ll totally stop to pick up a penny, so you’d think a dime would be a no-brainer.

There were other factors to consider, though. At work, I try to maintain an image of professional composure. Somehow I think stooping to scrabble a dime off the ground might damage that carefully maintained image somewhat. Plus, I was in a hurry – I wanted to be able to get my car out of the lot before the usual rush.

So I kept on walking. It was only a dime. My dignity – or, well, the image of dignity I was trying to project – remained intact.

Still – I regretted not snagging that dime just a teensy bit. I know it’s only a dime. But still. It’s a dime. Ten of those and I’ve got a dollar!

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Self Fisting, Anal Fingering and Big Dildo
Click the picture to see French porn pictures of self fisting, anal fingering and a big dildo

Self Fisting, Anal Fingering and Big Dildo

Self Fisting, Anal Fingering and Big Dildo
Click the picture to see a french girl self-fist herself!

Okay guys, here’s a hot ‘fisting’ gallery. Fisting is in parenthesis because she’s fisting herself. So I don’t know if it really counts. She also has a male friend help her with a nice, thick dildo, and gets a bit of anal fingering. It’s a typical Explicit-art gallery – hot kink, hot French girls.

Anyway…. I’m out of porn!
Seriously, I have a few Christmas galleries left to post, and that’s it! What would you guys like to see? I was thinking of some Asa Akira, more Private, definitely more Amateur Allure, but other than that, I’m stumped! London Keyes too – but I’m looking for some really hot, really unique porn… Like Partyhardcore when it was new.

Unfortunately, it seems like the porn market is drying up. The same girls do the same things. The little sites have all been bought by giant networks, which, while providing content for your money, all start to feel generic and ultra-staged.

I want better dirty sites, and I’m a little torn at the state of the industry. Right now, there’s a ton of great porn available for free. But, because it’s all free, there’s absolutely no incentive for people to make new content. In fact, a bunch of adult sites have already closed their doors…. I personally won’t sign up to a site that doesn’t let me download their content.
If it only streams, it’s not for me….

Post sites you like, and I’ll add them to my ‘collect’ list!
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French butt gape
Click the picture to see a french girl gape her ass

French butt gape

French butt gape
Click the picture to see a french butt gape!

Okay guys, here’s a hot explicite-art gallery featuring Tyffany, a brunette French model, playing with her ass. She sticks a big glass dildo up her ass while she uses a hitachi magic wand on her pussy.
She ends up with a rather large anal gape.
On to the hitachi, I think I want one! They don’t *look* impressive, but I keep hearing about how wonderful they are…. And they have some neat attachments. It might be time to hit up amazon and see if they’ll ship to Canada :)

Anyway, protocol…
I try to park my car in a somewhat secluded area. I don’t mind walking extra distance or climbing an extra flight of stairs if it essentially meant that no one would park beside me and ding my doors as they entered or exited. I also try to pick a spot that isn’t in the backing up path of other cars – again, the logic being that this reduces the odds of someone backing into my parked car.

Last year, this wasn’t a big deal – if I drove up to the third level, it was pretty deserted, and it would stay that way all day. There are five levels all together, but the fifth one has no cover to it, so I don’t want to park there – part of the appeal and reason why I’m willing to pay for access to this lot is because it means I never have to brush snow or scrape ice off my windshield and windows before I can leave. Why yes, I am lazy. Also cold averse. Anyway, the third level was always no problem last year. This year, however, more people are using this lot, so the third level fills up. So I went up to the fourth floor.

In doing so, I started to re-evaluate my chosen parking spot. I wondered if there might be a better spot, and started looking around a bit, and found one that involved less walking, but was next to a wall, so I could crowd the wall a bit and leave tons of room on my driver’s side. Because of that wall and the flow through the lot, no one will back into me either. Terrific.

Except that there have been a couple of days when I’ve been in later in the day, and I’ve noticed a car – a silver Mustang – that seems to like to park there.

Today I was in before the Mustang, so I parked in that spot.

I’m wondering though – is there any sort of unspoken protocol here? Like, does this other car have any sort of claim to the spot? I’ve seen it there a couple of times, but not always. There are no reserved spots in this lot, so strictly speaking it is first come first serve. Am I breaking some sort of common courtesy code by taking the spot if it’s available when I arrive?

Part of me wonders if it’s a bit like sniping at an auction. Part of me thinks that since there are no reserved spots, I should take it if I want it and no one else has beaten me to it.

An even bigger part of me, though, just wants to be sure there’s no chance I’ll return to the car to find a rock through my windshield or some other property damage in retaliation.
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New ALSScan model pictures - Claudie
Click the picture to see a new ALS Scan model, Claudie, get her pussy stretched open with a ‘spreader’

New ALSScan model pictures - Claudie

New ALSScan model pictures - Claudie
Click the picture to see Claudie, the newest ALS model, use a pussy spreader.

Okay guys. ALS Scan is weird. They always have the strangest ‘pussy contraptions’, which I guess is really their niche. All of their girls have fully shaved pussies for maximum visibility. They use strange toys to spread their labia, stretch them wide with large toys, suck their pussy with vacuums to make puffy pussy lips, oil them up and have other girls fist them. Great fun.
This gallery has pictures of the blonde teen masturbating with a hairbrush after spreading her pussy open with the toy. ALS Scan is always fun.

Anyways, today was an early start day – I had to be on campus and ready to go by 8 AM. This semester, my schedule worked out so that on these early start days, I am free to leave at 2 PM.

Now, my usual car-sharing arrangement keeps me from leaving until closer to 3:15 PM, and I’ve been trying to fit my trips to the Rec Centre into that gap. Usually, this works well, though there have been a few days where other things required my attention after 2, and ate up what should have been exercise time. By the time I get home again, it is somewhere between 4:15 and 5 PM, and I try to have dinner ready to eat around 6:30, which means I need to start working on that around 5:30, which doesn’t really leave me time to work on other work-related projects in the evenings. After dinner time is eaten up by chores like showering, or necessary tidying.

Also, I take a bit of me-time, because without that, I’d likely be a deeply unhappy person.

So yes, finding time to work on this other project has just not been happening since the beginning of September, and while there’s no fixed deadline for it, it is weighing on my conscience.

Today, though, my car-sharing arrangement was changed, and I was preparing to head off to the Rec Centre at 2 when I realized that I could just leave. Go home, park myself in front of my laptop, and really crank away on this other project for, like, a solid three hours. While the prospect of doing more work wasn’t really appealing, the idea of forward momentum on the project was, so I did it. I came home.

And I sat down in front of my laptop for about an hour and a half, without accomplishing a single thing.

My brain shut down. Refused to process the information. I opened up a file to try and figure out where I was, and all I could see was a meaningless wall of numbers and letters. I’d see the numbers on the clock ticking by, marking out time wasted, and I’d get frustrated and panic a little, which is totally not helpful when you’re trying to kickstart your brain.

Tomorrow morning’s car-share arrangement is similarly different, and I should be able to snag a few hours in the morning for this project. Maybe I’ll be able to get something worthwhile out of them.

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