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Cute teen tied down and fucked by big dildo
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Cute teen tied down and fucked by big dildo

Cute teen tied down and fucked by big dildo
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Okay guys, here’s a hot Teen Kasia gallery… She’s tied up on a chair in some guy’s garage, and a couple of creepy guys are taking pictures of her while they stick large sex toys up her tight, teen pussy.. Teen Kasia is a very hot blonde Russian teen, but I’m not sure if she’s active anymore… I’ll have to do some research.


Grrrrr… My server was hacked again. Luckily, my webhost is absolutely terrific, and they reinstalled the OS, scanned all the files, and found some of the suspicious traces… After them working for many hours, I had to go through and see if their work broke any of my stuff..
It did, and I think it’s time that ‘LostCherries.Com’ goes away… I wasn’t really doing anything with it anyways….

That being said, I’m really, really tired. I was up until 7am emailing back and forth with the techs while they worked… And then up again at noon to continue poking around, finding out what’s broken… My blog has over 3000 posts on it, lots of broken links, old plugins… So much to check! I’m glad that I get regular backups as well….

I’ll be back tomorrow with a real post :)

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Tight tiny blonde giant strapon
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Tight tiny blonde giant strapon

Tight tiny blonde giant strapon

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Okay guys, here’s another ALSScan. If you’re a regular reader of my xxx blog, you know that that means it will feature small bodied, incredibly cute teens with fully shaved pussies playing with large dildos, fisting, or having really nasty lesbian action. Basically, the ALSScan niche is young, slim teens stretching their always shaved pussies. Sexy.

Anyways, here we are again.

Halloween – or is it Hallowe’en? – has come and gone. The scary decorations that had been put up for display have been cleaned up. All the packages of fun-size candy are on clearance at the stores.

I used to load up on that clearance candy. Haul home a massive amount, then park myself somewhere and just work through it bit by bit while reading.

That being said, it’s been a few years since I’ve felt the need to do that. I’m not terribly clear on what changed. I mean, I still like chocolate, and I still like getting a deal on my goodies. That should translate into a continued habit of stocking up on treats after Halloween, shouldn’t it?

Well. I think the whole ‘treat’ thing has taken a bit of a hit as I’ve shifted into adult mode. I actually do maintain a, er, sizeable stash of treats at home anyway, so maybe I just don’t feel the pressure to build up the reserves when the sales hit. Instead I go to Costco, meander down the candy aisle, and something inevitable finds its way into my cart.

I’m going to pretend that it’s better this way. Less packaging makes its way into my garbage this way. Yes. I’ve shifted my habits to be more environmentally conscientious. Yes. It’s not because I’ve hit some sort of limit on how much candy a person should reasonably keep on hand. It’s all about avoiding piles of little emptied wrappers.
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Madison Lain plays with machine driven dildo
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Madison Lain plays with machine driven dildo

Madison Lain plays with machine driven dildo
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Okay guys, now this is a machine I could really get behind. Or I guess, in front of.

The blonde teen getting fucked by the machine driven dildo is Madison Lain, she’s a new girl from the ‘Spice’ network that includes Ivy Snow, PamelaSpice, GigiSpice and more super hot babes… Madison’s site is brand new, and it looks like they’re getting some decent content up… Lots of large dildo insertions and other fun things! I’m hoping Madison Lain will start doing hardcore. Ivy Snow hardcore would be good to.

Anyways, last week ended up being rather busy, and I didn’t actually get myself down to the Rec Centre for my sessions on the elliptical machine.

So I was a bit, ehm, concerned about my session today. I didn’t want to hurt myself. But I still wanted to keep pushing myself forward.

As it turned out, it was all fine – I did a continuous virtual mile in about 8 minutes 30 seconds! I was pretty pleased, though I did find I didn’t feel quite up to doing the 3/4 mile on the next jogging stretch, I slowed to a walk again after half a mile.

Still – I’m nearly back where I was when I stopped going in the spring.

Now I just need to keep this up.

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Lesbian asslicking
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Lesbian asslicking

Lesbian asslicking
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of two sexy lesbians playing with big toys and rimming each other.. Rimming’s not my thing, but a little bit of lesbian action is always fun to watch! This is definitely more of a ‘professional’ porn gallery starring two European lesbians, Lora Croft and Zsuzanna, doing some really nasty things to each other..

Anyways… Trying new things…
Someone I know is a big fan of ginger beer.

Not ginger ale – not that she dislikes that – but ginger beer. Ginger beer is kickier than ginger ale – has a stronger ginger hit. Unfortunately, not all ginger beers are the same, and she tells me she’s had some excellent ones, and some disappointing ones.

So when I saw some while grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a bottle for her to try. She tried it and declared it excellent, and the price was really reasonable – about a dollar a single-serving bottle – so the next time I was at that same grocery store, I bought six bottles to have on hand.

I’ve tried ginger beer a handful of times in the past. I remember the first time. I thought my tongue was going to dissolve right away into nothingness. I did not openly weep, but my eyes did water up a bit, and I thought, Gack, too strong!

Since then, I’ve had opportunity to sample a bit here and there, and as my tastebuds developed an appreciation for stronger, bolder flavours, by degrees I found I was growing to like ginger beer. The fragrance no longer burns mildly, but intrigues. The way the ginger emphasizes the tingle of the carbonation against the tongue is no longer irritating, but beguiling.

I’m still not sure I’d want to drink an entire serving’s worth in one sitting.

But today when I passed by the ginger beer at the grocery store and saw a special price for the purchase of a dozen single-serving bottles – down to 75 cents per bottle – what did I do?

I bought a dozen.
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Lucy Ohara and Ivy Snow - Lesbian strapon fucking XXX
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Lucy Ohara and Ivy Snow - Lesbian strapon fucking XXX

Lucy Ohara and Ivy Snow - Lesbian strapon fucking XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of Lucy Ohara and Ivy Snow having hot, steamy, redheaded lesbian sex with each other. Ivy Snow is a pale skinned, tattooed, gorgeous teen with big breasts. You’ve seen Ivy Snow on here before, but not usually with a lesbian partner.

Lucy Ohara is a pale skinned redhead who’s tattoo free. She’s a ‘firebush’, and has a mall amount of orange pubic hair over perfectly shaved pussy lips. Lucy Ohara does a lot of camshows and is an active participant in generation of new content for her site. She has a lot of potential.
Lucy also designed her own gallery here, but it contains most of the same pictures from above.

Anyways… Choco-moderate….
I self-identify as someone who loves chocolate. If I’m buying myself a treat to eat, probably it will involve chocolate in some way. I like having lots of chocolate on hand, in the event that I want some.

That being said, I realized last night that I don’t typically eat a lot of it.

After dinner last night, I sat down to watch a movie here at home, and since movie time is also snacky time, I dug up a little something for myself – a couple of solid chocolate bars, one milk, one dark. They had been pre-scored so that they would easily break into eight pieces – eight pieces for the dark, ten pieces for the milk.

And I ate two of each of them.

Even though I reach for chocolate as a snack a fair bit of the time, it’s always a small snack – a little nibble here, a taste there. I’m not the sort of person who can sit and eat an entire chocolate bar in one sitting – even if that sitting is nearly two hours long, apparently.

Which is probably just as well. Given how often I reach for chocolate, if I ate larger quantities of it, I’d probably be in need of new clothes.

You know. Because I’d be dropping chocolate bits all over the place and staining my clothes. As Chief Wiggum said, Nothing gets chocolate out.

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