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Amateur Russian Lesbians - Cute lesbos party
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Okay guys, here’s another gallery I was just ‘testing out’. It’s from one of the many Russian amateur sites.. Basically my blog was messing up, so I needed a gallery from a website I know would work.
This was it.

Anyway, worth the effort…
A little while ago, someone showed me a picture, sourced from some now long forgotten source on the Internet, that illustrated an interesting way to prepare and serve raspberries – stuff a chocolate chip in the opening at the top.

I remember looking at the picture, and thinking, Man. Who wants to take the time to do all that fiddly stuffing?

Fast forward to tonight – I’m pulling together random components for dinner: homemade chicken fingers, oven-roasted kale chips, some leftover roasted sweet potato. And then I remember the containers of fresh raspberries that I picked up on sale, and reach for one, with the intent of washing them for eating straight up.

And then I thought…. Should I sugar the raspberries?

See, when I eat fresh strawberries, I like to cut them into quarters and then throw on some sugar. The sugar sticks to all the juicy cut surfaces, and it makes it extra wonderful. I’d never thought to apply the same process to raspberries though, and I had some doubts. Part of what made it work so well with strawberries was the juicy cut surfaces. There aren’t any with raspberries. I imagine a good deal of the sugar wouldn’t actually stick, and just end up in the bottom of the bowl.

But then I remembered the chocolate-chip-stuffed raspberry idea.

So I gave it a shot.

Yes, it’s a bit fiddly. Also, I don’t know where the person who captured that image I saw buys their raspberries, but mine were not particularly cooperative – they weren’t all perfectly uniform in size, with openings that neatly accommodated a single chocolate chip. Instead, I was able to stuff three or four chips into each raspberry.

I know. More chocolate per berry. Oh, what a shame.

The result? Pretty terrific, really. You have to chomp right down on the raspberry, so that as your teeth break apart the raspberry they also get into the chocolate, and then everything mingles together into something great.

Definitely something I’ll be repeating…. You can see samples here:

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Cute Russian Teen gets Anal - XXX

Cute Russian Teen gets Anal - XXX
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Anyway, old habits die hard…
A few weeks ago, I happened to notice a few new Facebook requests come my way – one from my mother, one from my aunt, and one from my uncle.

I found this curious because these are three individuals that have, in the past, displayed limited interest in social networking sites like Facebook. It was particularly perplexing in the case of my mother, who has shown very little interest in computers in general.

As it turns out, the accounts were created so that they could play an online slot machine game that earns you loyalty points for use at MGM resorts in Las Vegas. My aunt really wants to see Vegas, so when she found out about this game she was all over it, and a number of other family members jumped on board as well, including my mother. Hence the friend requests – you get bonus ‘chips’ to play with for adding more friends, and you and your friends can send each other chips on a daily basis.

I took a look at the rewards being offered, and they’re not bad – it’s not as if you need a ridiculous amount of points to be able to get anything, and it’s not as though all you can get are souvenir dice and cards – though you can get those too, if you wish. There are some complimentary nights, room upgrades, dining credits, show tickets. It may turn out that there is also some fine print once you go to claim one of these rewards that restricts the usage in some way, but so far I am reasonably intrigued.

After all. I like Vegas, too.

So I accepted their requests and started playing myself. There’s a small variety of different slot games, with the usual sorts of variation found with slot games, and I’ve settled in with one that I particularly like – not because I’m especially lucky with it, there have been times when I’ve sat down to spin the reels a few times and found my chip supply completely drained rather quickly. I like the way the bonus game works – the top prize isn’t as spectacular, probably, but you are guaranteed a prize from the game – and I like the fact that there are fewer psych-out wins. You know, the ones where the game makes all the happy noises like you’ve won, but really you’ve only gotten back a small fraction of your original bet. Like, if you’re betting 300 chips per spin, and you win back 40. Those tricky things.

Anyway, I’ve been playing, and it’s been fun, but I’m finding myself fighting my instincts a little bit as I play.

I keep wanting to cash out.

Of course, there’s no such thing – in fact, the whole point of playing is to basically spend as much as I can, to rack up those loyalty points. But whenever I’m up, a little voice tells me it’s time to cut and run, and I briefly look for the CASH OUT button. Which doesn’t exist.

I just hope that, when I next do get to Vegas, that little voice hasn’t completely been beaten down, and I remember to walk away from the machine when I’m up.

If I’m up. Because, you know, the house always wins….

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Amateur Russian Slut Orgy
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Amateur Russian Slut Orgy

Amateur Russian Slut Orgy
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Okay guys, here’s one of the “Russian Teen Orgy” XXX galleries. I *believe* I posted another part of it a couple of months ago.. Probably around Christmas time. Some of these Russian teens are actually quite attractive in North American standards, (however others are stereotypically Russian). It’s from a hot Student Sex Party site..

Anyways, forgotten corners of the memory….
At one point yesterday, I was doing something, and trying to do it sort of quickly, and a bit of music popped into my head, unbidden.

The piece? The Flight of the Bumblebee, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

I first heard this piece way back when I was elementary school, in our music class – our teacher would do these sessions in which we would learn about a specific composer, and we would listen to a relevant piece of music in the process. This piece was one of them. It keeps popping up here and there, too – whenever someone wants to emphasize the speed or frenetic quality with which some activity is being done, they often choose to set it against this piece.

Anyway. I was chugging along, with this tune rolling through my head, and as I got to the final bars, an accompanying visual began to emerge in my mind – very vaguely, it was an old memory that was trying to resurface. I was remembering something small and cute and animated, toddling along with the final bars, finally collapsing with an Oof! of exertion.

This vague ghost of an image intrigued me. What was it? I focused on it more intently, trying to fill in the details and remember more precisely what exactly it was.

Something small, cute, and animated. A little bird? If so, what kind of bird? More thought. No. An animal didn’t seem quite right – but it was on the right track.

I thought more about the toddling bit. The little whatever moved from left to right – across the screen! I was thinking about something I’d seen on TV! Or a movie. Bee Movie? No, that didn’t seem right either. I was pretty sure the little cute thing toddling across the screen hadn’t been an actual bee.

No, it was…pudgier?

More thinking followed, but more memories were nudged out. There was running involved. The little pudgy cute thing was definitely running throughout most of the piece. Hence the collapse from fatigue at the end. Maybe there was a race involved? A race of endurance and speed, perhaps?

And then I got it. It was this:

Yup. An ad for bathroom tissue. Hiding up there in my memory.

Sort of makes me wonder what else is roaming around in there?
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Russian Teens group fucking

Russian Teens group fucking
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Okay guys, time for some more Russian teens having group sex! I’m not sure which of these Russian babes caught my eye when I was collecting galleries. It might have just been because it was ‘easy’! The site has a lot of amateur Russian teens experimenting with lesbian sex, group sex, and all sorts of fun things… It’s Student Sex Parties!

Anyways, I noticed something today….

There are about eleventy billion partially-eaten boxes of chocolate kicking about my place.

I know. Your jaw is on the floor as you reel in disbelief, because I’m sitting here very calmly typing out words that tell you that there is uneaten chocolate that is not safely sealed away in unopened packages in my home. It seems like an impossibility given my fondness for the stuff and my penchant for distractedly munching away on accessible things.

It makes perfect sense, though, when one considers the fact that these are all open mixed type boxes, and I am a bit, um, particular when it comes to chocolate. Really, the swift-gobbling-all-consuming-madness only strikes when there is dark chocolate around – and that rush is also tempered by an incredibly strong desire to hoard the stuff so that I always have some on hand.

But the pickiness is probably the most important factor. When I am given a box of mixed chocolates – and no, I don’t ever buy those for myself, for reasons that will become clear momentarily here – I prioritize my chocolate consumption. Chocolates made with dark chocolate rise quickly to the top of the list. Fillings like truffle, caramel, cordial cherry, or even solid dark chocolate also get prioritized, while things like creams and solid milk or solid white are deprioritized. Anything with nuts I fervently hope that someone else will eat for me.

So I go through, chomping the ones I like the most, leaving the others behind. The hoarding urge keeps me from just inhaling them all in one sitting. As time goes by, eventually all the awesome ones are gone, and then I move on to the good ones. Once those are gone, I usually just stop.

At that point, I should probably just throw the box away. It’s not as if I’m going to suddenly want to eat the leftovers.

But I don’t. Because they’re still chocolate, and chocolate is good. Even if I don’t want them because they’re tainted with nuts or coffee cream, someone else will certainly want them. I can hand them off serve them to guests that grace my home.

Except, now that the box has been opened, and has clearly been picked through rather thoroughly, I don’t feel right about offering these up to guests.

I guess, in order to not waste them, I’ll have to force myself to eat them.

Ah, the sacrifices one must make to avoid clutter…..
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Teen with braces gets anal creampie

Teen with braces gets anal creampie
FIRST ANAL QUEST – the place where real teen hotties get their cherry assholes popped!
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of a homely looking Russian teen getting her ass fucked and then creampied! It’s from one of those European sites that specializes in unknown Euro teens getting ass fucked. The girl isn’t that attractive, but she has braces, and she has a decent body… And she isn’t a pornslut 😀

Anyways… I still haven’t opened up my Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure game starter pack.

I’m very conflicted about this game. On the one hand, it looks like the sort of game that I would enjoy a lot, and it is possible to finish the game’s story line with the three characters bundled into the starter pack.

On the other hand. The game is set up to strongly encourage the purchase of additional characters. There are areas in the game that you can only reach if you have a character of the right element group with you. And, for reference, there are eight different element groups: the sort of typical earth, fire, water, wind, and stone, along with the less typical magic, tech, and undead. The game comes with Spyro (magic), Gill Grunt (water), and Trigger Happy (tech). That means that if I want to satisfy my desire to explore every nook and cranny of this game and, dare I dream of it, complete the game entirely, I will have to buy four new figures. Plus, I’ve read that the way the game is set up is that once your character is tired out – not sure if this is something that one can avoid with prudent gameplay (i.e., not dying) or if it’s on a timer of sorts – the character must rest, and cannot be used for continued gameplay for a period of time. If the player wishes to continue with the game, s/he must swap out the exhausted character for a new one – which means that you need to have some second string characters that you can call upon as needed.

I must admit, I’m not a fan of being strongarmed this way.

Adding to my unease about my relationship with this game is the apparent supply and demand situation surrounding those additional figures. A quick search of the local classifieds reveals that not very many of these are around, and the asking price is therefore rather high – they seem to start at around $20 CAD, and the higher rarity figures are going as high as $50 CAD. In store would be much cheaper – but it seems as though the stores are not able to keep up with demand.

All told, I’m not starting the game yet.

In fact, I may end up just returning it. I don’t have time to chase down the figures I want all over town, and I’m not willing to shell out more money than I paid for the game itself to add a single character to my roster.

We’ll see. The madness may die down, in which case I can get the ones I want and then play the game the way I want to play it. I’ll just have to be patient.

Good things come to those who wait…
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