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Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX
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Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX

Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX

Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX
Cute Shaved Redhead – Joymii XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot hardcore redhead gallery from Joymii. I’m pretty sure she’s a real redhead, despite not being able to check the carpets…. She sort of has some red ‘stubble’ and very pale skin. If I was a redhead, I think I’d keep some pubic hair… Hot either way.

Anyway, the new FWD….. When I got my first email account, I was a teenager.

This means that I used the account in what is likely a very typical teenaged girl way – it was new and exciting, and so I wanted to use it a lot, but the fact remained that I was a teenaged girl with not much of importance to say.

So I became a rather prolific forwarder of joke emails.

You know the ones. They’re basically chain letters, except I never liked the idea of actual chain letters, so the ones that came with instructions to forward to X number of people or suffer dire consequences typically stopped their trajectory in my inbox. Unless I thought that the joke that went along with it was really funny, in which case I would typically remove the chain-letter bit and then pass it on. I would also typically tidy the email up a little – remove the umpteen FWD: headings from the subject line, and remove the garbage text from the body of the message – all the message header information from previous senders, and any lame one-line bits (e.g., This is made me laugh so hard!!!)that people would inevitably add on for the benefit of their friends, who were always strangers to me. I would sometimes get other forwards that didn’t have any comedic value. Those I always deleted. I’d feel a little guilty about it – someone I knew had thought of me and sent me this message, and I was trashing it – but I’d delete them.

Eventually, though, I grew up, and stopped passing the funny things along entirely, and most of my friends also grew tired of them, because I stopped getting them. Except for one friend – an old childhood friend who lived in a different city and thus wasn’t really part of my regular social circle, but we still kept in touch. She ventured into the world of email rather later than I did, and so that forwarding bug hit her at a point when I was really over it, but I remember suddenly my inbox would get a huge burst of these things – like, nine of them at a time – but they were sporadic bursts, because she didn’t check her email that regularly. Or maybe the people sending them to her didn’t check their emails that regularly. She would also send everything that came her way – jokes, supposedly heart-warming stories, messages containing words of sage advice for improved health and personal safety, prayer circle things. Everything.

Again, after some time, she stopped forwarding those things. I thought she’d outgrown it, like I had.

A few years ago, she found Facebook, and friended me, and her account didn’t have much activity for a long time. And then she left her job to be a stay-at-home-mum, and her activity level increased – not a huge jump, but there were some pictures appearing, and occasional status updates.

And then, I guess about six months ago, the Sharing started.

I always take a look at them – out of morbid curiosity, I suppose – and they’re exactly the same sort of thing she used to forward in emails. Sometimes it’s a funny story. Sometimes it’s some warning about public safety, or health – they always trip my critical thinking alarm, so I look them up on Snopes, and they’ve all turned out to be works of fiction. (Well. One was listed as a ‘mixture’, but that’s because one aspect of the setup of the story is true. The story itself – along with the advice that was being emphasized – was false.) The part that makes me shake my head is the thread of comments left by her friends thanking her for sharing that information, usually accompanied by an expression of surprise.

At least this way, I don’t feel that tiny pang of guilt when I delete the message from my inbox.

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Exotic Redhead gets peach fuzz pussy fucked

Exotic Redhead gets peach fuzz pussy fucked
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Okay. I have a short attention span. 2 minutes of a single porn movie is all I really need to see, and then, on to another! I’ve spent the last hour hunting for a good thanksgiving porn gallery. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Most of the galleries I found were quite old, and most of the models that had provided them have now had their sites go defunct. It’s a little sad…
Luckily, Amateur Allure always produces high quality porn that I enjoy. And every week, there’s two new galleries featuring incredibly hot models getting fucked for me to choose from. It makes life easy!

Anywaw, I’ve broken nails before. I’ve done it rather a lot. It’s annoying – it ruins the shape of your nail, and until you can get to an emery board to smooth it out, it leaves a rough, snaggy, jagged edge behind. A nuisance, for sure, but not something that will make or break my day.

It seems, though, that people expect a broken nail to be a big deal. I’ve seen girls smack a hand on some object, and then whirl about in a jig of pain. When asked about the injury, the reply comes back, I broke a nail. They are then treated to much sympathetic cooing.

Like I said, I’ve broken nails plenty of times. Never has this caused me any physical pain. Maybe I’ve been lucky – the nail has never broken down into the part where it’s still attached to your finger, and there’s never been any bloodshed involved. Maybe the girls I’ve seen freak out over broken nails were actually cradling wildly gory injuries.

I broke a nail today. I was reaching for the knob to adjust the focus on one of those old-fashioned overhead transparency projectors, and I wasn’t really watching where I was reaching, and somehow my finger slipped in between the part of the knob that you grip and the shaft that it’s attached to, and though it wasn’t a particularly hard hit or anything, the force of it was just right to break the nail. I did not perform a wild dance of painful hysteria. I didn’t even stop in what I was doing in any significant way. I did look at my nail, and verify that it was indeed broken, and then from that point on I was simply careful not to handle my hair with that hand, and be mindful of the proximity of that hand to fabric and other potentially snaggy things. Once I got home from work, I removed my nail polish and then filed the living daylights out of the nail. The break wasn’t as deep as I had initially thought, so I was able to get rid of all the damaged nail.

Time for a new manicure.
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Lucy Ohara and Ivy Snow - Lesbian strapon fucking XXX

Lucy Ohara and Ivy Snow - Lesbian strapon fucking XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of Lucy Ohara and Ivy Snow having hot, steamy, redheaded lesbian sex with each other. Ivy Snow is a pale skinned, tattooed, gorgeous teen with big breasts. You’ve seen Ivy Snow on here before, but not usually with a lesbian partner.

Lucy Ohara is a pale skinned redhead who’s tattoo free. She’s a ‘firebush’, and has a mall amount of orange pubic hair over perfectly shaved pussy lips. Lucy Ohara does a lot of camshows and is an active participant in generation of new content for her site. She has a lot of potential.
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Anyways… Choco-moderate….
I self-identify as someone who loves chocolate. If I’m buying myself a treat to eat, probably it will involve chocolate in some way. I like having lots of chocolate on hand, in the event that I want some.

That being said, I realized last night that I don’t typically eat a lot of it.

After dinner last night, I sat down to watch a movie here at home, and since movie time is also snacky time, I dug up a little something for myself – a couple of solid chocolate bars, one milk, one dark. They had been pre-scored so that they would easily break into eight pieces – eight pieces for the dark, ten pieces for the milk.

And I ate two of each of them.

Even though I reach for chocolate as a snack a fair bit of the time, it’s always a small snack – a little nibble here, a taste there. I’m not the sort of person who can sit and eat an entire chocolate bar in one sitting – even if that sitting is nearly two hours long, apparently.

Which is probably just as well. Given how often I reach for chocolate, if I ate larger quantities of it, I’d probably be in need of new clothes.

You know. Because I’d be dropping chocolate bits all over the place and staining my clothes. As Chief Wiggum said, Nothing gets chocolate out.

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Slutty redhead gangbanged and bukkaked by black cock
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Slutty redhead gangbanged and bukkaked by black cock

Slutty redhead gangbanged and bukkaked by black cock
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Okay guys, we were just talking about dirty porn, and how ‘X-Art’ is great for girls… Now, as some mentioned, it’s not for ‘all’ girls. Personally I like to see a little kink most of the time…. A bit harder and explicit (but not violent or overly degrading. Eg: no spitting. Gross.). A little bit of interracial gangbang and bukkake action can always fit the fantasy void.. Although blacksonblondes doesn’t normally have ‘bukkake‘ at the end.
Ami Emerson is a cute, ‘normal’ looking girl… Not a typical ‘tarted out’ pornstar. She’s refreshing – a cute, redhead, college coed.

Anyways, it’s coming…
I looked at a calendar today.

That was something of a mistake.

I see that September is coming. Quickly. September means the start of new work contracts. September means no more working from home on whatever schedule feels right to me, provided I meet my deadlines. September means having to dress nicely for work, instead of sometimes settling in in front of the computer in my pyjamas.

Wait. Dress nicely. That means digging around in the closet for things I haven’t worn since April. It’ll feel like getting a whole new wardrobe! Without having to go around spending money to acquire new things!

How’s that for an upside?

Honestly? While I’m dreading having to actually work, it’s sometimes nice to have an external force acting on me to give me a regular schedule. When I’m left to my own devices, things can get really weird. Truly, it’s much better for my projected image of normalcy when someone else is telling me where to be and at what time.

Still, I do wish I could independently afford to be as much of a lunatic as I want to.

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Pussy Sucking and Giant Strapon Dildo
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Pussy Sucking and Giant Strapon Dildo

Pussy Sucking and Giant Strapon Dildo
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Okay guys, here’s another hot gallery from ALSScan. It features two moderately attractive nude models having a bit of anal fun with a giant strapon dildo. One of the erotic teens is a decent looking blonde who reminds me a lot of Kaley Cuoco, and the other is a nasty looking redhead. They suck each other’s pussy, and shove a large strapon dildo up the Kaley Cuoco doppelganger’s ass.

Anyways, okay, fine. I admit it.

I started Catching Fire last night.

I haven’t yet had a chance to pick it up again today – got busy with everyday life stuff, not even real work, which makes me feel vaguely guilty – but I may read a little more tonight before I drift off to sleep.

Is it weird that the other night I dreamt that I had been taken away to a city full of tall, unfamiliar glassy skyscrapers, and that people were out to get me so I was trying to keep moving and keep hidden amongst the darkened buildings? No obvious elements of The Hunger Games, but there was a familiar-feeling theme there.

You know. The being hunted theme.

I don’t remember enough of last night’s dream to be able to say whether it built on the same theme.

I wonder what tonight will bring?

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