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Hot Slutty Orgy - 4 girls and 5 guys

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Anyway, when I was young – like, early childhood young – my mother noticed I was starting to develop little itchy rashes on my skin. She suspected they were an allergic reaction, so she mentioned them to my pediatrician at one of my checkups.

Now, I don’t remember that particular appointment, nor is my mother particularly forthcoming with details when I ask about it, so I’m sort of guessing at what exactly transpired, even though I was there. But cut me some slack – I was little, and very likely not paying attention.

I have the impression that nowadays, if someone suspects that a child may be allergic to something, the doctor will request an allergy test panel be done so that they can determine what specific allergen causes a reaction in the child. My cousin had this done for her son a couple of years ago, and I think some other cousins of mine who are now teenagers had it done too. I, however, am older than those cousins, and for whatever reasons that are now lost to the mysteries of time, my pediatrician did not send me away to get an allergy test panel done. Perhaps it was a rare sort of thing back then. Perhaps he didn’t figure the reaction was severe enough to warrant the hassle of doing the test. Perhaps a look into my wide, innocent, frightened eyes – I was a very timid child – told him that subjecting me to that might be a bit too traumatizing. Whatever it was, he told my mother to keep an eye on what I was eating, and if the rashes appeared after I had eaten certain foods, to try keeping me away from those foods, and see if things improved. He also wrote me a prescription for some cortisone cream to treat whatever rashes did appear.

So we went home, and my mum monitored my food intake, and scrutinized my skin looking for signs of rashes developing, and concluded that I was allergic to:

1) Chocolate
2) Tomatoes
3) Oranges, lemons, and limes
4) Strawberries
5) Peanuts

So my childhood was spent without those things. I ate chocolate very, very sparingly. No tomatoes or ketchup. No citrus. No strawberries. No peanuts or peanut butter.

Any time I had toast for breakfast, it was typically simply buttered – with margarine, not real butter, because my father was suspicious of real butter. We occasionally had grape jelly in the house, but not very often, and I found I didn’t care to use it on toast anyway, because Mum wouldn’t let me have the toast until it had cooled, at which point the jelly – which was cold from the fridge – wouldn’t spread smoothly.

Besides, what I wanted was strawberry jam. All mentions of toast with jam or peanut butter and jam sandwiches in the books I read as a child had illustrations of a sticky, red substance, or explicitly called it strawberry jam. I wanted to try it. I was sure it would be magical. It had to be good – it was everywhere! Sadly, for me it was forbidden, so I kept right on eating my not-really-buttered toast.

As a grownup, an undisclosed number of years later, I do my own grocery shopping, and yes I’ve found raspberry jam, which is nice. But more recently, I’ve found something even better.

Cherry jam.

If I had known about this stuff when I was a kid, it’s quite probable that it would have been an all-jam-all-the-time sort of childhood. It’s not on that list of things I am allergic to, so I would have been allowed to have it, and it’s red and sticky, which was what I was after.

Oh, and as for me being allergic to the things on that list? Well, now that I’m grown, I’m happy to report that I can eat everything except the items in (3). Those give me really wicked awful rashes now, and I do miss them. Everything else is just fine.

Which is good, because I’ve become rather fond of those things….
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Lesbian Christmas Porn - Naughty Allie

Lesbian Christmas Porn - Naughty Allie
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Okay guys. It’s December. It’s officially Christmas Month! That means snow, Christmas trees and Christmas porn! Today’s gallery is from an ancient site – Naughty Allie. She’s a big breasted, blonde swinger responsible for one of the most famous XXX animated gifs on the internet. You know, the one with 3 amateur women sucking one guy’s cock at the same time. I think her site first launched in 2003, and she was pretty active with her members. Naughty Allie always has nice Christmas porn galleries 😀

Anyway, for whatever reason of quirky personality, I tend to keep my eyes on the ground in front of me when I walk. Not that I have my chin tucked down against my chest – at least, I think I walk with my head held in a normal sort of posture. It’s sort of challenging to watch yourself walk, so I don’t know with any degree of certainty, but I don’t get a crick in my neck or anything, and I do maintain some awareness of other things going on around me (stop that laughing).

I do know, though, that I monitor the ground ahead of me. It’s not something that I consciously think is important to do, yet I do it anyway, automatically. I suspect that this habit might have started when I was really young – I used to walk from my house to my elementary school, and the shortest route required that I cross a field, and a number of folks in the neighbourhood would turn their dogs loose in that field for exercise and play, and so there were often…leavings…and I was pretty darn sure I didn’t want to have any sort of encounter with those…leavings…so I would watch where I was stepping.

At some point, it did take a weird, impractical turn, involving paying close attention to cracks in the sidewalk and gaps between paving stones and different types of ground cover – like different colours of paving stones, or different road surfaces. I would try to elongate my stride a bit to avoid stepping on a crack, or I’d make some other temporary adjustment to my gait so that I could step on a given surface type the same number of times with each foot, as if I was striving for balance. I don’t go out of my way for these sorts of things anymore, but I occasionally catch myself paying attention to them. The hallway outside my office is covered in carpet tiles that are patterned, and there are three distinct pattern types that are arranged decoratively over the floor’s surface, and sometimes I notice that I’m tracking how many times my right foot steps on a darker tile, compared to how often my left foot does it.

Of course, there’s an upside – if there’s money on the floor, I’m bound to see it. This paid off fantastically well a while back, when I found a $10 bill on the floor. A month ago, while I was shopping at a Sephora store, I happened to find a toonie on the floor. That was pretty nice too.

Today I was leaving work, and I was walking past a coffee stand, and I noticed a dime on the floor. Usually I see pennies, and I’ll totally stop to pick up a penny, so you’d think a dime would be a no-brainer.

There were other factors to consider, though. At work, I try to maintain an image of professional composure. Somehow I think stooping to scrabble a dime off the ground might damage that carefully maintained image somewhat. Plus, I was in a hurry – I wanted to be able to get my car out of the lot before the usual rush.

So I kept on walking. It was only a dime. My dignity – or, well, the image of dignity I was trying to project – remained intact.

Still – I regretted not snagging that dime just a teensy bit. I know it’s only a dime. But still. It’s a dime. Ten of those and I’ve got a dollar!

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Hot pornstar Kiera King XXX
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Hot pornstar Kiera King XXX

Hot pornstar Kiera King XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot Kiera King gallery.. She’s a pornstar who’s started her own pornsite… Basically, she has a couple of sets produced each week in which she’s fucking some guy, or having a bit of lesbian fun with her friends. I like her. She has a unique look. Today, she sticks a feather duster up her ass. Seriously. It’s a feather duster. In her bum.

Anyways, years ago, there was a video game that was released for the original Sony Playstation, called Blasto. I never played it myself, but I did have the opportunity to watch someone else play the game for a bit – not very far into it, but I saw some of it. I don’t remember much of the plot, but I do remember Phil Hartman provided the character’s vocal stylings, which I enjoyed as I watched.

One thing that I vividly remember is at one point in one of the earlier levels – I think – Blasto comes running along the platform and sees a terminal. It’s got a big red button on a console, with a sign that says, DO NOT TOUCH. My player was intrigued by this command, and so boldly stepped forward and pressed the button. Blasto was instantly vaporized into a pile of soot.

Today I happened to come across a gate that I needed to pass through, and the gate was locked, and in order to unlock the gate I needed to push a big red button.

As I reached for the button, I remembered Blasto, and actually hesitated for a moment.

At first, I thought this was a funny one-off sort of occurrence, triggered by the redness of the button. But, then I remembered other button pushing incidents, in which I pause for just a beat, a fraction of a second, before actually pressing the button. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that this is a pretty consistent thing in my behaviour. Approach button. Worry irrationally about undesired consequences of touching button. Get over it and press button.

I wonder if there will ever be a day when I won’t be abstractly thinking about possibly being zapped into oblivion by pressing a button to call an elevator.
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Carla Cox gets double penetrated
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Carla Cox gets double penetrated

Carla Cox gets double penetrated
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Okay guys, here’s another hot European porn gallery featuring the sexy, slutty Carla Cox getting penetrated in a Private.Com movied called Love Potion #69. Get it? 69? Hee hee. Like all private porn, it’s big budget with attractive scenery and porn actors/actresses.

Anyways, forced disloyalty… I have a small collection of skincare products that I use on a daily basis, and my product choice tends to be pretty stable – I’ll do a bit of poking about online, looking to see what the options are and what others who have tried them have to say about them, then taking into consideration what I know of my skin’s idiosyncrasies, I’ll buy something, and if I like it, I’ll keep using it. If I don’t like it, I use it up since I already spent the money, unless I bought it at Sephora, in which case I can return it. If I like it when I start using it, but am less pleased with it by the time I get to the end of my supply, then I reach out into the interwebs to see what else is out there that I might like to try.

I’m reasonably happy with my current lineup – true, the jars for the day and night cream are a bit annoying in that I can’t see inside them to gauge how much product is left, but the product itself seems to work well for me. When I was in a store a few weeks back to buy some more gel nail colours, I happened to randomly walk past the shelf where they stock the Fresh products, and noticed that the body wash I currently use was not there. Fast forward to a few days ago, I decided to take a look online to see if it had been dropped entirely, or just out of stock at that location, and sure enough it no longer appears on the webpage. This means I’ll have to figure out a new body wash.

While I was at it, I decided to poke around to see if there were any changes to the availability of the moisturizers I’m currently using. Wouldn’t you know it – the day cream is gone.

I started poking around looking at alternatives, and I think I’ve settled on the one I’d like to try next, but I also started thinking about night creams and eye creams too. Even though my current selections are still available, and I’m quite happy with them, apparently I’m also quite tied to the idea of using a series of products from one brand, rather than mixing and matching across brands. Oddly, this desire to keep everything in-house, as it were, didn’t extend to my cleanser – well, I considered it, but I really like the cleansing oil I’m currently using, and I’ve had the best results and happiest skin with cleansing oils, so I suspect a change would be for the worse rather than for the better.

So I now have a new regimen plan for when the time comes to restock on skincare products for next year.

Which will happen in November.

Can’t say I never prepare for anything….
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College Asian XXX
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College Asian XXX

College Asian XXX
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Jayden Lee is hot. Johnny Sins is not. Johnny Sins is super creepy. He sort of reminds me of that ugly guy from ‘farthammer’.. If any of you remember it. I believe it was an early bangbros affiliate site! Eitherway, we’re not posting these galleries to look at the creepy guys. And since 99% of the males in porn are creepy, that’s a good thing!
Jayden Lee is sexy. Not as sexy as Asa Akira, who right now is one of my favourite Asian pornstars…. But still, it’s nice to have a little variety, and watching Jayden Lee pretend she’s a college Asian getting fucked is all good!

Anyways, So…..

I do not consider myself a make up or product junkie. I’m not constantly in and out of the stores, trying out the latest greatest new thingumwhatever. If I’m happy with what I’m using, I’ll stick with it. When I get unhappy, I start poking around online to see what other options are out there. Furthermore, it’s not as though I’ve got a potion or powder or salve for every little thing you can imagine. Yes, I wear make up, but I think I keep things pretty simple and straightforward – there are lots of steps that are considered within the realm of reasonable for daily wear that I flat out skip.

Still, I do use some stuff, and I get all of it through Sephora, so in the course of a year, I end up spending a fair bit over there. A while back, they introduced this new aspect to their loyalty program, called VIB, which stands for Very Important Beauty, which makes me do a mental eyeroll, but whatever, I’m not the person in their marketing department who picked the name. To qualify for VIB status, one must spend $350 with Sephora within a single calendar year. If you manage this feat, you get VIB status not only for the remainder of that calendar year, but also the following year. There’s no carry forward of surplus spending – it resets on January 1. VIB status is a good thing, too, because it gets you access to special discounts a few times – there’s a 10% discount you can use within a month of qualifying, there’s a 20% discount sale that happens in November, and there’s a 15% discount sale that happens in April or May.

Ahem. I have VIB status.

Since I stock up on, well, everything at the November sale, I don’t really worry too much about spending the qualifying amount. We’re talking about a year’s worth of products here! Usually I end up buying a few odds and ends throughout the year too – I try to wait for the sales, but sometimes life happens and I just can’t wait.

Like last week. I had received an email advertising a new at home gel nail kit. It cost $180 CAD, and came with everything you need to successfully apply and later remove three gel manicures – including the light to cure the gel. I looked at it, and thought about my now routine visits to get my nails handled, and wondered if this might be the way to transition to doing it on my own at home and save some money.

So I hopped on over to Sephora and bought myself a kit. I figured it’s a no-risk transaction – if I hate it, or it doesn’t work for me, I can return it, no questions asked, no problems. I really appreciate their spectacular return policy.

I haven’t tried it yet – got to wait until I get my current pro gels removed.

But once my purchase was complete, the girl handed over a pink card with a coupon for my VIB welcome 10% off – apparently, this purchase pushed me over the qualifying amount for VIB status for next year.

And, naturally, I have plans for that 10% – if the at home kit works out, I’ll be back to buy a couple more colours and some removal supply kits. The person in their marketing department who had the idea of having the shop girls model some of the polish colours certainly earned their pay, because I saw one that I had been iffy about looking at the display and was so smitten I nearly switched out the colour I’d chosen for it. I’ll be going back to get it if this all works out.

Hey, big spender
Dig this blender
Rainbow suspenders
Hey, big spender
We surrender!

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