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Drunk Girls with Black Strippers - Partyhardcore Jun 17 2011
Click the picture to see drunk girls with black male strippers

Drunk Girls with Black Strippers - Partyhardcore Jun 17 2011

Drunk Girls with Black Strippers - Partyhardcore Jun 17 2011
Click the picture to see drunk girls sucking and fucking black male strippers!

Okay guys, here’s another hot Partyhardcore gallery. Partyhardcore is good again! They went through a bit of a slump where they were overcharging for content, doing a ‘pay per view’ type model. It failed, horribly. The parent site sold off to the people who own clubseventeen – and now it’s run properly!!! Today’s gallery comes from the June 17th release.

Anyways, no saving me…
A couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door today.

I was tempted to pretend I wasn’t in, but figured they had probably heard my footsteps as I approached the door, so I opened it and greeted them politely.

The older woman introduced herself and the younger woman, and told me that they were going door to door in order to share scripture with others, and then asked if I would like to read a passage with them.

I declined, saying that I’m not really a religious sort of person.

She asked me why not.

I shrugged, and told her that organized religion hadn’t been a part of my upbringing, and I saw no need to include it in my life now.

She then asked me what I thought the future held for humanity.

I told her I thought we’d all be just fine.

She smiled, and told me, You know, this is precisely what the Bible promises.

I replied, Regardless of what the Bible promises, I think humanity will be okay.

At that point, she gave up on the possibility of captivating me with scripture, but then asked if she could leave some literature for me to review.

I said, perhaps a bit more firmly than is polite, No thanks.

She then abandoned the notion of saving me, and politely wished me a good day, and I returned the favour.

And then firmly shut the door.

Part of me wonders if I could scare them away next time – because I’m pretty sure there will be a next time – by telling them I’m a pagan. Would they flee, or would they try extra hard to win me over?
Click here to see hot drunk chicks behaving badly.
You can see black male strippers fondled by drunk european women in a movie here

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Teens on vacation with male strippers
Click the pic for some hot teens on vacation partying with male strippers!

Okay guys, here are some more pictures of teens sucking and fucking male strippers!! Now, I’m not sure that these are authentic, but they’re definitely hot pictures from the guys at DancingBear!! I’ve included the movies at the bottom of the post!! If you like dancingbear, Partyhardcore and LoverboysUSA will also interest you.. Women at bachelorette parties, drunk girls night out, and just women at a male strip club.

Anyways, it’s a bad sign…

Today I was at work, being pretty productive, I thought.

Then, towards the tail end of my day, I realized I needed to get some things ready so that they’d be all set for Thursday.

It didn’t take me long to get organized, but it was a bit of an adrenaline rush when I realized I had some extra stuff to do that I hadn’t fully counted on including in my day.

So once I got it all done, I packed my things up and walked out of the office to head home, thinking, Phew, that was a full day. Hooray for the weekend!

And then I remembered that it’s only Tuesday. The majority of the work week remains.

I think I may be in for a long week.

The pictures of teens on vacation with male strippers are here
The movies of teens on vacation with male strippers are here

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Partyhardcore - Drunk girls male strippers
Click the pic for a hot gallery of sexy drunk girls fucking and sucking male strippers!

Okay guys, here’s a hot Partyhardcore male stripper gallery! Partyhardcore is, by far, the best bachelorette / drunk girl porn site on the market. Now, if I was Partyhardcore and DrunkSexOrgy, I’d probably promote the site a little bit better. I wouldn’t include so many pictures of naked girls having sex with male strippers… I’d capitalize a bit more on the girls who are about to get naked -the amateur girls with the pink cheeks tinged by alcohol!! The few comments I’ve had requesting more of ‘particular partyhardcore girls’, have been requests for the amateur girls.. The ones who shy away from the stripper at first before succumbing to his wiles!!!

Anyways, this is post #2615. I’m actually wondering how many of you would notice if I started recycling old galleries!! Now, I’m not going to of course, but it did cross my mind how immense this actually is now…
Over 2000 posts…
Online for 4.5 years……
Some of my loyal readers have been here since nearly the beginning! (Jim being one of the first… Brak being on there as well, but he’s dropped off…)

Eitherway, it’s kind of neat!!! I think I’ll get a gallery of me up soon!! You can thank Jim for it!!

In the meantime, enjoy the partyhardcore pictures here
And the videos are here!!

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Male Strippers and Drunk Women - Partyhardcore
Click the pic for a hot partyhardcore gallery featuring male strippers, drunk women, and group sex! Those naughty bachelorettes!

Okay guys, I posted a Dancing Bear male stripper gallery earlier… But I haven’t posted too many Partyhardcore galleries recently! Tonight, just for you guys, I spent time collecting and organizing Partyhardcore galleries.

I realize that I could have spent time catching up on all the work I have that’s due in less days than I have fingers. I also could have spent time catching up on my neglected knitting.. Finishing up gifts that I had promised people months ago. Instead, as usual, I was surfing for interesting porn to post, and tidying up some of my forgotton pornsites (like lostcherries and girlsaresexy.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have gone into journalism. I enjoy writing and find it quite cathartic!

Anyways, it’s late, and time for me to go to bed! Enjoy the Partyhardcore gallery

Videos are here

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Hot women suck male strippers - Dancing Bear Free Pictures
Click the pic for a hot gallery of drunk women giving male strippers blowjobs!

Okay guys – here’s Dancing Bear again… It’s a similar site to Partyhardcore, but a bit more ‘staged’ feel… It’s still pretty hot – especially if you’re into CFNM…. Personally, I love the Partyhardcore material… DrunksexOrgy is pretty good too!

Anyways, you know how Gmail has those one-line ads at the very top of your inbox? A sponsored link they figure you’ll be interested in based loosely on keywords in your email messages? I say loosely because they’re usually pretty strange.

I got a really weird one today, though.

I didn’t think to note the link, because I think it’s one of those scammy type things – a site describing some program that promises great success on some venture with relative ease, all you have to do is send them money and they will tell you the one thing that will make everything work sort of dealie.

It’s the wording of the ad that caught my attention.

It said, Cut risk to 0 and siphon profits legally.

Now, perhaps this reflects a misunderstanding of the word siphon on my part, but to me it’s nearly equivalent to steal. Okay, not when used in a technical context, like when you remove liquid from a container using only a flexible tube. My perception, though, is that in sort of everyday speech it refers to taking something from someone else on the sly. Like siphoning someone’s gas tank – you’re stealing their gas. Or siphoning funds from a bank account – you’re stealing someone else’s money.

I therefore find the phrase siphon X legally to be a bit curious.

I did not click the ad’s link… Especially now that google reveals user information!!!

Anyways, enjoy the Partyhardcore like Dancing Bear gallery here!

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