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Sexy brunette gets bushy pussy fucked - Nadine Sage
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Sexy brunette gets bushy pussy fucked - Nadine Sage

Sexy brunette gets bushy pussy fucked - Nadine Sage
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Okay guys, here’s a hot Amateur Allure gallery of brunette teen Nadine Sage getting her (sort of) bushy pussy fucked! It seems to be the newest fad – reverting back to the late 90’s – when full on pussy waxing wasn’t the standard.. Instead, you’d have a little triangle of hair above fully shaved pussy lips. It seems like a lot of the pornstars are going back for that look…
It’s interesting actually – apparently the prevalence of shaving/waxing has reduced the incidence of crabs. (Bloomberg link for those that care)

I know I’ve mentioned here before that I have this quirk when it comes to clothes shopping – I tend to like to buy things in twos (or, depending on what the garment is, multiples of two). Historically, any time I would purchase singleton items of clothing, I would end up regretting it later, so I went proactive and got into the routine of buying multiples. See a shirt I like? I’ll try to get it in two different colours. Pants? Jeans? I buy them two at a time, with the two being identical. Like two colours? I’d buy four.

More recently, though, I’ve sort of gotten away from this. My most recent purchase of dress pants was for three – one in each colour that I liked. I’d also picked up some pyjamas and pyjama sets as singletons. I thought that perhaps I’d outgrown that multiples phase. I don’t necessarily think it was a bad phase to be in – it’s not as if I would put myself in debt just clothing myself. I will admit that it led to a bit of a reduction in the variety in my wardrobe, though.

So I went boldy forth and purchased a couple of new nighties in my last online clothing purchase – two different styles. They arrived, I washed them, and now I’ve worn one of them.

And I deeply regret that I didn’t buy more of this particular style.

I really like it. It’s soft, and cozy, and comfortable, and why oh why did I only get the one? I even had two in my virtual shopping bag, but I gave a little mental snort of derision, telling myself that I didn’t really need that second one, and I removed it.

Next time. Next sale. I will buy more of these.

So much for I don’t need multiples.
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Asian Christmas Porn - Blowjob in Santa Hat
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Asian Christmas Porn - Blowjob in Santa Hat

Asian Christmas Porn - Blowjob in Santa Hat
Asian Christmas Porn – Blowjob in Santa Hat
Click the picture for a hot gallery of Asian Christmas Porn – Blowjob in a Santa Hat
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Okay guys, I know Christmas is over… But I can still try to hold on to it a little bit longer! In reality, I actually just found this Asian Christmas Porn gallery, and realized how little I had been posting since my blog was breaking daily.
Now that my XXX blog is running a bit smoother, I can post a few more of the holiday porn galleries, and we can pretend that Christmas is still on it’s way with all of the presents that follow! :)

Anyway, shiny, but not new…

I did it.

I went for broke and removed the matte screen protector from my iPhone, and installed the shiny film that was a match to the film that I put on the back.

The result is pretty slick – both literally and figuratively. I didn’t get the alignment exactly perfect – I have yet to do that – but there aren’t any bits of film hanging off an edge, no creases or wrinkles, so I’ll take it. The phone now feels more like a bare one – very smooth, glassy surface. The matte film also subdued the display a bit – everything looks a bit brighter and crisper with this crystal film.

It’s actually a bit like having a brand new phone! Without all the new phone setup steps to get it all figured the way I like it.

There is a downside, though – the crystal film shows fingerprints and smudges far more readily than the matte film did. I may tuck a microfibre towelette into my handbag so that I can shine it up whenever I feel the need – I got a few as freebies some years ago when I was using a freebie promotional gift card to buy some contact lens cleaning solution, and the solution didn’t use up the balance of the card and the promotion didn’t allow for an unused balance to be kept for later purchases. Faced with a spend it or lose it decision, I opted to spend it, and grabbed some eyeglass lens cleaning kits, complete with solution and microfibre cloths.

They’ve hardly seen any use.

So maybe there’s a silver lining here after all.

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Christmas brunette cum swallow
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Christmas brunette cum swallow

Christmas brunette cum swallow
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Okay guys, it’s nearly Christmas, and since I’ve stopped posting as much as usual, I haven’t had very many Christmas porn galleries up! Today’s is another winner from Amateur Allure. I know that I can never go wrong when I’m posting one of their galleries. The women are beautiful and the XXX action is well shot. I also like that Amateur Allure does some holiday themed porn shoots as well – Christmas XXX, Halloween XXX, etc.

Anyway, as I was saying, Christmas is practically here…

You wouldn’t know it looking around this place. There’s no tree, no stockings hung up, no festive ornamentation. There are a couple of scraps of wrapping paper on a tabletop, because I did a hasty wrap job yesterday afternoon, but those gifts have all since gone out into the world – no glittering pile of presents here.

I didn’t even get Christmas cards done.

Sure, it looks sort of grinchy around here, but it’s all a false front – I’m really not a grinch. I’m just not well-organized enough to show it. Ever since I started working, December is a pretty hectic month, with tons of work-related stuff to do. I dive right in to get it all done, and sort of stop noticing the calendar dates tick past. Well, I notice them, but it never really registers that I am getting closer to Christmas, which means that there are other things that should really be getting done.

The realization that Christmas Day is the coming Tuesday sort of put me into a bit of a stupor of shock when I had it a few days ago. Followed quickly by a wave of shame upon realizing that I’m not ready, and very likely won’t get all the things I’d like to have organized figured out in time.

It’ll be okay, though. Tonight, I watched The Santa Clause after dinner, and tomorrow I plan on doing some baking – going to make some cookies. Not Christmas cookies, specifically, but I find Christmas really needs some home-baked cookies, so I’ll do some up. Enough to take a decent amount to a Christmas Eve gathering, while still having a good stash leftover here at home for nibbling.

After all, I’ve got to have the right stuff to leave out for Santa.

I don’t have any milk, though.

Who am I kidding? Everyone knows the big guy is a big time Coca-Cola fan, just like me. We’ll get along just fine….
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Asian babe has anal and gets shaved pussy fucked
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Asian babe has anal and gets shaved pussy fucked

Asian babe has anal and gets shaved pussy fucked
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of a sexy Asian with a shaved pussy having anal sex. It’s from Amateur Allure and stars the sexy “Mika”. It was actually part of their Halloween porn gallery, but it didn’t get posted, and I didn’t feel like saving it until Halloween again. Instead, you get it during the Christmas season.
She’s Asian, she’s having butt-sex. Her puffy Asian pussy is fully shaved. It’s XXX from Amateur Allure. It’s good enough for Christmas regardless of the Anime costume.

Anyway, glad tidings…
I looked at the calendar the other day – I think it might have been Friday of last week – and realized that if I’m going to send out Christmas cards, I’d better do it quick fast, or they’ll end up being weird New Year’s cards instead of nice Christmas cards.

And then I thought to myself, does anyone even send Christmas cards anymore?

Typically I get some from some of my cousins on my father’s side, so I suppose I should get my act together and continue with tradition for them. But that might be it. In this modern enlightened age of email, texting, and video chat, maybe old fashioned cards sent by post are a thing of the past. A relic of times gone by.

Some people are still sending them, along with the annual family update letter. On Friday, I went to the post office to claim a package that, according to the notice left on my front door, was waiting for me there. Ahead of me in line was a woman with a stack of envelopes – rather full looking envelopes. I didn’t try to listen in on what she was saying to the postie, but I did hear her inquire about delivery times – when the letters would arrive at their various destinations, some were going within Canada, but others were going to the US and beyond – and the guy had to go through the pile very thoroughly, weighing each individual envelope, and then slipping them through the little slot template they have to make sure that letters truly fit within the letter sizing limits.

It took for-freaking-ever.

I did my best to be patient and civil. After all, even though I hadn’t heard her say as much, I suspect that was her stack of Christmas greeting letters, and in the spirit of the festive season, I simply waited for my turn, and sort of vaguely thought about my own Christmas card list, and wondered abstractly if I was actually going to go through with it this year.

And then my turn came at the counter, and I turned my claim slip over with a smile.

And the postie scanned the slip and then informed me that my package wasn’t there yet – I’d have to return another day.

My mood soured considerably at that point.

To my credit, I did not explode into a seething mass of fury. I did, however, point out that the slip indicated that my package should be available for pickup. In hindsight, I’m not sure why I did that – if the guy scans the slip and the system tells him that it’s not there, then nothing I say or do is going to make it magically appear. I think it was really a passive-aggressive way of displaying my disappointment.

He must be used to that, though, because he simply replied, Yup. You can come pick it up tomorrow.

At which point I thanked him – politely – and left.

I picked up the package today. All’s well that ends well.

Fa la la la la, la la, la la.
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Halloween Sex Orgy
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Halloween Sex Orgy

Halloween Sex Orgy
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Okay guys, it’s Halloween! That means another Halloween porn gallery, and in this case, I wanted to post a Halloween sex orgy! It’s from In The VIP, which is a monster network site full of excellent porn movies. Lots of hot, relatively unknown girls getting nasty. It seems like each year they have a Halloween porn gallery as well – so I may keep posting a bit of Halloween porn, even though the holiday is officially over :(

Anyway, any day now, I should be getting an email from Sephora, informing me of their annual VIB sale event. Since I spend enough money with them on an annual basis, I have earned myself the privilege of attending this sale, and the opportunity to take advantage of the 20% store-wide discount that is offered to VIB members. I’ve been enjoying this little loyalty perk for at least three years now, which is why I know the sale is coming.

And waiting for it is giving me a bit of a twitch over my eye. Not just because I have general issues with impatience and a strong dislike of delayed gratification.

Well, okay, maybe that’s the whole story right there.

You see, about a month and a half ago, I decided I will not be repurchasing my current moisturizers – I’ve resolved to try something new, and some poking around on Sephora’s website has led me to the brand line and the specific products I would like to try next. Making these sorts of decisions usually sends me off to the store, waving my credit card madly because I want the stuff in as little delay as possible, but since I had product left to use up, I sternly told myself that I would behave and wait for the sale.

That’s probably where the twitch comes in.

The anticipation has really kicked into high gear, though, since I now know that the sale should be happening really soon. Somehow, instead of making the waiting better, this makes it worse.

Soon. I’ll get my new goodies soon.


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