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Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy
Click the picture for a hot gallery of a Sleepy blonde playing with her silky shaved pussy

Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy

Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy

Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy
Click the picture for a hot gallery from Met-Art of a sleepy blonde playing with her silky shaved pussy

Okay guys, this hot girl is Natalia from Met-Art. I’m betting she’s Russian with a strong Asian bloodline mixed in… She has very exotic features and a gorgeous, smooth looking body. I bet everything about her is silky. Met-art has some high quality models. Oh, and they now own ALSScan – I wonder how it will change…

Anyway, an ethical dilemma…
Sephora has a fabulous returns policy. If you don’t like something you’ve purchased, take it back. If you have the receipt, you can have a refund. If you don’t have a receipt, you can still have a refund, but for whatever the current price for the product is – that is, not necessarily the purchase price you paid, if the item has since gone on sale or something. If you’ve used some of the product, that’s okay – they’ll still take it back.

But this raises a bit of an ethical dilemma. At what point does one decide that they’ve used too much of the product and returning it really starts to go against the spirit of the awesome return policy? Clearly, if you’ve used all of it, you shouldn’t be able to return an empty container. And equally clearly, if you’ve only used a tiny bit, so the container is still essentially full, that’s totally fine to return.

But what to do about quantities that fall somewhere between those extremes?

I bought a bottle of new-to-me body wash, and I’ve been using it for the past month and a half or so, so there’s about a third of the bottle gone. I’ve at long last determined that I actually don’t like it – it seems to dry my skin out a bit.

So I want to return it.

But I’m not sure I’m ethically okay to return it. I mean, there’s nothing in the return policy as it’s formulated to prevent me from being able to return it, but I don’t want to unreasonably take advantage of it – when things like that happen too often, wonderful return policies get changed so that people can’t abuse them. I don’t want to contribute to that scenario.

So. Can I return my bottle?

Realistically, I could keep it and simply use it in the summer, when dryness isn’t as big of an issue.

Of course, the problem there is that I’m not particularly fond of the scent.

I keep going back and forth on whether I can return it or not.

Maybe tomorrow will bring me an answer….
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Met-art girl has hardcore sex - XXX
Click the picture to see Met-art girl Simona A in XXX action!

Met-art girl has hardcore sex - XXX

Met-art girl has hardcore sex - XXX
Click the picture to see a sexy Met-art girl giving a blowjob

Okay guys, here’s the hot met-art model Simona A having hardcore action from their new site – sex-art! You know what I regret? Sex-art didn’t come into play while Mariko was still modeling for them. I think I’ve posted every Mariko gallery that is out there.
Eitherway, Simona A. has that sultry, sweaty ‘summer’ look as she gets her shaved pussy licked. It’s all good.

Anyways, we have the technology…..
I may not be an Apple fan more generally, but I do like my iPhone.

I’ve found it to be supremely convenient – the functionality of several devices all packaged neatly into one. I even like the size of it – I’ve seen a couple of iterations of the Samsung Galaxy, and that thing is huge. Perhaps my opinion might be different if I had larger hands, but I don’t, so it isn’t.

The native Maps app is one that I use whenever I need to go somewhere I haven’t been before – I look up the address of where I’m going, and orient myself with surrounding roads and figure out what the best way of getting there would be. Usually I let Google do the route figuring for me by instructing it to give me directions from wherever I am according to the GPS, but I still like to see the lay of the land, as it were, of my intended destination. At times I also like to play with the GPS feature a little bit – I’ll randomly open the app up and ask it to find me.

My point being that my phone has a nifty bit of magic inside of it that tells me that it knows where I am.

Why, then, does it ignore this information when searching for addresses? Yesterday, I needed to drive somewhere new, so I opened the app up, punched in the street address, and looked at the result. It looked weird. I had some vague familiarity with the area where I was headed, and the grid of streets that I was seeing didn’t correspond to what seemed right in my head. I puzzled over it for a bit, and then noticed something else on the map that was labelled High River. As in, High River, Alberta. Which is totally not where I wanted to go.

That’s not the first time that’s happened. A couple of weeks ago, I plugged in a street address for something else, and it showed me a location in Ottawa. Again, not where I wanted to go, in the same big, wrong-city sort of way.

The workaround is to specify which city you’re interested in when you enter the address for the search. But if the phone’s GPS knows where you are already, why can’t it figure that out? Why doesn’t it assume you’re looking for an address within the same city, and search beyond that city only if you tell it to? Why would it instead pick out a random address somewhere else that happens to have the same street names and numbers attached to it?

Maybe a developer needs to get on that….

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Elegant blonde with fuzzy pussy
Click the picture to see an elegant blonde with a stubbly pussy

Elegant blonde with fuzzy pussy

Elegant blonde with fuzzy pussy
Click the picture to see a sophisticated blonde nude model with a peach-fuzzy pussy!

Okay, so maybe Piper A. from met-art has more than just peach-fuzz on her pussy.. It’s a little stubbly, but I know some of you like that… Personally I prefer it smooooooth…
Piper is very elegant and sophisticated looking. She was also photographed by the same guy responsible for Mariko. I just wish met-art was a smidge harder. A little bit of hardcore or at least some large lesbian dildoing would be fun!

Anyways, there’s a special dropbox deal on right now… You can get 5gb extra free space by helping them beta-test their new photo upload capabilities.
This only works for the windows and android versions right now….

To begin,

1) Sign up for a drop box account if you don’t already have one here

2) download the beta:

3) close dropbox if you have it open

4) install the beta

5) get an empty SD card or USB drive and create a folder named:

6) copy 5gb of photos into that folder (I’ve been told that AVI’s also work)

7) eject the drive

8) plug the sd card / drive back in, and in your autorun selection, select ‘import photos to dropbox’. (note that it *has* to be done via autorun. Copying photos into your dropbox folder manually won’t work).

It’ll take a while to upload all the photos, and the space will be there… I personally love dropbox – it makes for an easy way to transfer files between home and work, and provides a convenient backup for important documents….

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Hot Redhead from Met Art
Click the picture for a sexy redhead gallery of Mia Sollis from Met-Art!

Hot Redhead from Met Art

Hot Redhead from Met Art
Click the picture to see a gorgeous redhead with a shaved pussy!

Okay guys, I know how much a lot of you like redheads. Here’s a really hot redhead with a shaved pussy from met-art. Mia Sollis is stunning, with a great body and a pretty much perfect face.
Of course she’s from Met-Art. It’s just too bad she’s shaved off all her pubic hair. It would be nice to ensure that she’s a natural redhead – although I think the freckles and blue eyes give it away 😀

Anyways… Grinding again..
Today I took a great big step towards personal improvement, and I got myself back on the hamster wheel.

Truthfully, I was a little afraid. I haven’t been in over a month, and I was worried that I would be set so far back that I would just be completely demoralized and humiliated when I discovered I couldn’t even jog a quarter mile without being reduced to a wheezing mess. So I was pretty nervous as I changed my clothes, and that was only amplified by the change room being busier than I remembered it being last year. Of course, I was there on a different day, at a different time, but you know how it is – you expect these things to be constant, no matter how irrational.

To my pleasant surprise, I still felt pretty good once I hit the virtual one mile mark, so I kept going for another quarter mile, then I slowed down. I did the familiar sort of alternating between the faster pace and the slower one after that, though not with the same intervals as previously – the machine I was on didn’t have the same little racetrack display as the ones I was using last year, not sure if they’ve replaced all of them or not, but I couldn’t rely on the little marker on the track to tell me when it was appropriate to speed up and slow down anymore, so I had to devise a new routine on the fly. I think it worked out alright – I was on the machine for just short of half an hour, I think, and I had managed to cover more virtual mileage than where I left off.

There was really only one potentially bad moment, when I arrogantly figured I could take some notes on my iPhone during one of the slower paced sections, and discovered that balancing on those machines takes on an extra level of complexity when you’re not holding on to the handles. No, I didn’t fall off – not even close, really – but I did teeter around a little bit.

The way my schedule is, I think I may only be able to go for a spurt of physical activity once a week this semester. We’ll see how things develop.

We’ll also see how diligent I am at maintaining this… It has been over a month…
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Shaved Pussy Asian - Amiko from MetArt
Click the picture to see Amiko’s shaved Japanese pussy!

Shaved Pussy Asian - Amiko from MetArt
Click the picture to see sexy high resolution pictures of Amiko’s shaved Japanese pussy uncensored

Okay guys, here’s another sexy Met-Art Asian model. Her name is Amiko, and she’s a slim bodied, hard faced Japanese model with a smoothly shaved pussy! I’ve posted Amiko here: Shaved and Wet Asian Model Nude, where she was super sexy, and here: Scary Asian Model with Shaved Pussy, where she looks ‘kind of scary‘. Met-art has super hot models like Mariko in ultra high resolution pictures.

Anyways, here we go!
Remember what I was afraid of last week? That all cupcakes all the time thing?

I feel it coming. I didn’t even break down and go buy the stinking cupcake to set it off, it just triggered itself with all the positive cupcakey thoughts I’ve been having.

I can see it now. Tomorrow I’ll wake up, get myself all fixed up and ready for public appearance throughout the day, head out, go straight to a cupcake shop, buy a half dozen cupcakes, come home, EAT ALL THE CUPCAKES – because, you know, a good hearty breakfast is an important start to your day – then head out, stop and buy another dozen cupcakes, and then continue on my way. By the time I get home again, I will have another dozen cupcakes in tow, the previous eighteen will all be long gone, and this second dozen will be my dinner and dessert. I will have eaten nothing but cupcakes for a day and be feeling pretty buzzed about the whole thing.

Now, while cognitively I know that is a pretty terrible way to fuel your day, and the rational part of my brain fully supports anyone who wants to come winging in to smack some sense into me over that plan, because, really, it’s pretty bad.

But in my current state of mind? It’s totally fine. Doable, reasonable, even. All cupcakes, all the time. Bring it on.
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