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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery From DancingBear.. It features sexy, drunk sluts sucking and fucking the dancing bear crew.. Always fun. I love the male stripper / drunk girl niche…

Anyways, my time had come… There is a Tim Horton’s on the campus where I work.

I like the food at Tim Horton’s. Yes, I know it’s not exactly fancy, but frankly, I don’t expect that from fast food. It’s reasonably tasty, and reasonably priced, and doesn’t seem like it should be packing the same greasy calorie-rich punch that, say, McDonald’s food does. Unless you’re talking about the donuts, I guess.

(By the way? I’m not dissing McD’s. I heart McD’s with a fiery devotion that defies all logic and reason, because I know that it’s almost a nutritional negative, and yet I seek it out rather more frequently than I should.)

Anyway. You’d think a Tim’s on campus would mean I’d be grabbing food from there fairly frequently. Unfortunately, it is completely unreasonably busy. I’m not sure what’s going on, but there is always a huge line of people waiting to place their orders – and I mean gargantuan huge. We’re talking lines that are twenty to thirty people deep. I am not exaggerating even a little. It is stupid busy.

All of which means I don’t ever go. Ever. I don’t have time to wait around in a 30 people deep line for my lunch – not if I want to actually eat it. So I always cruise straight past Tim’s and head for the food court, which is a longer walk from my office, but I know I’m getting my food and back to my desk faster that way.

Today, though? Yesterday was the last day of regular classes for the semester. Which means that today, the number of students on campus was drastically reduced.

Which made me realize that if I wanted lunch from Tim’s, this is the time to get it.

So I did! I still had to wait in line, but it was only four people deep, which isn’t terrible. I got myself a large cup of vegetable soup, with a bun, and I even got myself a large hot chocolate for good measure. I may have been feeling cold.

And in all the excitement, I may have mildly burned my tongue on my soup.

Whatever. I finally got to enjoy the fact that there’s a Tim’s on campus.

Maybe I’ll do it again tomorrow?

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drunk girls with male strippers - a new site
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drunk girls with male strippers - a new site

drunk girls with male strippers - a new site
Click the picture to see sexy XXX pictures of drunk chicks with male strippers!
The Drunk girl male stripper HornyBirds movie is here

Okay guys, here’s another gallery from HornyBirds – a new website similar to DancingBear and Partyhardcore in which the theme of the site is drunken women with male strippers… It’s called HornyBirds and is a pretty decent CFNM niche site. If you’re tired of DancingBear and Partyhardcore, Hornybirds might be okay for you. They have some *really* attractive girls and some very hot male stripper action! They have a couple of black male strippers getting busy, which is a bit refreshing from the standard Eastern European white guy 😀

Anyways, in with the new….. Welcome, 2012!!!

We’ve been expecting you.

Get comfortable, stay a while.

There’s potential for us to accomplish great things together.

Or, you know, we can at least have some fun together.

I haven’t got any specific details in mind yet, but we’ll figure it out as we go.

Just sit back and relax.

It’s gonna be a good ride. I can feel it. Can’t you??
The Drunk girl male stripper HornyBirds movie is here
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Another new male stripper site
Click the picture to see more from a new site focusing on drunk girls and male strippers!

Another new male stripper site

Another new male stripper site
Click the picture to see the full gallery of sexy ladies getting drunk and molesting male strippers

Okay guys, here’s another new site focused around the CFNM niche. It’s called Horny Birds and is created by the same people who do cumfiesta…. Lots of amateur drunk girls party with male strippers… It’s pretty hot!

Anyways, on the tails of my most recent work-related triumph of completion, tomorrow I will embark on my final work-hurdle jumping event of the year.

There will be a fair bit of frantic scrabbling going on, starting at about 2 PM tomorrow afternoon, and that will have to continue for the next 36 hours or so. I’m hoping I can wrap it up in 36, but I suppose I could take 48 if I needed them.

Then, I will have met my final deadline for 2011, and I can enjoy what’s left of the year with absolutely no deadlines or projects hanging over me.

I cannot precisely articulate how excited I am about this. I haven’t had a break completely free and clear of work stuff in a really, really long time. I’m not sure how it will feel, though I’m pretty confident that it will be exhilarating.

To get to that moment of nirvana, first, there’s gotta be some major cranking going on.

I’ve got some pink salt caramels. I think I’m ready.

Let’s do this.

The hornybirds male stripper movie is here
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Drunk girls get cummed on by strippers
Click the picture to see drunk girls getting cummed on by male strippers

Drunk girls get cummed on by strippers

Drunk girls get cummed on by strippers
Click the picture to see more drunk girls getting jizzed on by male strippers!

Okay guys, here’s another sexy drunk girl with male stripper gallery…. It’s from Dancing Bear, so not *all* of the girls are real amateurs.. Some of them are aspiring pornstars. It’s still hot, and you never know if one of the nasty ones is truly an amateur 😀

Anyways, ’tis the season for fundraising.

I am in cahoots with an elementary school teacher, and her school is running a holiday fundraiser in conjunction with Purdy’s Chocolates. That’s right. The folks who manufacture and sell the most swoon-worthy Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels. You know.

So she brought me a catalogue, and I must admit I didn’t really look at all the other gorgeous glossy shots – I only have eyes for the pink salt caramels. All other chocolates are unworthy of my affections. Only the pink salt caramels will satisfy that most persistent and intense of sweet tooth cravings.

Boy, you’d think they were laced with crack or something.

In any event, they do indeed have boxes of these heavenly treats available as part of the fundraiser, and they’re even a minor deal compared to buying in store, however, the boxes are a mix of milk and dark, whereas my preference would be for an entire box of dark. Ohhhh, the dark Himalayan Pink Salt Caramel. Nirvana, I have known thee.

So, yeah. I’m buying two boxes. And yeah. I’m not planning on sharing in any significant way, or giving one of those boxes away as a gift.

They are all for me.

Hands off.

I see you eyeballing them over there. Go buy your own box.

Seriously, go get yourself some. You haven’t lived till you’ve had one of these puppies.

Of course, then you might end up where I am now, worshiping as I do at the altar of the pink salt caramel.

It’s not the most budget-conscious place to be.

But my tastebuds sure are happy!!
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Drunk women fucking greasy stripper cocks
Click the picture to see hot drunk girls fucking strangers (Strippers)

Drunk women fucking greasy stripper cocks

Drunk women fucking greasy stripper cocks
Click the picture to drunk women fucking greasy stripper cocks!

Okay guys, here’s another hot Dancing Bear gallery featuring lovely ladies getting down and dirty with male strippers! A fair bit of alcohol has been imbibed, and these drunk women are going just a bit too far on their ‘girl’s night out’! I wonder how many will regret it waking up in the morning after a night of fun with a stripper.

Anyways, so close, yet so far!!
McDonald’s is running their Monopoly game again right now, and I’ve treated myself and been treated to a few meals consisting of their cuisine since things got going. I have been diligently collecting stamps from the fries and drink containers, and sticking them in the appropriate spots on my collecting card – this year they’ve done away with the full-out gameboard mockup, instead opting for simple groupings of the colour-coded properties.

As of this moment, I am but one stamp away from winning several prizes:

I’ve got Park Place, so if I get Boardwalk that makes me a million dollar winner.

I’ve got both North Carolina and Pacific, so I only need Pennsylvania to win a Nissan Leaf.

I’ve got both Marvin Gardens and Atlantic, leaving me one Ventnor short of $100,000.

Finding Tennessee would complete my set with New York and St. James to get me a ‘Beaches Vacation’.

Connecticut and Oriental need only be complemented by Vermont to get me $100.

And finally, I’ve got Baltic, so getting Mediterranean would net me a $50 McD’s gift card.

That’s a lot of nearly-won prizes. Just a couple more meals or so, and I should be rolling in it. Right?


That’s how these things work, right?
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