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Hot lesbian strip poker group sex
Click the picture for a hot gallery of lesbians playing strip poker!

Okay guys – the XXX gallery I posted above has really tiny thumbnails that link to really high resolution pictures… I thought the ‘lesbian poker’ theme was an interesting one!! It made my list of ‘interesting porn’…

Anyways… Clickity click click…

I have a certain weakness for time management games. Especially those that involve farming, oddly enough, since I seem to be utterly unable to keep live plants in real life. I know I’ve mentioned it before.. But I just finished killing a good chunk of time with it.

Maybe that’s why I like them so much – just a few clicks of the mouse, and I easily accomplish that which I cannot accomplish in real life. The game congratulates my clicking prowess with proclamations like Excellent!, Expert Score!, and Amazing! That sort of glowing praise can go a long way in boosting a person’s self esteem.

Even if it’s only about the speed of the clicky, with no tangible real world result.

Still, I’ll take the little bursts of happiness, thank you very much.

Click here for a hot gallery of lesbians playing poker!

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Bound Lesbians
Click the picture for a watersports (pee) lesbian gallery

Okay guys.. I didn’t really realize this was a pee gallery when I got it ready.. I thought it was just lesbian bondage. Not lesbian watersports. If you ignore the bottom left corner photo, it’s actually a fun little porn gallery! If watersports are your fetish, then feel free to check out the rest of the porn gallery and site…

Anyways… Hotness…

How warm should a laptop get?

I’ve noticed that my laptop gets sorta warm after it’s been on for an hour or so. I have one of those cushion things for it – not a cushy soft thing that blocks off all the vents, but one of those fabric covered firm platforms, to keep it off your lap so that you don’t end up scorching your thighs. Of course, I usually have the laptop on the table in front of the couch, so I suppose I could forgo the platform, but it does boost my laptop up by about four inches, which makes using it more comfortable than if it were just on the tabletop.

I haven’t noticed a decline in performance or anything, but I’m guessing there’s an optimal operating temperature, and I’m wondering how you know when your laptop has exceeded it.

I used to have a little platform with a fan built into it. I still have it, but it’s not really usable anymore – I let it get too dusty, and the fan’s mechanism burnt out. It started making a really hideous rattle when it ran. I responded by smacking it around a bit, hoping to shake loose whatever was rattling. After a few bashings, the rattling stopped, and I was happy. And then it started making an awful melted plastic smell. At that point, I just unplugged it forever more.

So yes, I had a fan, and while it was working it seemed to fulfill its purpose.

But did I actually need it?? I don’t think my laptop has any ‘cooling’ vents on the bottom… Maybe I need liquid cooling…

Anyways, enjoy the watersports / lesbian bondage gallery above!

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7 Milf Lesbian Orgy
Click the picture for a hot milf lesbian orgy!

Okay guys, I’ve barely posted Naughty Allie in the past…. She’s a hot blonde swinger milf that parties with her friends and husbands. Naughty Allie has been on the web for quite a few years now, and is quite popular!!

Anyways, you may have heard an audible sigh of relief earlier today. That would have been me.

I had my dental cleaning and checkup today, and the super good news is that I am cavity free! Apparently, my Sonicare electric toothbrush is also pretty awesome since the hygienist commented that the brushable surfaces of my teeth were in really good shape, tartar buildup wise.

The bad news? I need to be more vigilant when it comes to flossing. I admit, I’ve been a bit remiss in this department, and now it shows – there was a fair bit of scaling that needed to be done between my teeth, and my gums were inflamed, responding to the prodding and poking involved in scaling with bleeding. Part of my flossing problem has been that whenever I run out, I keep forgetting to buy more. Shamefully long stretches of time can go by with me not flossing simply because I can’t. Then, once I remember to restock, it takes me a bit of time to get back into that habit – because, after all, my teeth didn’t fall out while I wasn’t flossing, so maybe my super duper toothbrush is able to pick up some of the slack.

Well. No more of that kind of logic. Flossing every night. Gingivitis, consider yourself on notice.

I’m still super pleased I dodged the drill, though. Here’s hoping for more good news at my next appointment, which I’ve already scheduled, for December…

Enjoy the 7 milf lesbian orgy here!

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Drunk Girls
Click the picture for a hot gallery of drunk girl photos!

Okay guys, drunk girl photos are definitely one of my favourite niches. Partyhardcore, Loverboys, etc. Normal, amateur women getting drunk, getting naked, and taking pictures of themselves posing, fucking strippers, and basically just letting their inhibitions run wild. Barry was mentioning a DareDorm scandal in his last comment.. I’m going to have to look it up! I hope you enjoy the pictures from today!

Anyways, time marches on…

No matter how much we might want to, we cannot stop or reverse the flow of time.

This stresses me out when I have a deadline, which annoys me to no end because I’m just wasting my energy fretting about something over which I have no control and cannot change. I don’t have any looming deadlines in the immediate future – that is, in the next work week – but still, I know that when the next one pops up, I will again be running in those pointless frantic circles, watching the seconds tick by into minutes as time marches on no matter how I try to stop it.

No wonder I keep turning to video games to escape. If things get to be too much for me, I can pause things and recalibrate myself. Or if I fail, I just hit that lovely Retry button….

Enjoy the drunk girl pictures here!

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Hot Blonde Anal Lesbians
Click the picture for a free gallery of hot, blonde anal lesbians!

Okay guys, this lesbian ass licking gallery stars Nancy Bell and Christal! Two hot, blonde, European lesbians using sex toys to pleasure each other! The one has quite a round ass!!

Anyways, slickery doo!!

When I got my iPhone back in July 2008, I put on a protective film in pretty short order. I wasn’t sure I wanted to put the film on at first – I liked the smooth, slick feel of the iPhone’s surfaces, and the films all have a bit of grippiness to them. Still, the thought of getting the fancy new toy all scratched up in short order was decidedly unappealing, so I wrapped it up. Better safe than sorry. (hum… condom metaphor?) Yes, it was grabbier with the film, but I didn’t need to be as careful placing it on tabletops, or sliding it into and out of my handbag – it was protected from scritchy zipper teeth, or unseen grit. I adapted to the feel of the film, and stopped noticing anything unusual about it.

Now, just before Christmas, one of the pieces of my wrapping came loose. The one I got comes in four main parts – the piece for the screen, a piece with some funky flaps for the back and sides, and then two little skinny pieces for the parts at the top and bottom sides where the flaps of the back piece can’t reach without blocking off important things, like the earphone jack, the power button, and the charger port. The little piece at the top came loose – one corner’s adhesive lost its grip, and some dust and other assorted gunk attached itself, thus destroying any remaining stickiness, so me pressing the little flap back into place on that corner did nothing. It also started to look dirty, and I decided that it must be time, and gently peeled the piece right off. As promised by the film manufacturer, no adhesive remained after the film had been removed.

And? I ran my finger along that exposed bit of surface, felt how smooth and slick it was, and instantly remembered what it was like when the whole device felt like that. It made me want to strip all of the wrapping off… It just feels more natural without the wrapping!

For now, though, what’s left of the wrapping remains in place. I may remove it over the summer, though, and let the scratches come as they may – at that point, my iPhone will be two years old!

Enjoy the anal dildo lesbians here

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