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Evi F. and Presley H. from Joymii in a sexy FFM XXX threesome
Click the picture for a hot gallery of Evi F. and Presley H. from Joymii in a sexy FFM XXX threesome

Evi F. and Presley H. from Joymii in a sexy FFM XXX threesome

Evi F. and Presley H. from Joymii in a sexy FFM XXX threesome

Evi F. and Presley H. from Joymii in a sexy FFM XXX threesome
Click the picture to see sexy hot lesbians in a FFM threesome!

Okay guys, here’s a hot JoyMii gallery. It stars two really hot girls having a slow, sexy threesome with a lucky guy. All the joymii girls are incredibly attractive, and the porn itself is rather sensual… I’m going to be posting more of their stuff in the future!

Anyway, don’t judge… last haircut was in mid December.

I like to get my hair cut about three times a year – that way, there’s a decent amount of growth to trim down, and I feel like the whole expense of a cut is somehow more worthwhile. Realistically, it likely means that I just look kind of in need of a trim a whole lot of the time, but mostly I think my hair looks fine.


Last week I was not of the opinion that my hair looked fine. I thought it looked a bit odd at best, but sometimes downright terrible. I hadn’t done anything differently – I was following all my usual hair-related routines, but something was just not right. There was no more shape to it. It just kind of sat there, looking rather blah. I sort of noticed it on Tuesday, I think, and by the time Thursday rolled around I was angry that my hair was being so belligerent and uncooperative, and I was ready to do something drastic.

I was going to make an appointment and get a cut.

My own personal hair timetable says that my next cut should be late April, maybe early May. Given that we’re now into March, I’m really not far off from my next cut, but I was fed up and didn’t want to wait that long.

Then Friday got busy, and I never got around to picking up the phone to book the appointment.

And then, on Saturday, I woke up, and looked in the mirror.

And did not feel a surge of contempt.

I was not offended by the state of my hair. In fact, I could actually see some shape in the cut again, despite the shapelessness observed 24 hours previously. Again, I don’t know what caused the change, since I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

Now, I’m thinking that maybe I could wait until April for my next cut.

I don’t think I’m going to count on that, though. Clearly, things are in some sort of state of flux, subject to the whims and fancies of some entity that is not me. I’ll still be calling the salon some time this week to arrange for an appointment.

After all. If Mr. Fancy Salon Guy is booked up, I may not get an appointment till late March or early April anyhow.
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Amateur Russian Lesbians - Cute lesbos party
Click the picture for a hot gallery of Amateur Russian Lesbians – Cute lesbos in an XXX party

Amateur Russian Lesbians - Cute lesbos party

Amateur Russian Lesbians - Cute lesbos party
Click the picture to see more drunk Russian Lesbians partying

Okay guys, here’s another gallery I was just ‘testing out’. It’s from one of the many Russian amateur sites.. Basically my blog was messing up, so I needed a gallery from a website I know would work.
This was it.

Anyway, worth the effort…
A little while ago, someone showed me a picture, sourced from some now long forgotten source on the Internet, that illustrated an interesting way to prepare and serve raspberries – stuff a chocolate chip in the opening at the top.

I remember looking at the picture, and thinking, Man. Who wants to take the time to do all that fiddly stuffing?

Fast forward to tonight – I’m pulling together random components for dinner: homemade chicken fingers, oven-roasted kale chips, some leftover roasted sweet potato. And then I remember the containers of fresh raspberries that I picked up on sale, and reach for one, with the intent of washing them for eating straight up.

And then I thought…. Should I sugar the raspberries?

See, when I eat fresh strawberries, I like to cut them into quarters and then throw on some sugar. The sugar sticks to all the juicy cut surfaces, and it makes it extra wonderful. I’d never thought to apply the same process to raspberries though, and I had some doubts. Part of what made it work so well with strawberries was the juicy cut surfaces. There aren’t any with raspberries. I imagine a good deal of the sugar wouldn’t actually stick, and just end up in the bottom of the bowl.

But then I remembered the chocolate-chip-stuffed raspberry idea.

So I gave it a shot.

Yes, it’s a bit fiddly. Also, I don’t know where the person who captured that image I saw buys their raspberries, but mine were not particularly cooperative – they weren’t all perfectly uniform in size, with openings that neatly accommodated a single chocolate chip. Instead, I was able to stuff three or four chips into each raspberry.

I know. More chocolate per berry. Oh, what a shame.

The result? Pretty terrific, really. You have to chomp right down on the raspberry, so that as your teeth break apart the raspberry they also get into the chocolate, and then everything mingles together into something great.

Definitely something I’ll be repeating…. You can see samples here:

Or…. Click here for a hot XXX gallery of Amateur Russian Lesbians – Cute lesbos partying

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Aaliyah Love gets fisted at ALSScan
Click the picture for a hot gallery of Aaliyah Love getting fisted at ALSScan

Aaliyah Love gets fisted at ALSScan

Aaliyah Love gets fisted at ALSScan
Aaliyah Love gets fisted at ALSScan
Click the picture to see Aaliyah Love get fisted at ALSScan
Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery from ALSScan. I’m 90% sure that “Molly” From ALSScan is actually Aaliyah Love. She has the same teeth, slightly chubby cheeks, small athletic body and expressions. What I don’t know, is whether ‘Molly’ was shot before she launched the Aaliyah Love site, or after… And I could have sworn that Aaliyah Love was known as Aaliyah Love on ALSScan as well.
Maybe they just mislabelled her. She’s cute regardless, and seems to enjoy getting fisted.

Anyway, subject to whims of fancy…..

Today, I was sitting in a meeting, holding my iPhone in my hands, willing it to do something interesting to distract me from the ongoing discussion about the update from a different section of my department – a discussion that really had no relevance to me or my professional operations.

Sadly, no relief came. I suppose I could have been proactive and loaded up a game or something, but that seemed excessively rude. I just wanted to get a text or an email or something.

But as I stared at my phone, I passed a critical eye over the case in which it has been contained since the protective Pikachu decal came off the back last year – at least, I think it was last year. Was it truly? Maybe it was late 2011. Either way, Pikachu came off, and the phone went straight into a freebie protective case that is actually rather nice – it has a fairly slim profile to it, and the back is covered in a sturdy fabric with a subdued but attractive plaid design on it. For a freebie, I quite like it.

It has been on the phone for rather a long time now, though, and as I looked it over, even though it is still in pretty good shape – there’s a small crack in the plastic near one of the openings – I find I’ve grown weary of looking at it.

It is time for something new.

So tonight, I’ve dug out a protective film kit I picked up way back when, pulled the phone out of its case, given it a rub-down with a microfibre cloth, and installed a clear protective film on the back. Now both sides are protected, and I will be carrying around an iPhone that appears to be au naturel.

As of this moment, the matte finish film that I originally installed on the front of the phone is still there. But that’s getting a critical eye too, and may be replaced with the mate for the back film before long.

Change can be good, refreshing. Right?
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Hot Oiled Brunette - Spread Pussy Massage
Click the picture for a hot gallery of a hot oiled brunette getting a spread pussy massage!

Hot Oiled Brunette - Spread Pussy Massage

Hot Oiled Brunette - Spread Pussy Massage
Click the picture to see a sexy, greasy pussy massage!

Okay guys, here’s a hot Hegre-Art gallery of a sexy brunette getting a pussy massage. The first thing I thought of when I saw the pussy massage gallery was an old episode of “Las Vegas“… They had a new male masseuse that was giving ‘happy endings’ to women customers, and one of the girls (played by an ex Victoria Secret model) is upset that he didn’t try it on her….
If only.
And yeah, it’s easily my favourite show.

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted! I was taking a little ‘rest’ from blogging. I’ve been blogging 6 days a week since I started the blog! Crazy!
What was I doing instead of blogging? Well… I like little casual time-waster games as much as the next person.

Perhaps more than the next person. Ahem.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all over here. I’m sort of picky about which games I will sink my hours into. I generally prefer time management types, where there’s a clearly defined goal that needs to be achieved within a time period, and I generally get frustrated and quit when there’s a heavy strategy component involved. Why no, I don’t like having to think too hard when I’m playing – if there’s that much thinking involved, I might as well be working.

What I dislike are match-3 type games – where you point and click on groups of matching adjacent symbols to make them disappear, all the while trying to get the longest chains that you can. These games tend to be pretty aimless, and that runs counter to my preferences – I think I like pretending I’m being productive while I’m wasting time with a silly little game, and there’s no pretense of productivity with these, so I turn up my nose at them.

Except. The other day, I happened to be in the room when someone in my social circle started up a new game on his iPad. I’m sort of nosy curious when it comes to new games, so I leaned over to have a look. It started out with a cute little hidden object sort of puzzle – find the pieces of the various instruments to make something happen, with the end goal of reactivating a magical altar. Once that was done, it shifted into a match-3 mode, but rather than merely clicking on the longest chains visible, the player needs to clear tiles in order to create an open path through the game field.

I watched for a bit, and then got twitchy. Not the usual lost-my-interest-time-to-move-on-to-something-else sort of twitchy, though.

The I-wanna-play-that-game-too sort of twitchy.

I was kindly permitted to give a few levels a whirl on the iPad.

And then I got so obsessed with it that I’ve now got a PC version of the game on my laptop. And I’ve almost finished the game.

I guess I shouldn’t just write off a whole gaming genre without checking if there might be something to pique my interest.

Of course, productivity takes a massive hit when I get into a groove like this. Good thing it’s winter break….
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Christmas CFMN Orgy style
Click the picture to see a hot Christmas CFNM Orgy!

Christmas CFMN Orgy style

Christmas CFMN Orgy style
Click the picture to see hot teens having a Christmas CFNM orgy
Watch the movie of the Christmas Clothed Female Nude Male (CFNM) Orgy Party here

Okay guys, it’s getting close to Christmas. It’s time to start posting the Christmas Holiday galleries! This one is a hot CFNM themed Christmas porn gallery from a teen CFNM themed website that features a lot of teens having orgies.
It must say something about me that I always want the girl who’s not participating, the one just sitting on the edge of the action, to get involved. In this case, I was watching the video hoping the girl in the green would get fucked…. I love corruption of innocents. (Hence my fetish towards drunken antics with malestrippers a la Partyhardcore!)

Anyway, thank you, emphatically!!!
I had my regularly scheduled dentist appointment today for a cleaning and check-up.

I am happy to report that I am still cavity free!

I don’t always get the same hygienist, and the one who worked on me last time gave me a bit of grief about flossing. Not too much, honestly – it’s not as though she severely scolded me or anything – but there was some bleeding while she was scaling, and she told me I needed to be sure to floss regularly.

Thing is, I do floss. Almost every night. True, there are nights where I skip it, but that’s a fairly rare occurrence. Mostly, I floss, then I brush.

And so, feeling the need to stand up for myself, I told her, I do floss.

She then told me that I needed to be sure I got below the gumline when I flossed. She admitted that my gums looked pretty healthy, but the bleeding she was seeing suggested otherwise, particularly with the upper teeth.

I didn’t say anything more at that point – in part because she went back to work, which means I had those scary-looking scaling implements back in my mouth, and I am not particularly keen to move my jaw and tongue around when those little hooks of death are working in there. I thought, though, that it seemed pretty likely that the activity of scaling might be sufficient to draw blood from otherwise healthy gums, particularly when the hygienist was a bit rough, which I had begun to suspect this one was, and felt somewhat vindicated when my gums felt a bit sore for some hours after the whole thing was done.

Today, though, I was granted even more evidence that I am in the clear, oral hygiene wise.

You may have picked up on this by this point in the blog – I’m a bit nervous about my teeth. I really hate getting cavities filled. When the dentist comes in to do the actual checkup, he peers into my mouth and starts poking around with one of those hook things, and I have tiny little panic attacks with every poke and prod. I have this vivid memory of a dentist – not sure if it was him or his predecessor – poking at a cavity with that implement to illustrate to me what decayed enamel was like, to show me that it was soft and sticky. I could feel the point sink into my tooth slightly, and then when he pulled it back out, I could feel it resist, then release with a sticky-sounding metallic ping. So I pay close attention – I’m trying to sense if he’s found any stickiness, so that I can mentally prepare for the fact that I need yet another filling. Also, even though I know he’s very likely checking that the old fillings are still okay, I can’t help but think that every spot he inspects more closely must be suspicious in some way.

So I sit there, with my mouth open and someone else’s fingers working a couple of metal instruments in there, wishing and hoping but becoming increasingly convinced that I will have to submit to the drill.

This level of insecurity also means I’m that patient who asks the hygienist questions when the opportunity presents itself. When she pauses to make notes, or switch instruments, I’ll jump in with a, How does it look? You see, if she thinks things don’t look good, I can use the scaling and polishing time to prepare myself for the ominous news that will certainly be delivered by the dentist later. So I ask.

The hygienist I saw today was not the one I saw at my last checkup – she is, however, one I’ve seen before, so she’s not new or anything. Right when I first opened my mouth for her, she peered in there, and commented, Ooh, your gums look good. I felt a small surge of hope and confidence. As she worked on my lower teeth, at one point, I tasted blood, and felt my hopes fall. At the first opportunity, I asked her, How does it look? I fully expected to be chided gently for some lapse in dental hygiene.

To my surprise, she replied, Good! There’s not much buildup, it’s totally reasonable, and there’s some bleeding, but it’s not bad.

I asked again after she’d worked on the upper teeth some, and she again reassured me that I was in good shape, adding, There’s a bit more bleeding than there was with the lower teeth, but that’s due to differences in blood supply – it’s nothing to be concerned about.

I must admit to an urge to jump up, shout, A-HA! Then do a little victory dance right there on the fancy tilting chair.

My oral hygiene habits are just fine.

Even better? This time around, my gums aren’t as sore after the scaling as they were last time. A-ha, indeed!
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