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Lupe - Angel Halloween Porn
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Okay guys, here’s a semi-nude gallery of Latina Lupe Fuentes dressed as a Naughty Angel for Halloween! Lupe used to star as a ultra-young looking teen on a few hardcore sites before she moved to new management, got monster implants on her tiny frame, and went for more of a ‘glamour’ look before being arrested… Unfortunately, she hasn’t done too much new in the past few years. I don’t even know if she’s still in jail :(

Anyway, remember Tamagotchi?

They were these little keychain toys that were wildly popular in the late 90s. The whole premise of the things was that you had this little virtual pet that you needed to take care of through its life cycle. There were commands that allowed you to feed the pet, bathe it and clean up after it, play with it, treat it with medicine when it got sick, and put it to sleep. It doesn’t seem like something that should be fun, but turns out it was. I had a Tamagotchi toy. I carried it around with me for a period of time, taking advantage of otherwise idle intervals to check in on it and provide the necessary care. After a period of time, though, I removed the batteries and put it away – and every once in a while, I wonder where my Tamagotchi ever got to. I may try to see about locating it again.

Or, you know, not. Because I just downloaded a new app onto my iPhone – Hatchi. I got a tip that it was available for free, so I decided to check it out.

Earlier today, I had a few minutes to fill, so I pulled out the phone, fired up the app, and hatched my first little pet blob – a female, so I named her Hatchiko. So far I have read her enough books to fill her smartness meter, bounced a ball with her enough to fill her activeness meter, fed her to capacity twice, bathed her twice, put her down for two naps, and accidentally given her medicine once – I thought the medicine icon would pull up a menu the way the activity and food icons did, but it was just a simple button, like the bathing and sleeping icons. She didn’t seem to mind the unnecessary shot – her happiness meter didn’t dip or anything – so maybe we can call it a vaccination.

The game even makes the same sorts of beeping noises that my old Tamagotchi made.

It’s like I’ve warped into the past!

That being said, it remains to be seen how long this nostalgia-driven infatuation lasts. Could be a while. Or, you know, I could be done tomorrow. It’s hard to tell.
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Hot mixed girl XXX
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Hot mixed girl XXX
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Okay guys, here a hot mixed girl getting ass fucked. It’s *possible* that she’s Latina or South American, but I’m not sure, and I’m too lazy to try to google it…. I’d far prefer to just watch Natalia Robles have anal sex. It’s from Mofos – a huge, varied network of XXX sites that you gain access to.. They have a large variety of niche porn. And I love niche porn!

It’s, it’s, a Rock Band Blitz!


I was convinced by my online Rock Band buddies to purchase the new Rock Band Blitz – not to play the game itself, but for the tracks that would then be exported into my Rock Band collection, which would then be available for online play provided everyone in the group had them.

Last Thursday, we all logged on, and played for a brief hour, going through as many of the new songs as we could – but after the first song, I realized that the track seemed a touch quieter than it usually does at the usual volume setting. A quick double check revealed that I wasn’t imagining it – the new Rock Band Blitz tracks are indeed quieter. Since we were playing the new tracks exclusively, I went ahead and punched up the volume a bit to compensate, and reflected that this would be a bit of a nuisance if we were mixing songs from throughout the collection.

I also wondered why the Blitz songs would be quieter. It was pointed out to me that since Blitz is a controller-based game, and not an instrument-controller-based game, the music track isn’t competing with someone thwacking away at a drum kit – the only distracting gameplay noise would be the clickety clack of controller buttons. And, well, whatever noises of frustration and/or elation your players happen to be making.

At first, my reaction to Blitz‘s change in gameplay was scorn. Why on earth would a person want to play a music game with a boring ol’ controller? Upon further reflection, though, I remembered other rhythm-based games that relied on those boring ol’ controllers that I’ve enjoyed in the past – I whiled away many hours with Bust a Groove and dabbled a little with PaRappa the Rapper. It occurred to me that I might enjoy Rock Band Blitz.

So I did a quick and dirty Google to find a review.

And while I am a bit off-put by his opening paragraph (Whaddya mean music games are dead? I play every week!), I must admit that the review leaves me feeling even more intrigued. After all, I have a wee bit of a competitive streak to me.

So even though I initially bought the game just to get the new tracks, I may be playing it after all.

Just what I need – more gaming…..
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Zuleidy gets her tiny body fucked by a big cock
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Zuleidy gets her tiny body fucked by a big cock

Zuleidy gets her tiny body fucked by a big cock
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Okay guys, here’s a hot XXX gallery of Zuleidy getting her ass pounded by a large pornstar cock. It’s from which has some really, really hot porn available…. Here’s a few of their hot threesome and blowjob pictures.
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This actress is named ‘Zuleidy’. You may be more familiar with her other name. Little Lupe. It’s really a shame that Little Lupe got such big, ugly, fake boobs. Blech.

Anyways, no Bob for me!

Today was the day – I had my hair appointment with Mr. Fancy Salon Guy.

It was – without question – the most expensive haircut I have ever had. Guy charges $125 for a cut – and that’s not including tax and tip. Since I had been referred by a friend, he let me in on their new referral program and gave me $20 off, but I tipped as if he hadn’t, and he also convinced me to pick up some product. I may have whimpered a little when I saw the total hit to my credit card.

But I am supremely confident that the expense was worth it.

This salon trip was unlike any other I have ever experienced, not because of the washing and cutting processes – those were pretty routine, I thought – but because of how Mr. Fancy Salon Guy runs his show. I walked in with the intent of getting re-bobbed – I was going to tell him what I had in mind, and then follow that up with a line about how I was willing to submit my hair to his expertise.

First thing he did after introductions was sit me in his chair, pull out a form on a clipboard, and start going through a consultation questionnaire with me. That’s never happened before. He asked me about any ‘hair issues’ I could identify, what shampoo and conditioner I use, what products I use now – and didn’t bat an eye when I replied, None – whether or not I have any allergies or scalp issues, what my morning hairstyling routine consists of, and how much time I would be willing to spend on my hair to get it ready to go in the morning. All this before even asking what I had in mind for my cut.

When he finally did get around to talking about the cut, I gave him my line about my intentions and willingness to try something else if he thought it would work out better, and his head snapped up, and he said, Good – I just had an idea that just popped into my head for you. He then reassured me that he would tell me about it and show me pictures on a model before actually doing it to make sure I was okay with it, and he let it be known that he didn’t want to give me ‘just another bob’.

Then he put his hands on my hair – picked up pieces of it, felt the weight of it, got a sense of just how much of it there is – and proceeded to talk up his idea for the cut a bit more, emphasizing that it would reduce a lot of bulk and weight, while still maintaining a lot of length. He showed me a little video clip of a model having her hair styled, and said that mine would end up shorter than hers, but essentially that was the look he was after. He also told me that he wasn’t going to take too much off of my bangs – he called it fringe – because he noticed that I don’t have a particularly large forehead. He played with my hair around my face a bit, pushing it this way and that, and then said, If I cut these short enough so that they’re not driving you crazy, they’ll be so short that they’ll just stick out.

That may not seem like much, but that one moment really, really impressed me, because I’ve had several people cut my hair, and when I ask them to ‘clean up’ my bangs, they all do the same thing – trim them up to a respectable length, then express a bit of surprise when the hair pops out from my head, then attack the wayward strands with a water spray bottle, a flat iron, and/or a round brush and blow dryer. Even the girl I’ve been going to for the past few years, who remembers me and my hair, she still does the trim, then essentially beats the trimmed hair into submission. This guy knows enough about hair and how it behaves to know that that would happen, and that short bangs are therefore not part of an ideal cut.

So, after a more thorough consultation than I’ve ever had before, he introduces me to his two associates – apprentices, really – and then sends me off with one of them to get shampooed up. When I return to my chair with my wet hair, I’m in for impressive surprise number two – Mr. Fancy Salon Guy is in the habit of trying to teach his clients how to properly style their hair. He shows me which products he recommends using for heat styling, and shows me how much of each to use, and a good method to evenly distribute them through the appropriate parts of the hair. As he does the blow drying, he directs my attention to the movement of his hands, the angle of the blower, the positioning of the hair during the process. Then he does the same with the flatiron, taking care to point out the speed at which to move the iron over the hair sections, indicating the heat setting that should be used, giving tips on making sure you don’t get weird bits at the ends. Again, this is all far beyond anything I’ve ever experienced during a cut.

The rest of the cut proceeds as one might expect – he cuts, he cuts some more, and an impressive pile of fallen hair accumulates on the floor. I should have taken a picture. It could have been a small cat.

At the end, he sprays on some spray wax – which I didn’t like so much, it made my hair sort of crunchy feeling, though he called it ‘structured’ – and told me that for a couple of days or so, my hair would be a bit weird. He pointed out how much length he had taken off of some sections, and that hair has a memory to it, so those strands have been accustomed to being weighed down by the rest of the strand. Now that it’s gone, there’s going to be a tendency for the hair to ‘pop’. He said not to worry, it’s not abnormal or anything – it would just take a bit of time for my hair to get used to its new weight and shape.

So, yes. It was an expensive haircut. But I lost a ton of hair mass, I really like my new cut, and this guy’s skill level is above that of the girl I was going to before. I would say that it was worth the price.

At various intervals during the cut, one of the associates kept exclaiming about how excited he was for this cut, and at one point, Mr. Fancy Salon Guy replied, I’m excited that it’s not another bob! We all laughed, and then he added, There’s nothing wrong with bobs, don’t get me wrong – they’re cute, and timeless, so they’re always in style. It’s just that they’re, you know, everywhere.

Which is not to say that the cut he gave me is some incredibly avant-garde edge of fashion ‘do that’s going to look really odd juxtaposed with my perfectly nice but somewhat ordinary and tame wardrobe.

It’s just not a bob.

And even though I originally wanted the bob, I’m absolutely happy with what I got instead.

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Young Latina Hardcore - New XXX Site
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Young Latina Hardcore - New XXX Site

Young Latina Hardcore - New XXX Site
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Okay guys, here’s a new site for you. It’s called ‘Jenny Lopes’. While she’s not as hot as Gigi Spice or Pamela Spice, she’s a lost nastier. She does threesomes, hardcore with random males, and toys… They have a fair amount of content shot for her, and you get access to content from the FilthFreaks network.

Anyways, I am going to talk about my undergarments….

For years and years and years now, I’ve been buying the same size bra, and I’ve been happy. Never noticed any discomfort – I’ve heard and read of other women complaining of pinching, squeezing, and in some cases, bruising. Not me. Well, okay, there was a period of time in which I did have a couple of odd little bruises appear, and there was those two cheapo mesh-covered ones that didn’t have properly wrapped underwires, so I ended up with little rubbed spots. Since I started buying exclusively from Victoria’s Secret, though, I haven’t had any fit issues.

Except. The most recent two sets of bras I purchased – both last fall – I did notice something seemed a bit weird with the fit. Further reflection revealed to me that this oddity wasn’t entirely new – I’d noticed it a bit with some older bras too, the set before these most recent ones. I sort of shrugged it off – they still fit, after all. I wasn’t uncomfortable. It was just that when I turned and twisted the right way, I’d end up with a bit of puckering. No big deal.

I accepted that this was just how it goes sometimes, and continued on with my life, not really thinking about anything in a conscious sort of way, except every once in a while, when I’d twist and turn the right way, and if I was wearing a close-fitting shirt made of a lightweight fabric, then I’d see the puckering, and then I’d think about it a little more. Not lots, just a little, and each time it happened, a little more weight got added to that thought pile.

Well. Yesterday I got an email announcing the beginning of the Semi-Annual Sale, which is when I traditionally sift through the online clearance bins and grab new batches of underthings, so off I went, and picked out the ones I liked, and placed everything into a virtual shopping bag.

And then I thought about the weird puckers. And that statistic that gets thrown around saying that the vast majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size. I’ve been hearing that one from various people for ages, and I always wondered how that could happen. Shouldn’t the wrong size be uncomfortable? Either it’s too small, and you’ve got pinching and squeezing going on, or it’s too big, so it’s loose and not sitting where it should, sliding around all over the place. Since I have neither issue, mine must be fine. Right?

But then I read an article about just how off women’s ideas of their bra size can be. There is a relationship between band size and cup size, so you can get something that kind of fits in a couple of different ways. Apparently, a woman could believe she wears a 36A, when in actuality she should be wearing a 32D. In order to really tell which size works for you, you have to try different sizes on.

And I haven’t tried anything other than the size that’s currently in my drawer since I was eighteen, maybe nineteen years old.

And truth be told, I had a little, um, extra insulation on me back then that I have since managed to ditch.

Which brings me back to those weird puckers. It occurred to me that perhaps I had fallen into a place where my bra sort of fit, but no longer really fit.

Then, poking around various pages giving tips on bra fittings, I found the line that really convinced me: they all said that when you first buy a bra, it should fit snugly on the largest closure setting. I realized that that was not me – once upon a time, yes, but I’d been using the middle closures for many years.

And then I fiddled with the bra I was wearing, and realized that I could comfortably use the smallest closures.

Which all means one thing: I am wearing a band size that is too large.

At first, I thought, easy fix, just buy new bras with the smaller band size, leave cup size alone, and boom you’re done. Except that band size and cup size sort of go together. Changing one could have consequences for how the other one fits. Plus, that weird puckering might be more than just a too-large band.

So today I hauled myself off to the mall to try on different sized bras at Victoria’s Secret.

And I’m glad I did. Now I know what size actually fits me. And it’s not the one I’m wearing right now.

Semi-Annual Sale, here I come!!
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Curvy Latina with big ass

Curvy Latina with big ass
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery of Ruth Medina. I think when I was collecting the galleries, I had a thing for Latinas. The gallery is nothing special, Ruth Medina is attractive though.

Anyways, procrastinating again….
Today I received confirmation of a new work deadline. I have about a month to get my act together.

Naturally, with news of a work deadline comes the paralyzing dread of unworthiness, so even though I could have given myself a leg-up today and started work, I totally didn’t. I spent a ridiculous amount of time browsing through the archives of Piled Higher and Deeper. I’m enjoying them, but I think they might be killing my soul a bit.


I should still be totally in the clear if I wait until next week to get moving, right?

So I’ll just commit to enjoying what’s left of this week.

Work will commence next week.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I hear some cookies calling my name.

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