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Pink Easter Porn - Nicole Smith with Bunny
Click the picture to see Nicole Smith dressed as a naughty Easter Bunny!

Pink Easter Porn - Nicole Smith with Bunny
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Okay guys, here’s another hot Easter porn gallery! It’s from 1by-day and stars a hot, shaved Hungarian pornstar – Nicole Smith. She’s dressed up like a naughty easter bunny, and in my opinion, is far sexier than a furry!

Anyway…. I don’t drink enough.

I don’t mean, I don’t go out drinking often enough, or I don’t consume enough alcohol. In fact, I never do the former, largely because I hardly ever do the latter. One of the gifts of my particular genetic heritage is an inability to properly process alcohol – I do the whole red flush thing, but with an enthusiasm and violence you probably aren’t accustomed to seeing. If I have a small glass of wine – somewhere around the 125 – 175 mL mark, I’d guess – with dinner, and I mean a full meal, I turn rather decidedly pink. If I have less food, or more wine, then I can actually break out in hives, depending on how far things go. I’ll get red, welty splotches on my arms, and neck, and torso. Sometimes they itch. If I’m bound and determined and keep on drinking, eventually I hit a point where I can actually detect a difference in my breathing – I can feel the air moving through my airways more, which suggests (to me) a narrowing of the airways, like mild anaphylaxis.

So, yes, I tend to stay away from alcohol.

But my habit is to not drink much of anything anyway. I’m not sure how this developed, but for as long as I can remember, I don’t consume much liquid. Some people must have a drink with their meals, and usually go through refills within a single meal. Generally, I don’t.

And it’s always been fine. Or, well, I thought it was fine. I felt fine. I didn’t seem to be suffering any ill effects.

Over the past two weeks, however, something has been different. My skin has been drier than usual – it’s usually pretty firmly on the dry end of the spectrum anyway, but it got all annoyed and irritated, and no amount of cream seemed to bring any relief. Which led to the suggestion that I might want to evaluate my water intake, and adjust it.

So for the past week, I’ve been trying to drastically increase my water intake. I’m up to three full glasses of water – straight up pure water – everyday, in addition to whatever I would normally drink (juice, pop, etc.) with meals and things. How? Basically, whenever I think I’m going to be sitting still for a little bit, working on something on the computer (or playing a little game on the computer, tee hee), I make sure I get myself a glass of water first.

Is it helping? Maybe. The problematic patches are clearing away by degrees, but there was certainly no magical miracle transformation.

Or does that kick in once you manage four glasses of water a day?

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Eve Angel as a Naughty Easter Bunny
Click the picture for a hot Easter XXX gallery!

Eve Angel as a Naughty Easter Bunny
Click the picture to see a sexy Easter Porn gallery!

Okay guys, it’s almost Easter! Time for more Easter Porn galleries including this Eve Angel. It’s also almost time for another day off! I can’t wait. Work sucks….

Anyway, no rushing…
A little while ago I mentioned feeling sudden hatred for my hair, and resolving to get a cut to fix it, and then waking up one morning not hating my hair anymore.

Despite my change in attitude, it still seemed prudent to schedule a cut anyway, so a few days later I finally picked up the phone and called up the salon. My current work schedule is not at all flexible, so that placed some pretty severe restrictions on when I could actually go in, and I relayed those constraints to the woman on the phone.

Once we got it all sorted out, my appointment was booked for April 25.

So much for getting a cut ahead of schedule.

And, of course, wouldn’t you know it, today? I hate my hair again.

The next six weeks are really going to test my patience, aren’t they?
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Asian Christmas Porn - Blowjob in Santa Hat
Click the picture for a hot gallery of Asian Christmas Porn – a Blowjob in Santa Hat

Asian Christmas Porn - Blowjob in Santa Hat

Asian Christmas Porn - Blowjob in Santa Hat
Asian Christmas Porn – Blowjob in Santa Hat
Click the picture for a hot gallery of Asian Christmas Porn – Blowjob in a Santa Hat
The Asian Blowjob in a Santa hat movie is here

Okay guys, I know Christmas is over… But I can still try to hold on to it a little bit longer! In reality, I actually just found this Asian Christmas Porn gallery, and realized how little I had been posting since my blog was breaking daily.
Now that my XXX blog is running a bit smoother, I can post a few more of the holiday porn galleries, and we can pretend that Christmas is still on it’s way with all of the presents that follow! :)

Anyway, shiny, but not new…

I did it.

I went for broke and removed the matte screen protector from my iPhone, and installed the shiny film that was a match to the film that I put on the back.

The result is pretty slick – both literally and figuratively. I didn’t get the alignment exactly perfect – I have yet to do that – but there aren’t any bits of film hanging off an edge, no creases or wrinkles, so I’ll take it. The phone now feels more like a bare one – very smooth, glassy surface. The matte film also subdued the display a bit – everything looks a bit brighter and crisper with this crystal film.

It’s actually a bit like having a brand new phone! Without all the new phone setup steps to get it all figured the way I like it.

There is a downside, though – the crystal film shows fingerprints and smudges far more readily than the matte film did. I may tuck a microfibre towelette into my handbag so that I can shine it up whenever I feel the need – I got a few as freebies some years ago when I was using a freebie promotional gift card to buy some contact lens cleaning solution, and the solution didn’t use up the balance of the card and the promotion didn’t allow for an unused balance to be kept for later purchases. Faced with a spend it or lose it decision, I opted to spend it, and grabbed some eyeglass lens cleaning kits, complete with solution and microfibre cloths.

They’ve hardly seen any use.

So maybe there’s a silver lining here after all.

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Cute Brunette - Shaved Pussy for Christmas Present
Click here to see a naughty thin teen show her shaved pussy for Christmas!

Cute Brunette - Shaved Pussy for Christmas Present
Click here to see Santa’s young bride show her shaved pussy – Christmas porn

Christmas is over. I have one last porn gallery ready to put up, even though officially Christmas was yesterday. It’s a hot teen in a Santa hat. I think I need one. Christmas porn resumes in 12 months if my blog doesn’t die before that!

Okay. I have to let it go.

The presents have been opened.

The food has been eaten.

The gratuitous Christmas movies have been watched. (Mine was The Santa Clause, watched a few nights ago, and Home Alone. What was/were yours?)

Good times have been had.

I think that qualifies Christmas 2012 as a rousing success.

I hope the same is true for you, too.

To all a good night….
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Christmas brunette cum swallow
Click the picture to see a sexy Brunette in a Santa hat blowjob gallery!

Christmas brunette cum swallow

Christmas brunette cum swallow
Click the picture to see Holly Madison in a naughty Christmas porn outfit getting her shaved pussy fucked and swallowing cum.
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Okay guys, it’s nearly Christmas, and since I’ve stopped posting as much as usual, I haven’t had very many Christmas porn galleries up! Today’s is another winner from Amateur Allure. I know that I can never go wrong when I’m posting one of their galleries. The women are beautiful and the XXX action is well shot. I also like that Amateur Allure does some holiday themed porn shoots as well – Christmas XXX, Halloween XXX, etc.

Anyway, as I was saying, Christmas is practically here…

You wouldn’t know it looking around this place. There’s no tree, no stockings hung up, no festive ornamentation. There are a couple of scraps of wrapping paper on a tabletop, because I did a hasty wrap job yesterday afternoon, but those gifts have all since gone out into the world – no glittering pile of presents here.

I didn’t even get Christmas cards done.

Sure, it looks sort of grinchy around here, but it’s all a false front – I’m really not a grinch. I’m just not well-organized enough to show it. Ever since I started working, December is a pretty hectic month, with tons of work-related stuff to do. I dive right in to get it all done, and sort of stop noticing the calendar dates tick past. Well, I notice them, but it never really registers that I am getting closer to Christmas, which means that there are other things that should really be getting done.

The realization that Christmas Day is the coming Tuesday sort of put me into a bit of a stupor of shock when I had it a few days ago. Followed quickly by a wave of shame upon realizing that I’m not ready, and very likely won’t get all the things I’d like to have organized figured out in time.

It’ll be okay, though. Tonight, I watched The Santa Clause after dinner, and tomorrow I plan on doing some baking – going to make some cookies. Not Christmas cookies, specifically, but I find Christmas really needs some home-baked cookies, so I’ll do some up. Enough to take a decent amount to a Christmas Eve gathering, while still having a good stash leftover here at home for nibbling.

After all, I’ve got to have the right stuff to leave out for Santa.

I don’t have any milk, though.

Who am I kidding? Everyone knows the big guy is a big time Coca-Cola fan, just like me. We’ll get along just fine….
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