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Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX
Click the picture for a hot gallery of a Cute Shaved Redhead – Joymii XXX

Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX

Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX

Cute Shaved Redhead - Joymii XXX
Cute Shaved Redhead – Joymii XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot hardcore redhead gallery from Joymii. I’m pretty sure she’s a real redhead, despite not being able to check the carpets…. She sort of has some red ‘stubble’ and very pale skin. If I was a redhead, I think I’d keep some pubic hair… Hot either way.

Anyway, the new FWD….. When I got my first email account, I was a teenager.

This means that I used the account in what is likely a very typical teenaged girl way – it was new and exciting, and so I wanted to use it a lot, but the fact remained that I was a teenaged girl with not much of importance to say.

So I became a rather prolific forwarder of joke emails.

You know the ones. They’re basically chain letters, except I never liked the idea of actual chain letters, so the ones that came with instructions to forward to X number of people or suffer dire consequences typically stopped their trajectory in my inbox. Unless I thought that the joke that went along with it was really funny, in which case I would typically remove the chain-letter bit and then pass it on. I would also typically tidy the email up a little – remove the umpteen FWD: headings from the subject line, and remove the garbage text from the body of the message – all the message header information from previous senders, and any lame one-line bits (e.g., This is made me laugh so hard!!!)that people would inevitably add on for the benefit of their friends, who were always strangers to me. I would sometimes get other forwards that didn’t have any comedic value. Those I always deleted. I’d feel a little guilty about it – someone I knew had thought of me and sent me this message, and I was trashing it – but I’d delete them.

Eventually, though, I grew up, and stopped passing the funny things along entirely, and most of my friends also grew tired of them, because I stopped getting them. Except for one friend – an old childhood friend who lived in a different city and thus wasn’t really part of my regular social circle, but we still kept in touch. She ventured into the world of email rather later than I did, and so that forwarding bug hit her at a point when I was really over it, but I remember suddenly my inbox would get a huge burst of these things – like, nine of them at a time – but they were sporadic bursts, because she didn’t check her email that regularly. Or maybe the people sending them to her didn’t check their emails that regularly. She would also send everything that came her way – jokes, supposedly heart-warming stories, messages containing words of sage advice for improved health and personal safety, prayer circle things. Everything.

Again, after some time, she stopped forwarding those things. I thought she’d outgrown it, like I had.

A few years ago, she found Facebook, and friended me, and her account didn’t have much activity for a long time. And then she left her job to be a stay-at-home-mum, and her activity level increased – not a huge jump, but there were some pictures appearing, and occasional status updates.

And then, I guess about six months ago, the Sharing started.

I always take a look at them – out of morbid curiosity, I suppose – and they’re exactly the same sort of thing she used to forward in emails. Sometimes it’s a funny story. Sometimes it’s some warning about public safety, or health – they always trip my critical thinking alarm, so I look them up on Snopes, and they’ve all turned out to be works of fiction. (Well. One was listed as a ‘mixture’, but that’s because one aspect of the setup of the story is true. The story itself – along with the advice that was being emphasized – was false.) The part that makes me shake my head is the thread of comments left by her friends thanking her for sharing that information, usually accompanied by an expression of surprise.

At least this way, I don’t feel that tiny pang of guilt when I delete the message from my inbox.

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Sexy Mature Hooker Pictures - XXX
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Sexy Mature Hooker Pictures - XXX

Sexy Mature Hooker Pictures - XXX

Sexy Mature Hooker Pictures - XXX
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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery starring the mature Hooker theme. The ‘Hooker’ in this case, is an attractive milf named Brooklyn Lee. It’s sort of a fun theme.. A gorgeous girl comes late in the middle of the night… Gets paid a little bit of cash, and you both have wonderful sex before she slips out into the night – to never be seen again. It’s a kinky little fantasy – and I understand that quite a few people like the hooker fantasy.. (Not the actual hooker experience – but just the dark role playing fantasy.

Anyway, once bitten, twice paranoid… When I was a young girl, my mother would zip up my coats for me, and she would always warn me to be careful and not stick my fingers in the path of the zipper, and not move around while she was zipping up near my neck. I once asked her why, and she told me she didn’t want me to get pinched in the zipper. I asked how that could happen, and she pointed out the little teeth of the zipper, and showed me how they locked together when the zipper was done up. If your skin gets caught between the teeth, it’ll pinch and hurt, she said. You might even get a cut.

Now, I was quite young, and therefore had a rather rudimentary young child’s view of how the human body is organized and works. I knew there was blood on the inside. I knew that if you got a cut, then blood would come out. I had absolutely no understanding of the circulatory system, or veins or arteries or capillaries, so I suppose in my view – and I didn’t really consciously think this through, as is typical of young kids – a person’s skin served to keep all their blood in, and the bones and other things were sort of in a structured suspension inside the blood. Cuts in the skin allowed blood to escape. Small cuts like papercuts were no big deal, and healed up quickly enough before blood loss got critical. But I also knew that sometimes people stabbed other people to try and kill them, and the problem with stabbing was blood loss. So I must have figured that if a cut got big enough, severe enough, then too much blood comes out and the person dies.

So there I am with my limited understanding of how the human body is structured, and my mother is telling me that a zipper could give me a nasty pinch and maybe even a cut if I’m not careful. I distinctly remember running my finger along the plastic teeth of my coat’s zipper, and commenting that the teeth didn’t feel sharp, and that’s when Mum pointed out the locking action when the zipper is done up, followed quickly by an order to withdraw my fingers so she could finish zipping me up, and to watch out for my neck and chin as she zipped up the collar. All that put together left me with this notion that zippers are sort of evil, and could potentially cause severe bodily harm.

Consequently, even though I am all grown up now and have a better understanding of many things, I’m a bit nervous around zippers. Not so nervous that I avoid them altogether, but I still exaggeratedly retract my chin and neck when zipping up my coats all the way, or if I’m wearing a top that has a zip neck and I’m doing it up. Sometimes I cringe inwardly when I see other people behaving cavalierly with their zippers. Sometimes I cringe outwardly when I see other people behaving cavalierly with their zippers.

Cognitively, though – despite all appearances otherwise – I know that zippers don’t pose any real threat to me. Not even the ones with metal teeth that have slightly rough edges to them.

A couple of days ago, I was rushing out the door to go to work, and I was pulling on my boots, since it had snowed some. My boots zip up, so I reached down with my right hand to zip up my left boot as I reached for my handbag with my left hand.

Meaning I wasn’t really paying attention to where exactly my hand was going as it sought out the zipper pull.

Suddenly I felt pain in my pinky finger, and that got my attention – I stopped reaching for my handbag, planted both feet firmly on the ground, and then looked at my right pinky finger. I saw the cause of the pain – a slender slice had appeared in my finger, about half an inch long. As I examined it, the margins of the cut grew pink, and then a thin line of blood appeared.

I had cut myself.

On my zipper.

I took a closer look at the offending zipper, all the while trying to ignore the mounting fire in my finger. One of the teeth right at the top of the zipper – perhaps not even a tooth, but some other structural component of the zipper – had gotten a bit bent out of shape, and was now presenting as a jagged bit sticking out slightly from the boot. In my moment of inattention, I had essentially dragged my finger along that jagged bit, neatly slicing myself open.

It’s been a couple of days now, and my finger is still tender.

I have resolved to be much more careful around zippers.

They have teeth. They bite.
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Cute Russian Teen gets Anal - XXX
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Cute Russian Teen gets Anal - XXX

Cute Russian Teen gets Anal - XXX
Cute Russian Teen gets Anal – XXX
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Anyway, old habits die hard…
A few weeks ago, I happened to notice a few new Facebook requests come my way – one from my mother, one from my aunt, and one from my uncle.

I found this curious because these are three individuals that have, in the past, displayed limited interest in social networking sites like Facebook. It was particularly perplexing in the case of my mother, who has shown very little interest in computers in general.

As it turns out, the accounts were created so that they could play an online slot machine game that earns you loyalty points for use at MGM resorts in Las Vegas. My aunt really wants to see Vegas, so when she found out about this game she was all over it, and a number of other family members jumped on board as well, including my mother. Hence the friend requests – you get bonus ‘chips’ to play with for adding more friends, and you and your friends can send each other chips on a daily basis.

I took a look at the rewards being offered, and they’re not bad – it’s not as if you need a ridiculous amount of points to be able to get anything, and it’s not as though all you can get are souvenir dice and cards – though you can get those too, if you wish. There are some complimentary nights, room upgrades, dining credits, show tickets. It may turn out that there is also some fine print once you go to claim one of these rewards that restricts the usage in some way, but so far I am reasonably intrigued.

After all. I like Vegas, too.

So I accepted their requests and started playing myself. There’s a small variety of different slot games, with the usual sorts of variation found with slot games, and I’ve settled in with one that I particularly like – not because I’m especially lucky with it, there have been times when I’ve sat down to spin the reels a few times and found my chip supply completely drained rather quickly. I like the way the bonus game works – the top prize isn’t as spectacular, probably, but you are guaranteed a prize from the game – and I like the fact that there are fewer psych-out wins. You know, the ones where the game makes all the happy noises like you’ve won, but really you’ve only gotten back a small fraction of your original bet. Like, if you’re betting 300 chips per spin, and you win back 40. Those tricky things.

Anyway, I’ve been playing, and it’s been fun, but I’m finding myself fighting my instincts a little bit as I play.

I keep wanting to cash out.

Of course, there’s no such thing – in fact, the whole point of playing is to basically spend as much as I can, to rack up those loyalty points. But whenever I’m up, a little voice tells me it’s time to cut and run, and I briefly look for the CASH OUT button. Which doesn’t exist.

I just hope that, when I next do get to Vegas, that little voice hasn’t completely been beaten down, and I remember to walk away from the machine when I’m up.

If I’m up. Because, you know, the house always wins….

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Sexy brunette gets bushy pussy fucked - Nadine Sage
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Sexy brunette gets bushy pussy fucked - Nadine Sage

Sexy brunette gets bushy pussy fucked - Nadine Sage
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Okay guys, here’s a hot Amateur Allure gallery of brunette teen Nadine Sage getting her (sort of) bushy pussy fucked! It seems to be the newest fad – reverting back to the late 90’s – when full on pussy waxing wasn’t the standard.. Instead, you’d have a little triangle of hair above fully shaved pussy lips. It seems like a lot of the pornstars are going back for that look…
It’s interesting actually – apparently the prevalence of shaving/waxing has reduced the incidence of crabs. (Bloomberg link for those that care)

I know I’ve mentioned here before that I have this quirk when it comes to clothes shopping – I tend to like to buy things in twos (or, depending on what the garment is, multiples of two). Historically, any time I would purchase singleton items of clothing, I would end up regretting it later, so I went proactive and got into the routine of buying multiples. See a shirt I like? I’ll try to get it in two different colours. Pants? Jeans? I buy them two at a time, with the two being identical. Like two colours? I’d buy four.

More recently, though, I’ve sort of gotten away from this. My most recent purchase of dress pants was for three – one in each colour that I liked. I’d also picked up some pyjamas and pyjama sets as singletons. I thought that perhaps I’d outgrown that multiples phase. I don’t necessarily think it was a bad phase to be in – it’s not as if I would put myself in debt just clothing myself. I will admit that it led to a bit of a reduction in the variety in my wardrobe, though.

So I went boldy forth and purchased a couple of new nighties in my last online clothing purchase – two different styles. They arrived, I washed them, and now I’ve worn one of them.

And I deeply regret that I didn’t buy more of this particular style.

I really like it. It’s soft, and cozy, and comfortable, and why oh why did I only get the one? I even had two in my virtual shopping bag, but I gave a little mental snort of derision, telling myself that I didn’t really need that second one, and I removed it.

Next time. Next sale. I will buy more of these.

So much for I don’t need multiples.
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Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked
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Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked

Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked
Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked
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Okay guys, here’s a gallery I stumbled upon that had some intriguing facial expressions. Normally I’m not into ‘painal’, but I actually like the expressions this girl is making as she gets fucked! I’ve heard it referred to as ‘painal’ or ‘painanal’. Not really my thing. It’s from one of those giant network sites that give you access to a bunch of movies – Mofos.

Anyway, Robot resurrection…

A few years ago, I acquired a Roomba vacuuming robot to help out with the housekeeping around here.

It worked out wonderfully for several months. Then, Christmas rolled around, and I put up the tree, and I worried about the Roomba knocking the tree around and ornaments falling and breaking, so I put the Roomba on hiatus until after the tree came down.

Trouble is, once the tree came down, I sort of forgot to reinstate the Roomba’s cleaning schedule.

About a month ago, it became clear that if I were to use the Roomba once more, it would need its battery replaced – the thing didn’t hold a proper charge anymore.

It now has a spiffy new battery, and a couple of days ago, I pressed the button on top, prompting it to do a runaround of the floors.

It didn’t do a spectacular job – never did – but it did do reasonably well. I had to rescue it a few times – it managed to get itself stuck in a couple of spots – but otherwise it was fine just puttering around, and I puttered around working on preparing dinner at the same time, making sure to keep my feet out of its path. Not that I was worried about being sucked up or anything – I just didn’t want to mess with its random trajectory.

I had forgotten that it’s sort of fun to have this little robot helping me out. It’s almost like a little pet, a pet that’s doing some of my cleaning for me. It chirps out a happy little song as it prepares to begin doing its thing, it beeps as if it were a giant semi truck as it backs out of its dock, and once it’s redocked after it’s done, it plays a triumphant little tune as well, as if it’s pleased with itself.

Now, however, comes the true test. Will I remember to keep running it? I’m not going to program it, because I think I should be home when it runs, since it does need to be rescued periodically. So I have to manually push the button.

Think I’ll remember to keep pushing the button every few days?
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