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Sexy brunette gets bushy pussy fucked - Nadine Sage
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Sexy brunette gets bushy pussy fucked - Nadine Sage

Sexy brunette gets bushy pussy fucked - Nadine Sage
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Okay guys, here’s a hot Amateur Allure gallery of brunette teen Nadine Sage getting her (sort of) bushy pussy fucked! It seems to be the newest fad – reverting back to the late 90’s – when full on pussy waxing wasn’t the standard.. Instead, you’d have a little triangle of hair above fully shaved pussy lips. It seems like a lot of the pornstars are going back for that look…
It’s interesting actually – apparently the prevalence of shaving/waxing has reduced the incidence of crabs. (Bloomberg link for those that care)

I know I’ve mentioned here before that I have this quirk when it comes to clothes shopping – I tend to like to buy things in twos (or, depending on what the garment is, multiples of two). Historically, any time I would purchase singleton items of clothing, I would end up regretting it later, so I went proactive and got into the routine of buying multiples. See a shirt I like? I’ll try to get it in two different colours. Pants? Jeans? I buy them two at a time, with the two being identical. Like two colours? I’d buy four.

More recently, though, I’ve sort of gotten away from this. My most recent purchase of dress pants was for three – one in each colour that I liked. I’d also picked up some pyjamas and pyjama sets as singletons. I thought that perhaps I’d outgrown that multiples phase. I don’t necessarily think it was a bad phase to be in – it’s not as if I would put myself in debt just clothing myself. I will admit that it led to a bit of a reduction in the variety in my wardrobe, though.

So I went boldy forth and purchased a couple of new nighties in my last online clothing purchase – two different styles. They arrived, I washed them, and now I’ve worn one of them.

And I deeply regret that I didn’t buy more of this particular style.

I really like it. It’s soft, and cozy, and comfortable, and why oh why did I only get the one? I even had two in my virtual shopping bag, but I gave a little mental snort of derision, telling myself that I didn’t really need that second one, and I removed it.

Next time. Next sale. I will buy more of these.

So much for I don’t need multiples.
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Hairy Asian Model from MetArt - Yuka
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Hairy Asian Model from MetArt - Yuka
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Okay guys, here’s a hot Asian girl named Yuka. She’s a Japanese teen with a natural, hairy pussy. She has a natural ‘Asian’ look to her. Personally, I’m more of a Mariko fan myself – fit Asian teens with shaved pussies. Sort of the ‘Anti-Asian’ look. But, this is for those of you who like the hirsute look. It’s from Met-Art.

Anyway, some time ago, I was cruising around somewhere on the Internet, and found myself reading a thread in a forum about food. I’m not really a foodie, so I can’t rightly remember how I ended up there, but there I was, reading many people’s opinions on various prepared and/or processed food items, and at one point someone mentioned peanut butter, and several jumped on the hating train at that point, posting about how they can’t stand commercial peanut butter because it’s way too sweet – one woman said that it tasted more like frosting to her.

I read all that, and I did a mental eye roll. Frosting? Really? I’m a peanut butter eater – not that regularly, admittedly, but I do eat the stuff on a semi-regular basis, and it has never, ever struck me as being ‘like frosting’. It’s way too salty. It smells savoury, not sweet. It tastes like peanuts, for crying out loud, not sugar.

Skip forward to today. I’m opening a new jar of peanut butter, having finished off the previous one a few days ago, and in doing so I peeled back the paper-foil layer that they paste on top of the jar to seal it, and then proceeded to lick the peanut butter off the seal sample some.

As I did so, out of nowhere, completely unbidden, came the word.


Now, to be perfectly clear, this was not a new-to-me brand of peanut butter – it’s a brand I’ve purchased many times before, in fact it’s the same brand as the previous jar that I just finished off. Also, it didn’t really taste any different from my stored memory of peanut butter flavour.

I was, however, distinctly aware of the sweetness in the flavour this time, and it did indeed remind me of frosting.

That being said, I still like it, and I don’t see myself avoiding future purchases of peanut butter.

I might, however, become inclined to put the stuff on cakes and cupcakes. Would that be weird?
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Hairy Thai Pussy getting Fucked
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Hairy Thai Pussy getting Fucked

Hairy Thai Pussy getting Fucked
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Okay guys, here’s another ‘Asian with a hairy pussy‘ gallery. I’m seriously not sure why I took the time to collect it… Maybe I had just read one of Barry’s comments about how he likes it natural.
Either way, this Thai babe has probably never taken a razor to her pubic area. Not really my style.

Anyways, personal growth…
Yesterday afternoon, I was getting ready to head out to Costco, when I happened to look up at the wall – perhaps prompted by a signal sent by my peripheral vision.

There was a spider on the wall.

Not a huge, terror-inducing one. A small, terror-inducing one. I’m pretty sure I don’t have arachnophobia – after all, I would not describe my reaction to spiders as one of morbid fear. I would say I have a healthy, reasonable respect for spiders – since I live in Canada, I can be pretty certain that any spider I see in my home is not going to kill me, but I also know that I really, really don’t want it crawling around on me, or in my ears or nose. Gack.

My perfectly reasonable and healthy respect for spiders means that I also believe rather strongly that they do not belong in my home. Typically, this means that if I find one in my house, I kill it. Actually, I usually seize up in panic pause a moment while I sort out my strategy, gather whatever materials I require, screw my courage to the sticking place, and then strike, completely annihilating the beastie killing it swiftly and precisely, then calmly and carefully disposing of the remains by flushing them away lest they reanimate themselves and return to haunt me as zombie spider.

I am aware that not all people react to the presence of spiders in such a strong manner, and that perhaps my actions, while still perfectly reasonable, may therefore not quite fit within the parameters of the word normal.

Yesterday, though, I saw that spider, and I started to plot its demise – and then, in an unusual twist of events, I did nothing.

True, the spider was up on the wall in an area that is impossible for me to reach, so there wasn’t really anything I could do. The old me, though, would have likely plunked down and fixed her eyes on that spider, watching it unwaveringly until it came down to a reachable place, and then pounced towards it, bringing swift death by either crushing or electrocution.

The me that has grown and evolved simply acknowledged the presence of the spider, recognized that I could not bring about its end of days, and then continued with my plan to go to Costco. Later, a cursory glance at that wall revealed that the spider had sequestered itself away in parts unknown.

And I did not tear my home to shreds trying to locate it so that I could end it.

Today, I was reflecting on what this change in attitude must reveal about personal maturation and overcoming one’s eccentricities.

And then I realized that it’s more than 24 hours later, and I’m still thinking about that spider. I guess it’s not as much personal growth as I had initially thought.

Baby steps, folks. Baby steps.
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Black haired with hairy pussy XXX
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Black haired with hairy pussy XXX

Black haired with hairy pussy XXX
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Okay guys, here’s another hot gallery from AmateurAllure… It could only be better if she shaved her pussy… I’m not a fan of long, dark, curly pubic hair. At least Asian pubic hair is straight. Anyways, I know Barry disagrees with this, but white women have pubic hair that reminds me a bit of mold. It’s not too bad when they trim it though.
It’s still a hot gallery.

Anyways, have you heard about this?

I heard a quick little blurb about this on the radio Friday morning, which prompted me to do a quick and dirty Google search when I had a spare moment. I haven’t done exhaustive, careful research, but I heard the blurb, found a couple of articles appearing in different newspapers, and the story doesn’t really change, so I think I’ve got the gist. For those who haven’t heard, here are the highlights: a 30-year old New Zealand woman dropped dead one day in February 2010. An inquest into the cause of death has revealed caffeine toxicity and hypokalemia (low potassium), which experts believe led her to have a fatal heart attack. Interviews with her partner and mother-in-law revealed that she had an enormous Coca-Cola addiction – she was drinking anywhere between eight and ten litres daily.

That’s not a typo. Eight to ten litres per day.

It is posited that her Coca-Cola consumption most probably contributed to the condition leading to her death.

In the National Post article I’ve linked up there, the mother-in-law is quoted as saying that no one thought there was a serious problem, since it was just soft drink – as opposed to coffee or alcohol, I suppose – and suggests that perhaps soft drinks ought to have a health warning associated with them.


As someone who gleefully partakes of the sweet nectar that is Coca-Cola rather more frequently than I probably should, you might imagine that I have a bit of a vested interest in defending my ambrosia habit. Sure, I like it a lot, and I don’t want to have to give it up, and I don’t want to hear people telling me that I should give it up in the interest of my health. The headlines do seem to scream Coca-Cola kills woman, though, and I’m sure there are people out there who will absolutely interpret it that way.

And they really shouldn’t.

First off, and this was mentioned when I heard it on the radio, but not in the National Post article – the woman smoked. A lot. This USA Today article cites her partner as saying she smoked about 30 cigarettes a day. Last time I checked, smoking is bad for your health – particularly your respiratory and cardiovascular health. If we assume this woman spent an average of 15 hours each day awake, that means she smoked two cigarettes per hour. To a non-smoker like me, that seems like rather a lot. He also says she ate very little, and both articles do mention poor nutrition as a contributing factor to her demise.

Second, consider the amount of cola being consumed. The number given is eight to ten litres. Now, according to the Mayo Clinic, an average, healthy adult living in a temperate climate should take in about 3 litres of water per day for men, 2.2 litres for women. I may not be a math whiz, but I do know that eight litres is way, way more than 3 (which I realize is the male recommendation). Furthermore, overhydrating – even with water – is also dangerous to a person’s health, because it ends up diluting the concentration of minerals in your bloodstream, leading to conditions like hyponatremia (low sodium) and hypokalemia.

So. In this story, there is a woman who smokes, doesn’t eat well, and consumes far, far more liquid on a daily basis than she should. And yet, no one who knew her thought there was a problem with that scenario?

I may be biased, but it seems pretty unfair to me to pin everything on the Coca-Cola. The story may be speaking to the addictive properties of the product. But I really have a hard time understanding how she was able to get to the point she had gotten to without anyone around her thinking that something was amiss.

What’s that? Why yes, I did have some cola today. And, um, yesterday too. Erm. And the day before.

I hear you. I’ll take tomorrow off….

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Click the picture for a classic porn gallery!

Click the picture to see 1960’s porn!

Okay guys, it was the summer of love… The decade of debauchery… And it was many, many years before I was born! Today’s porn gallery features girls from the 60’s. Hairy bushed, hairy armpitted girls that look like they’re right out of an Austin Power’s movie. Hot, right? Or at least, it’s all hot except for the male rimjob. There’s a little bit of classic lesbian action, and some MFF group sex to make up for the rimjob.
Either way, this classic porn gallery is from Private, and it’s fun to see something a bit different… See how much porn has changed since the 1960’s, and occasionally imagine what it might have been like to live in that different time….

Anyways, I’ve been trying to cook more of my food for a while now, and it’s going reasonably well. I haven’t yet made it into the land my mother lived in when I was younger, in which all meals were homemade, but I’m not yet convinced that I actually want to be there anyhow. I still think of going out for food as a treat, even if I’m just hitting up a food court for something fast and likely nutrient-poor. I may enjoy McDonald’s more than I should, but I’m still aware of the fact that there’s very little of redeeming value in that food. It’s fat and starch, and boy is it good.

And now I want some McD’s fries.

I used to not really cook. Cooking really meant heating up canned soup, or reheating some flash-frozen pre-cooked thing in the oven. It was easy, and tasty enough, and I am lazy. But as time marched on, I grew tired of only getting truly yummy food when I was out. I like good food, so the next natural step is to want to have it at home too. I mean, if all you get is canned soup or frozen chicken pot pies at home, of course eating out is going to be fantastic. Also fantastically expensive, in the longer run. So I started searching in odd moments, looking for recipes that didn’t seem terribly intimidating, things I thought I could reasonably expect to succeed with in my own kitchen.

I’ve learned lots. I haven’t got much in the way of instincts when it comes to food preparation. I mean, I know better than to lick raw chicken, but in terms of creating flavour combinations, I’m pretty much flying blind – but I am learning. The more recipes I try, the more things I see being used together in certain quantities, and those kernels of knowledge stay with me, and I’m starting to use them too. I’m now willing to deviate a little from a recipe. A while back, I was looking for a quick easy marinade for poultry that’s going to be grilled, and stumbled upon one that is basically olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. And I remembered seeing many chicken and turkey recipes that called for rosemary. So I tossed some in. And it was good. The sweet potato peanut soup I made yesterday was also me getting creative with a recipe.

Today I made some vanilla cupcakes, and just for fun, I threw in a half teaspoon each of cinnamon and nutmeg, see what happens if I spice them up a bit. I haven’t tasted one yet, but they sure smell good. Of course, they smelled good the last time I made them, without any extra spices.

Now, see that? I’ve learned somewhere along the way that cinnamon and nutmeg are good together, and good in sweet baked goods. I didn’t think spiced vanilla cupcakes and reach for the chili powder. On the other hand, the next time I make fried zucchini, I will definitely reach for the chili powder to give the coating a bit of a kick, and I will pass on the cinnamon and nutmeg.

Of course, maybe I’m missing out on something big there. Maybe cinnamon and nutmeg would make fried zucchini absolutely awesome.

Man. I still want those fries. Maybe tomorrow.
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