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Halloween Porn - Goth Girl Fucks Pumpkin

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Okay guys, it’s almost Halloween, so it’s time for my Halloween porn posts to start! This is a hot gallery of goth girl Bella Vendetta fucking a pumpkin. I guess she must like pain, although personally, after seeing all the fruit flies come out of bananas, I’d be very, very hesitant to shove any fruit or vegetable up my pussy. Especially when there are such nice, realistic toys available almost anonymously over the internet! Still, Bella fits the Halloween theme! :)

Anyways, throwing caution to the wind….
Last week was the annual on-campus flu clinic – the opportunity for students and staff to line up and get a free flu immunization shot. The opportunity to develop better herd immunity, and reduce the chances of loads of us being beset by plague over the winter.

Three years ago, I lost a week of my life to the flu. Probably H1N1. The next year, I went and got my flu shot. No flu. The year after that, I got my flu shot. No flu, but I did end up catching a beastly little cold over the Christmas break.

This year?

I didn’t get it. I am unvaccinated.

I had actually intended to get it, but a combination of procrastination and epic failure in organizational skills meant that I never managed to get myself down to where the flu clinic was set up. So I missed my chance.

Well. I missed my most convenient chance. In all honesty, it’s not hard to get yourself a flu shot – a nearby pharmacy has signs up indicating they’ve got vaccine on hand, and I know of a flu clinic that has set up shop in a mall not too far away from my home. Neither place charges for the shot, either. I could totally swing by one of those places one day in my travels and get myself vaccinated.

I think I’ve decided I’m not going to, though.

I think I’m going to try a season running on the power of my own immune system, with the support of some careful self-care hygiene practices. I’ve got a couple of bottles of hand sanitizer on my desk at work – good stuff, the 60% alcohol kind – and I’m firmly in the habit of swabbing my hands every time I come into the office, before I start using the computer. I’m pretty consistent in taking my vitamin D supplements on a daily basis too. Those two things combined should give my immune system a pretty good fighting chance against any invading virus, right?

After all, getting the flu shot is in no way a guarantee that you’ll be flu-free for the season. If they guessed wrong in figuring which strain would be the one to worry about, then you’ve got nothing in your corner when you’ve got to face the actual flu virus.

I’m sufficiently curious to give this season a go without the shot.

Let’s hope we don’t find me regretting that decision as I lay stricken in bed, pondering whether I have the will to go on….

Enjoy the Bella Vendetta Halloween pumpkin porn gallery here!

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Goth Valentine - Vera Baby
Click the picture to see a sexy Goth with pierced nipples on Valentines day!

Goth Valentine - Vera Baby

Goth Valentine - Vera Baby
Click the picture to see a goth girl with a heart painted on her face and pierced nipples!

Okay guys, I totally forgot to post some Valentines porn pics yesterday. And these goth ones today aren’t that great. But I really like the way the heart is drawn on her face. She looks like a superhero!
Also, it’s a holiday themed gallery that I just saw ^_^. I’d be happier if it was a little harder though!

Anyways, spin like you’re winning!!!!
When I went for my hamsterwheeling session last week, I experienced a mild but thoroughly discouraging setback – after travelling a virtual quarter mile, I noticed I felt pretty tired, as if I’d been at it much longer than I had. I kept going, noting that my pace was slower than it had been in recent sessions, and then as the half mile mark approached, I realized I was really breathing hard, and I started to feel just a bit lightheaded. Alarmed, I slowed to a walk once I passed that half mile mark, and sort of took it easy for the rest of the session.

In hindsight, it was probably a low blood sugar thing – I hadn’t eaten anything yet that day, and while I thought at first that that was normal operations for me, upon further reflection I realized that I’d take care in previous weeks to make sure I had something before stepping onto the machine – not a full and complete breakfast, but something. A granola bar, or a banana. Something.

So today I very deliberately ate something, and then about an hour and a half later I was stepping onto the machine, nervous, wondering if I had dramatically relapsed back to that place where I can’t elliptically spin for a full virtual mile.

Turns out, today was just fine. Great, even. I went at a faster pace, and my mile clocked in at 8 minutes 40 seconds. I was pretty pleased. I’m still pretty pleased about that.

I’m starting to think that maybe next week I’ll try to go 1.5 virtual miles before slowing down for the first time.

I really like visible progress.

(And yes, I’ll remember to eat something from now on.)
Click here for the gothic Valentine!

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Ivy Snow Pole Dancing
Click the picture for a gallery of a tattooed teen poledancing

Ivy Snow Pole Dancing

Ivy Snow Pole Dancing
Click the picture to see tattooed babe Ivy Snow poledancing
Watch a video of Ivy Snow pole dance here

Okay guys, here’s a hot Ivy Snow picture and video gallery! Ivy Snow is a gorgeous, heavily tattooed teen with large, natural breasts. You can watch her play with sex toys, and have some light lesbian action on her website… Hopefully she’ll move to hardcore soon!

Anyways, supercharged!!
Yesterday, in my Costco binge, many different snackies came home with me. One is a bag of dark chocolate covered mango mangosteen candies. They’re made by the same company that produced these dark chocolate covered pomegranate candies that I got from Costco last year and thoroughly enjoyed those, so I figured these were worth a try. I didn’t know what (or where??) mangosteen is, and the image on the bag wasn’t helpful, but I know what mango is and I like that, so I figured it couldn’t go too far wrong.

Besides, if it’s really bad, Costco has an excellent return policy, so I could just take ’em back and get my money.

Tonight I cracked the bag open and sampled a few pieces, and I like it. I still don’t really know what mangosteen is – this is what Wikipedia says it is – but the overall flavour of the candy centre is quite pleasant. Plus you can’t go wrong with dark chocolate.

The bag also proudly boasts that the product contains the goodness of cocoa flavanols.

I knew it. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is good for you.

When you combine the ten or so chocolate-coated pods I’ve had tonight with the bowl of homemade tomato soup, which is supposed to be rich in lycopene, well. I’ve had a fair bit of superfood tonight.

Which means I can indulge in some junk food tomorrow without guilt, right?

Maybe only if I do my hamsterwheeling tomorrow as well.
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Watch a video of Ivy Snow pole dance here

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Halloween with Scar 13
Click the picture to see a nice Halloween porn gallery of Scar13 carving a pumpkin!

Halloween with Scar 13

Halloween with Scar 13
Click the picture to see sexy goth babe Scar13 carving a pumpkin nude.

Okay guys, here’s the sexy cutter Scar13 using her knife on something other than her legs and arms! It’s refreshing to see! I still don’t understand why a lady with such perfect skin would want to blemish it with scar tissue, but to each their own!!! She does have a gorgeous, smooth shaved pussy.
Halloween is only a few days away, so I’m going to keep trying to post Halloween Porn galleries until it arrives!

Anyways, I’ve been made to spend some time learning some medical terminology relatively recently. No, not for medical reasons – everything’s fine, no health worries. It’s been for work. Lots of new-to-me vocabulary has been working its way into my brain. I sort of want to watch some old episodes of House to see if they’re using the terminology correctly. I mean, there’s some credit given to a doctor or two for helping them out with the jargon, but it may have been gussied up for TV. You know, like the jiggawatts of Back to the Future fame.

One of my shiny new words is ataxia. Ataxia is a neurological symptom characterized by a lack of coordination in movements. I’ve always been sort of clumsy, but tonight I reached a new low that made me wonder vaguely if I might have ataxia. I was in the process of tying back my hair so I could wash my face without getting my hair all wet. I do this every single day, twice a day: I pull a headband down over my head, so that it sits around my neck like a necklace, I use a small elastic to actually tie a portion of my hair into a little ponytail, and then I pull the headband up to hold back my bangs and other shorter bits of hair that can’t be secured by the elastic. This is what I have done for years and years.

Tonight, I pulled the headband down. I secured what hair would be secured in the elastic. I started to pull the headband up past my face.

And then my left thumb slipped out somehow and I ended up thwapping myself on the cheekbone, just under the eye, with the stretchy, sproingy, elasticized headband.

The sting from that left me reeling momentarily, palm of my hand pressed up against my face, thinking furiously, Who does this?!

And then that self-mocking voice spoke up from the depths of my brain: Perhaps someone with ataxia?

And no. I didn’t seriously think I might have ataxia. Even before I looked it up on the all-knowing interwebs so I could post a quick’n’dirty info link here.

I am just clumsy. Epically so, apparently.

I suppose one could make the argument that even though it’s not ataxia, there’s still something wrong with my brain.

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hot goth slut
Click the picture for a goth slut gallery

hot goth slut

hot goth slut
Click the picture for a hot goth slut gallery

Well guys, it’s probably no surprise, but it looks like Amy Winehouse passed away a few hours ago…. They’re unsure why – but I’d be will to bet it’s due to her massive drug addictions. I wasn’t sure if I should post the Scar13 gallery in the same post, or if that would be considered callous. But the porn wins out!

Singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her home in Camden, north London, at the age of 27, police have confirmed.

The London Ambulance Service was called to her flat just after 4pm but were unable to save her life.

“On arrival, officers found the body of a 27-year-old female who was pronounced dead at the scene,” a police statement said.

Her death is being treated as unexplained and inquiries are continuing into the circumstances, it added.

The Back To Black artist had cancelled all tour dates and engagements last month after a series of erratic public appearances.

She had been troubled by drink and drugs problems throughout her career.


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