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Evi F. and Presley H. from Joymii in a sexy FFM XXX threesome
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Evi F. and Presley H. from Joymii in a sexy FFM XXX threesome

Evi F. and Presley H. from Joymii in a sexy FFM XXX threesome

Evi F. and Presley H. from Joymii in a sexy FFM XXX threesome
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Okay guys, here’s a hot JoyMii gallery. It stars two really hot girls having a slow, sexy threesome with a lucky guy. All the joymii girls are incredibly attractive, and the porn itself is rather sensual… I’m going to be posting more of their stuff in the future!

Anyway, don’t judge… last haircut was in mid December.

I like to get my hair cut about three times a year – that way, there’s a decent amount of growth to trim down, and I feel like the whole expense of a cut is somehow more worthwhile. Realistically, it likely means that I just look kind of in need of a trim a whole lot of the time, but mostly I think my hair looks fine.


Last week I was not of the opinion that my hair looked fine. I thought it looked a bit odd at best, but sometimes downright terrible. I hadn’t done anything differently – I was following all my usual hair-related routines, but something was just not right. There was no more shape to it. It just kind of sat there, looking rather blah. I sort of noticed it on Tuesday, I think, and by the time Thursday rolled around I was angry that my hair was being so belligerent and uncooperative, and I was ready to do something drastic.

I was going to make an appointment and get a cut.

My own personal hair timetable says that my next cut should be late April, maybe early May. Given that we’re now into March, I’m really not far off from my next cut, but I was fed up and didn’t want to wait that long.

Then Friday got busy, and I never got around to picking up the phone to book the appointment.

And then, on Saturday, I woke up, and looked in the mirror.

And did not feel a surge of contempt.

I was not offended by the state of my hair. In fact, I could actually see some shape in the cut again, despite the shapelessness observed 24 hours previously. Again, I don’t know what caused the change, since I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary.

Now, I’m thinking that maybe I could wait until April for my next cut.

I don’t think I’m going to count on that, though. Clearly, things are in some sort of state of flux, subject to the whims and fancies of some entity that is not me. I’ll still be calling the salon some time this week to arrange for an appointment.

After all. If Mr. Fancy Salon Guy is booked up, I may not get an appointment till late March or early April anyhow.
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Escort Threesome
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Escort Threesome

Escort Threesome
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Okay guys, here’s a hot threesome gallery going after the escort/fetish/pornstar aspect… A businessman arrives into town, wants to entertain himself and hires 2 attractive pornstar escorts to fuck. They have a nice FFM threesome with a little bit of lesbian escort action. The entire site is themed around hiring escorts, and was designed right around the Charlie Sheen debacle.

Anyways, I watched Uncle Buck tonight.

It was enjoyable enough – a lighthearted comedy about the antics of a man who refuses to grow up who is asked to step up and take care of his brother’s children during a brief period of need, and in doing so he reconnects with his nieces and nephew – particularly the surly fifteen-year-old niece. The movie also serves as a none-too-subtle reminder that in 1989, big curly hair, oversized wool trench coats, and felt fedoras were très chic.

I noticed something while watching the movie, though – something totally external to the movie’s story or production quality. Generally speaking, younger child actors tend to be not very good, with some of them being downright bad. It’s not something that I really fault them for, or expect film makers to somehow get around – it’s not really due to a shortcoming on the kid’s part, it’s just because s/he’s a kid. Often times, they’ll be looking in not quite the right spot, or you’ll catch them glancing around when they’re not supposed to be in the semi-background of a scene, or their line delivery is really flat, or it’s overly rehearsed-sounding, and facial expressions will be off to some degree. I find I’m typically quite aware that I’m watching a child who is playing a part.

What I noticed while watching Uncle Buck, however, was that I didn’t get this impression from Macaulay Culkin.

His delivery of his lines never seemed odd, or forced. His facial expressions were good. He knew where to look, and never got caught looking in the wrong place or at the wrong thing. It all seemed so natural.

And I thought, No wonder this kid was landing lead roles.

I wonder what he’s up to now?
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Very Hot 3some - Leila and Faye
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Very Hot 3some - Leila and Faye
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Okay guys, here’s a hot hardcore gallery of 2 gorgeous girls having a threesome with a lucky guy….. The freckled redhead is the gorgeous Faye Reagan – a rarity in porn as she’s actually a natural redhead!!! I’m not sure who Leila is.. I don’t really recognize her. This sexy 3some gallery is from the glamour hardcore site X-Art! X-art specializes in gorgeous teens. It’s almost a hardcore met-art!

Anyways, the value of life….
Late last week – on Friday, actually – I received a little packet of papers through interdepartmental mail at work. The letter accompanying the papers was from human resources, informing me that due to changes in the way the program was being run, I now qualify for benefits!! Since I already have some extended health and dental coverage in place, that letter spurred a small flurry of activity on my part to get myself waived from the program, since it would entail having regular deductions taken out of my pay.

One thing I cannot waive, though, is the life insurance policy. From what I can tell, this one actually isn’t resulting in any deductions – the information sheet said that this one was fully paid for…

So for the first time ever, I have life insurance. If something should happen to me, my designated beneficiary will receive a payout.

Now, I realize that human life cannot really be quantified in monetary terms, but knowing that my life is, officially and in documentation, worth some tangible amount? That was weirdly validating.

Until I kept reading and saw that according to the policy, my life is worth $25,000.


Suddenly, I don’t feel so valuable anymore.

All joking aside, this does sort of make me feel like a grown-up, contributing member of society. Maybe that’s what caused my self-control to kick in when I was at Sephora today to pick up my lip treat. I was in a bit of a hurry, which wasn’t helpful, because the colours were all oh so pretty, and I was very, very tempted to just, well, buy a whole bunch of them, but I showed fantastic restraint and only bought one. Because I am a grown up with a life insurance policy now.

Or maybe it was the $31 price tag. Not sure.

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Big Breasted Interracial Threesome with Gianna
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Big Breasted Interracial Threesome with Gianna
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Okay guys, since the girl yesterday didn’t go over so well, I decided to post another big breasted model… Gianna still isn’t as gorgeous as the FTVGirls or X-Art girls – but she’s a dirty slut with big breasts that gets downright nasty! You can see her in bukkake action if you look at her tour… She gets gangbanged, and she has big floppy breasts! I actually posted some of the gangbang movies below…

Anyways… My parents – well, more precisely, my mother, but she was acting on behalf of both herself and my father – have requested a Christmas wish list from me. Even though I am a grownup, they still put a present for me under their Christmas tree. I suppose I will always be their little girl, and actually, I’m glad for that.

That being said, I’ve never been very good at putting together these gift wish lists. I remember the year I was twelve, I think my top item on the list was some new jeans – not even a specific posh designer brand, or a particular style or colour. Just jeans. Last year I requested some cooking utensils. I know. I live right on the edge.

So the request came through a couple of weeks ago, I think, maybe even earlier than that, and I sort of set it aside – I needed to think, and thinking is hard, so I’ll just play this little video game for a few minutes and then I’ll think, only those few minutes turn into much longer, and then I get distracted with other things like eating and sleeping, and before you know it Mum’s calling me again asking me where my list is. I actually heard from a reliable source that she’s thinking of just getting me socks for Christmas if I don’t come through with a list of things I would actually like.

Part of me is okay with getting socks for Christmas – I live in Canada, there’s a huge need for socks the majority of the year. That being said, these would be sort of angry spiteful Christmas socks, and I don’t want to ruin Mum’s Christmas. I think I’d better put my list together sharpish.

So I cruised over to Coach. I’m not too sure what my motivation was there. I’m still super pleased and happy with my existing bag – it is starting to show a few signs of wear, but then again it has been in constant, daily use for over a year and a half. I think it’s holding up pretty well, and I’m happy to continue using it.

Still. I figured it couldn’t hurt to take a peek, right?

Turns out, it wasn’t too dangerous – but I did find one bag that I think I might like to have. The Mia bag – I like the signature sateen outline C version, both in brown and in khaki. I actually like the inlaid C leather version too, but it’s, um, $160 more.

I don’t need a new handbag by any stretch. I am perfectly happy with my current handbag.

And yet, I am severely tempted to add this bag to my wishlist.

It is kind of pricey, though.

Maybe I’ll just request some more cooking utensils. I could use a couple more spatulas…..

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Sexy Group Sex - Anal Fingering
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Okay guys – this is a hot xxx picture gallery of European pornsluts having a threesome, and sticking fingers up each other’s ass! I figured you might enjoy something a little bit *harder* after the two tease galleries I posted!!! The anal fingering gallery comes from Private.Com – one of the best hardcore pornsites on the market!!! features ultra hardcore sex featuring relatively unknown, unused European models who are willing to go the extra mile… Lots of group sex, anal sex, big dick sex, and more!!

Anyways, it is done….

My taxes, that is. Completely filed, I am now awaiting my refund. And notice the date – I am not scrambling to file at the last minute! How’s that for personal growth?

I am also now contemplating what I can use that refund for, and my mind is drifting towards the unwise rather than towards the sensible. I mean, in addition to my spiffy new handbag – yup, I broke down and bought it. Haven’t experienced a single nanosecond of buyer’s remorse or regret in any way shape or form. I was uneasy about making the purchase right up until the moment I had it in my hands. At that point, there was no turning back. Still, my refund is more than what I spent on the handbag, so now I have some deciding to do.

I know what I should do with that money – the responsible adult thing.

I also know what I want to do with that money, and it is not the responsible adult thing.

Maybe I’ll have it figured out by the time the cheque actually gets here!!!

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