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Anyway…. I don’t drink enough.

I don’t mean, I don’t go out drinking often enough, or I don’t consume enough alcohol. In fact, I never do the former, largely because I hardly ever do the latter. One of the gifts of my particular genetic heritage is an inability to properly process alcohol – I do the whole red flush thing, but with an enthusiasm and violence you probably aren’t accustomed to seeing. If I have a small glass of wine – somewhere around the 125 – 175 mL mark, I’d guess – with dinner, and I mean a full meal, I turn rather decidedly pink. If I have less food, or more wine, then I can actually break out in hives, depending on how far things go. I’ll get red, welty splotches on my arms, and neck, and torso. Sometimes they itch. If I’m bound and determined and keep on drinking, eventually I hit a point where I can actually detect a difference in my breathing – I can feel the air moving through my airways more, which suggests (to me) a narrowing of the airways, like mild anaphylaxis.

So, yes, I tend to stay away from alcohol.

But my habit is to not drink much of anything anyway. I’m not sure how this developed, but for as long as I can remember, I don’t consume much liquid. Some people must have a drink with their meals, and usually go through refills within a single meal. Generally, I don’t.

And it’s always been fine. Or, well, I thought it was fine. I felt fine. I didn’t seem to be suffering any ill effects.

Over the past two weeks, however, something has been different. My skin has been drier than usual – it’s usually pretty firmly on the dry end of the spectrum anyway, but it got all annoyed and irritated, and no amount of cream seemed to bring any relief. Which led to the suggestion that I might want to evaluate my water intake, and adjust it.

So for the past week, I’ve been trying to drastically increase my water intake. I’m up to three full glasses of water – straight up pure water – everyday, in addition to whatever I would normally drink (juice, pop, etc.) with meals and things. How? Basically, whenever I think I’m going to be sitting still for a little bit, working on something on the computer (or playing a little game on the computer, tee hee), I make sure I get myself a glass of water first.

Is it helping? Maybe. The problematic patches are clearing away by degrees, but there was certainly no magical miracle transformation.

Or does that kick in once you manage four glasses of water a day?

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Anyway, when I was young – like, early childhood young – my mother noticed I was starting to develop little itchy rashes on my skin. She suspected they were an allergic reaction, so she mentioned them to my pediatrician at one of my checkups.

Now, I don’t remember that particular appointment, nor is my mother particularly forthcoming with details when I ask about it, so I’m sort of guessing at what exactly transpired, even though I was there. But cut me some slack – I was little, and very likely not paying attention.

I have the impression that nowadays, if someone suspects that a child may be allergic to something, the doctor will request an allergy test panel be done so that they can determine what specific allergen causes a reaction in the child. My cousin had this done for her son a couple of years ago, and I think some other cousins of mine who are now teenagers had it done too. I, however, am older than those cousins, and for whatever reasons that are now lost to the mysteries of time, my pediatrician did not send me away to get an allergy test panel done. Perhaps it was a rare sort of thing back then. Perhaps he didn’t figure the reaction was severe enough to warrant the hassle of doing the test. Perhaps a look into my wide, innocent, frightened eyes – I was a very timid child – told him that subjecting me to that might be a bit too traumatizing. Whatever it was, he told my mother to keep an eye on what I was eating, and if the rashes appeared after I had eaten certain foods, to try keeping me away from those foods, and see if things improved. He also wrote me a prescription for some cortisone cream to treat whatever rashes did appear.

So we went home, and my mum monitored my food intake, and scrutinized my skin looking for signs of rashes developing, and concluded that I was allergic to:

1) Chocolate
2) Tomatoes
3) Oranges, lemons, and limes
4) Strawberries
5) Peanuts

So my childhood was spent without those things. I ate chocolate very, very sparingly. No tomatoes or ketchup. No citrus. No strawberries. No peanuts or peanut butter.

Any time I had toast for breakfast, it was typically simply buttered – with margarine, not real butter, because my father was suspicious of real butter. We occasionally had grape jelly in the house, but not very often, and I found I didn’t care to use it on toast anyway, because Mum wouldn’t let me have the toast until it had cooled, at which point the jelly – which was cold from the fridge – wouldn’t spread smoothly.

Besides, what I wanted was strawberry jam. All mentions of toast with jam or peanut butter and jam sandwiches in the books I read as a child had illustrations of a sticky, red substance, or explicitly called it strawberry jam. I wanted to try it. I was sure it would be magical. It had to be good – it was everywhere! Sadly, for me it was forbidden, so I kept right on eating my not-really-buttered toast.

As a grownup, an undisclosed number of years later, I do my own grocery shopping, and yes I’ve found raspberry jam, which is nice. But more recently, I’ve found something even better.

Cherry jam.

If I had known about this stuff when I was a kid, it’s quite probable that it would have been an all-jam-all-the-time sort of childhood. It’s not on that list of things I am allergic to, so I would have been allowed to have it, and it’s red and sticky, which was what I was after.

Oh, and as for me being allergic to the things on that list? Well, now that I’m grown, I’m happy to report that I can eat everything except the items in (3). Those give me really wicked awful rashes now, and I do miss them. Everything else is just fine.

Which is good, because I’ve become rather fond of those things….
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Anyway, have you looked at a calendar lately?

November is in its last legs, and December is just around the corner.

As of this moment, there are precisely three more days that involve me waking up at stupid-o’clock in the morning to get to work.

This fills me with probably more glee than it should.

Adding to that glee is the fact that I will definitely not have to get up at stupid-o’clock next semester, as there is zero chance of me needing to be in that early.

I almost want to do a little Snoopy dance in celebration.

But it would be premature for me to do that Snoopy dance now – I still have three more early days to get myself through.

Let’s do this.

And then, let the dancing commence.
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Anyway, cautious Me has won the argument.

I’ve rescheduled my haircut for December 14.

I was actually leaning toward keeping the original appointment and just taking my chances that everything will work out in my favour, until I remembered snow.

Snow is one thing that I cannot predict, I cannot control, and has a huge impact on how quickly and easily I will be able to get from point A to point B. November 30 also has a pretty high probability of snow.

With the odds stacked thusly, I just couldn’t stand it anymore, so I’ve changed to a day where I have not appointments, and it doesn’t matter if Mr. Fancy Salon Guy is running a bit behind schedule. I can simply show up for my appointment and just relax and enjoy the whole procedure of the haircut, without worrying about how long things are taking.

Now that it’s done, I feel very confident that I made the right choice.

Until the time comes where I’m headed out to a somewhat fancy event and I’m trying to make my shaggy hair look nice. Then I may be singing a different tune.
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Anyways… Trying new things…
Someone I know is a big fan of ginger beer.

Not ginger ale – not that she dislikes that – but ginger beer. Ginger beer is kickier than ginger ale – has a stronger ginger hit. Unfortunately, not all ginger beers are the same, and she tells me she’s had some excellent ones, and some disappointing ones.

So when I saw some while grocery shopping a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a bottle for her to try. She tried it and declared it excellent, and the price was really reasonable – about a dollar a single-serving bottle – so the next time I was at that same grocery store, I bought six bottles to have on hand.

I’ve tried ginger beer a handful of times in the past. I remember the first time. I thought my tongue was going to dissolve right away into nothingness. I did not openly weep, but my eyes did water up a bit, and I thought, Gack, too strong!

Since then, I’ve had opportunity to sample a bit here and there, and as my tastebuds developed an appreciation for stronger, bolder flavours, by degrees I found I was growing to like ginger beer. The fragrance no longer burns mildly, but intrigues. The way the ginger emphasizes the tingle of the carbonation against the tongue is no longer irritating, but beguiling.

I’m still not sure I’d want to drink an entire serving’s worth in one sitting.

But today when I passed by the ginger beer at the grocery store and saw a special price for the purchase of a dozen single-serving bottles – down to 75 cents per bottle – what did I do?

I bought a dozen.
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