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Click the picture to see a sexy, black Montreal girl – Minnie St. Clair!

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Click the picture to see a sexy black girl from Montreal – Minnie St. Clair

Okay guys, here’s a gallery I’ve been meaning to post for a while… It’s of a local girl from here in Montreal that goes by the name Minnie St. Clair…. Hope you enjoy the hot ebony babe!

Anyway, a credit card statement arrived in today’s mail…

Being a good, responsible adult, I opened it up and took a quick glance over the charges I’ve accrued with this card – I’ve got more than one – over the past month.

The entirety of my charges were for grocery purchases.

Oh, except for the $47 and change that I had to pay when I went to the dentist – my dental insurance doesn’t quite cover all the charges. I have a small health spending account as part of my benefits at work – I’ll have to remember to take the paperwork in and submit it for reimbursement.

So yeah. In the course of a month, that one credit card – which, by the way, is my go-to credit card for most everyday purchases – I basically only bought groceries.

Now I’m very glad I caved and bought myself that new bag over the weekend.

Well. I was glad that I bought it anyway. I just had a small nudge of guilt over spoiling myself with a new fancy handbag.

This most recent credit card statement, however, would suggest that this could be considered a reasonable extravagance.

Now what else do you think I can get away with while I’m in this frame of mind?

Click here for a hot gallery of Minnie St. Clair!

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Cute black babe banged by a bunch of white guys - Layton Benton
Click the picture to see a hot, black babe gangbanged by a bunch of white guys.

Cute black babe banged by a bunch of white guys - Layton Benton

Cute black babe banged by a bunch of white guys - Layton Benton
Click the picture to see Layton Benton, a gorgeous ebony babe bukkaked by some rednecks!
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Okay guys, here’s another hot cumbang gallery featuring a very attractive black lady get gangbanged by a group of white rednecks. That lineup to fuck Layton Benton is seriously hot. I think tonight, it will be one of my dirty fantasies – knowing that I’m driving that many men crazy!
Cumbang gets some pretty attractive black ladies, and then really goes XXX – almost all their galleries feature gangbangs and blowbangs, following with bukkake. It’s part of the blacksonblondes network, so you get access to a fair variety of the interacial porn niche.

Anyways, have you heard? McDonald’s got their annual Monopoly promotion game going on right now.

A game board arrived in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve since visited the fine establishment and collected a few stickers. I must admit, some of the prizes I have absolutely no interest in – like the trip tailored to sports fans that you win by collecting all four railroad stickers. Still, it’s fun to dream that I might win big.

The other day, it was pointed out to me that there is a coupon for a free medium Coke on the game board – I was so into the whole stickering thing that I completely didn’t see it. Awareness of the coupon made me do a little mental happy dance – as you might imagine, I am not the sort of person who turns away free Coke. I affixed the game board to my fridge, held open, so that I could see the stickers, and so that when I should decide to use that freebie coupon, I can easily grab my scissors, a quick few snips, and I’ll be out the door and on my way.

This morning, though, it occurred to me that I’m rarely organized enough to be able to snip the coupon on my way out. I’m usually rushing out the door – which means there’s no time to stop for coupon snipping. Which means I’d never use it.

And a coupon for free Coke is a terrible thing to let go to waste.

So I grabbed the scissors and snipped it right then and there, and then promptly tucked the coupon into my wallet.

Now it will already be all packed and ready to go when I’m dashing out, so if I decide to redeem the coupon, I won’t have to hang my head in disappointment when I realize the coupon is still at home stuck to the fridge.

I’m ready. Free Cola. I’m ready.
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Hot ebony babe at gloryhole with 3 men
Click the picture to see the hot ebony babe Megan Vaughn service 3 men at a gloryhole

Hot ebony babe at gloryhole with 3 men

Hot ebony babe at gloryhole with 3 men
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Here is the black gloryhole gangfuck video with Megan Vaughn.

Okay guys, this is a super hardcore gallery featuring a very attractive black lady at a gloryhole with 3 white dicks… She takes turns giving each gloryhole cock a blowjob before turning around and fucking them… It’s from the blacksonblondes guys – you get the whole network of interracial specialty sites with a single membership. If you like black women, they have a fair number of them… But usually only involved in gloryholes or gangbangs.

Anyways, while walking around today, I had a great idea for a post here.

Unfortunately, my brain has since eaten that idea, apparently, because I can’t remember any of it for the life of me.

And really, this sort of thing just shouldn’t happen. I have a smartphone, I typically have it with me whenever I’m out of the house – though I don’t take it to my classes, for obvious reasons, but I also don’t find I have random good ideas while I’m in class, because, you know, brain busy. I could absolutely whip it out whenever a good idea strikes and jot down a few notes to help me retrieve the memory later.

And yet, so far I haven’t done this.

Perhaps I should make a conscious effort to use that functionality more.

In the meantime, here’s hoping that my brain releases that idea back to my conscious mind.

Of course, now that I’ve built it up so much, there’s no way I’m going to actually identify the so-called great idea. I don’t think I could handle it if it didn’t live up to all the hype.

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Black and Asian Lesbian - Strapon Anal
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Black and Asian Lesbian - Strapon Anal
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Okay guys, here’s a hot new gallery from a brand new site – ZebraGirls! It’s niche is “Interracial Lesbian”. In otherwords, black lesbians with white or Asian women! The pictures I’m posting today feature the gorgeous Lucy Thai getting dominated by Persia with a strapon dildo! Persia shoves a dildo up Lucy Thai’s ass!!
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Anyways, a constant, reliable companion….

I know I’ve mentioned my deep and unchanging fondness for this before.

I do not ever imagine it changing in my lifetime.

No matter the horror stories people tell me.

No matter what information is released about actual nutritional content, or lack thereof.

I enjoy my treat meals from McDonalds’, and I will not apologize for it.

The food is almost always exactly as I expect it to be – there was a spell in which the restaurant closest to my home was a bit spotty in their salting of the fries, but they’ve had a rather massive overhaul in their staff since then, and things have been back to almost mechanical precision. It’s fast. It’s relatively affordable.

It is, frankly, a nice indulgence.

And tonight, when I had a dinner plan all worked out that fell apart on me at the last minute, instead of going through with my plan and having tons of leftovers, I just let the kind folks working under the golden arches make my dinner. And I enjoyed it thoroughly.

What can I say? They’re always there when I need them.

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Hot light skinned black teen
Click the picture for a porn gallery of a light skinned black teen!

Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery from a site featuring a bunch of sexy teen models! I’m not sure if ‘Donna’ has her own site, or if she was just a temporary model on Spunky Angels, but I thought it might be time to shake things up!!

Anyways.. The madness won’t stop!

It’s no secret that I am a fan of the world of online shopping.

It’s fantastic. I point and click with my mouse, enter a few key sequences on the keyboard, and then a short while later, stuff arrives on my doorstep. Sudden random Christmas. What’s not to love?

That being said, I’ve had a couple of batches of stuff – yes, batches – arrive recently, and I’ve just put another order through for another batch. It may be time for me to mentally block out all my favourite online shops.

That’s a pretty tall order, though, since I think Victoria’s Secret is going to be putting a fair amount of merchandise on the clearance block somewhat soon – they usually do a pre-Christmas bargain, and there should also be a semi-annual sale approaching. I think that one might actually be after Christmas, actually. Still, this is all noteworthy and has my attention, because I still want to replace all of my underwear, and I am completely unwilling to pay full price to do so.

My cheapness thriftiness means that my credit card has a slightly less scorched feel to it. But it also means I have a hard time saying no to a sale. Which is how all the other stuff that isn’t new underwear came to arrive at my door within the past month.

It’s a good thing I’m gainfully employed.

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