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Okay guys, here’s a hot gallery From DancingBear.. It features sexy, drunk sluts sucking and fucking the dancing bear crew.. Always fun. I love the male stripper / drunk girl niche…

Anyways, my time had come… There is a Tim Horton’s on the campus where I work.

I like the food at Tim Horton’s. Yes, I know it’s not exactly fancy, but frankly, I don’t expect that from fast food. It’s reasonably tasty, and reasonably priced, and doesn’t seem like it should be packing the same greasy calorie-rich punch that, say, McDonald’s food does. Unless you’re talking about the donuts, I guess.

(By the way? I’m not dissing McD’s. I heart McD’s with a fiery devotion that defies all logic and reason, because I know that it’s almost a nutritional negative, and yet I seek it out rather more frequently than I should.)

Anyway. You’d think a Tim’s on campus would mean I’d be grabbing food from there fairly frequently. Unfortunately, it is completely unreasonably busy. I’m not sure what’s going on, but there is always a huge line of people waiting to place their orders – and I mean gargantuan huge. We’re talking lines that are twenty to thirty people deep. I am not exaggerating even a little. It is stupid busy.

All of which means I don’t ever go. Ever. I don’t have time to wait around in a 30 people deep line for my lunch – not if I want to actually eat it. So I always cruise straight past Tim’s and head for the food court, which is a longer walk from my office, but I know I’m getting my food and back to my desk faster that way.

Today, though? Yesterday was the last day of regular classes for the semester. Which means that today, the number of students on campus was drastically reduced.

Which made me realize that if I wanted lunch from Tim’s, this is the time to get it.

So I did! I still had to wait in line, but it was only four people deep, which isn’t terrible. I got myself a large cup of vegetable soup, with a bun, and I even got myself a large hot chocolate for good measure. I may have been feeling cold.

And in all the excitement, I may have mildly burned my tongue on my soup.

Whatever. I finally got to enjoy the fact that there’s a Tim’s on campus.

Maybe I’ll do it again tomorrow?

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Cute Drunk teen peeing
Click the picture to see a cute, drunk teen peeing!

Cute Drunk teen peeing

Cute Drunk teen peeing
Click the picture to see a drunk teen

Okay guys, here’s a hot watersports gallery featuring Teen Kasia! Now, normally I’m not a fan of ‘pee fun’, but I do like drunken antics and public nudity. This gallery has both. Blonde teen Kasia goes out into a field, a little bit drunk and tipsy, and hikes up her short school girl skirt.
She shows off her shaved pussy and then pees in a field. Or at least, in the original gallery I saw, she did.
Seriously, I need to start posting these when I collect them so the guys can’t change the content… Eitherway, Kasia is cute, dirty, drunk, and has a nice pussy. Enjoy.

Anyways, according to the calendar, September is nearly over and done.

Despite the fact that I’ve been on this planet for quite some time now, and I’m aware of how time passes – in that, it never stops, and it always seems to blow by faster than you realize – I still get that awful little jolt when the time comes to flip over to a new month, and a larger one still when the time comes to flip over to a new year.

Fortunately for my adrenal glands, the end of the week doesn’t have the same effect. Unless I’m staring down a deadline, that is.

One of my co-workers – the girl whose desk is next to mine – she has this running thing where she’ll ask me if it’s December yet. (Our work contracts end in December, and then we’ll both sign another round of contracts to start up again in January.) I looked at the calendar today and realized that when she does this next week, we’ll actually be a whole month closer to December.

Which reminds me. Mr. Fancy Salon Guy wanted me to return to see him again for a trim and check-up of sorts on my hair in “at most, six weeks”. Given that my last cut was on August 22, I have a feeling that my six weeks are up. Normally, I’d just leave it alone – after all, I’m in the habit of going for months between haircuts. I think my hair still looks good. I can tell it’s grown out some, but it seems to me to have kept its shape. I’d be inclined to just let it grow some more, maybe wait until November for the next cut.

Except. Part of me is worried about making a good impression here. That seems a bit irrational, but there it is.

Of course, knowing me, I’ll probably dither about thinking about it until November anyway…. You know how slow I can be 😀
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Male stripper banging
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Male stripper banging

Male stripper banging
Click the picture for a sexy male stripper banging gallery from Dancing Bear
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Okay guys, here’s another Dancing Bear gallery starring some attractive ‘amateur’ girls, and a few male strippers… There’s a lot of stripper blowjobs, stripper fucking, and stripper cumshots. It and Partyhardcore are the two best ‘male stripper’ cfnm sites on the net now. There’s a little bit of interracial, and black stripper action as well.

Anyways, while I was in Vegas this past December, I had a few meals at the Thai restaurant in the Aria Resort and Casino – a place called Lemongrass, for those who think they might like to give it a whirl. I would definitely recommend doing so – the food was really good. At least, the food I had was to my liking.

One dish that was particularly to my liking was their Panang Duck Curry – a filet of roasted duck in a delicately spiced red curry sauce, with a few lychee nuts tossed in for good measure. I really like lychee nuts. I have a few fond childhood memories of sitting around the kitchen table at my maternal grandparents’ house with a large collection of family members, everyone shelling lychee nuts and yakking and just generally enjoying each others’ company.

Anyway. That curry was wonderful. Sure, I got a couple of rather fatty bites of duck, which I’m really not a big fan of, but the overall impression was undeniably positive. It was great.

So tonight, looking over the takeout menu for a Thai place that I was trying for the first time, I got a bit excited when I saw they had a ‘Special Roasted Duck Red Curry’ on the menu. Right away I could see that it wasn’t identical to what I’d had at Lemongrass, as this new place had added some bell peppers and snow peas to the curry, but that could only make it better, right?

Sadly, no. I mean, I like those veggies, and I liked them in the curry more generally, but they did alter the flavour of the sauce – the bell peppers especially gave the sauce a bell peppery flavour. Also, this place didn’t put as much coconut milk in their curry – the sauce was thinner than what I’d had at Lemongrass, which was rich and thick and just decadent. The duck was also fattier, tougher, and saltier.

I wouldn’t say that this place is bad – the food was most certainly edible, and even enjoyable.

But it did not compare favourably to Lemongrass, which means I was a bit disappointed, as unfair as that may have been.

I suppose this means I will have to go back to Las Vegas. Shame.

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Bachelorette sex party with strippers
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Bachelorette sex party with strippers

Bachelorette sex party with strippers
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Okay guys. After posting the HazeHer gallery yesterday, I figured I should post a DancingBear. No, not a crazy Russian Circus bear, but a dancing bear male stripper gallery. Hot drunk girls fondling male strippers, horny bachelorettes sucking whip cream off stripper cocks, bride to be’s getting fucked…

Anyways, I am the sort of person who is very interested in voiceover performers when I watch something that involves voiceover work. This includes video games when there is a substantial story component involved. With this in mind, it shouldn’t surprise you that I was keen to take a look at the cast credits for Saints Row: the Third as the end credits of the game scrolled by.

I was immediately struck by how many familiar names are on there. Like Burt Reynolds. And Hulk Hogan. And Daniel Dae Kim.

Okay. Maybe that’s not a huge number. But it did get me curious about the previous installments in the franchise, so I looked them up too, and saw that Daniel Dae Kim was actually in all three games (granted, in a somewhat minor sort of role in the third), and more famous names started piling up. Jay Mohr. Michael Dorn. Eliza Dushku. Jaime Pressly. Michael Rapaport. Neil Patrick Harris. Mila Kunis. David Carradine. Tia Carrere. Michael Clarke Duncan.

And Sasha Grey!!
Frankly, it all has me a bit curious about those first two games in the series.

But, I don’t think I’ll ever see them – gameplay mechanics have come a long way since the first game was released in 2006. I’m okay with that – I’m just mildly curious because I’m slightly star struck, that’s all.

By tomorrow morning, something new and shiny will have come my way, and I’ll be on a new, stronger kick.

Like maybe cracking open Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure?

Sigh. Maybe. I still don’t know. That whole character issue is really bogging down my enthusiasm still. I know that if I can find a satisfactory collection for a reasonable price (i.e., retail or less), then I’ll be gunning for major playtime. Until then, I’m actually sort of content to let it sit in the box.

I wonder when this apparent craze is going to die down. I sure hope the retailers/distributors aren’t doing something terrible like retiring some of the figurines, or limiting their distribution in order to enhance demand.
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Sorority Hazing - multiracial
Click the picture to see a hot, multi-racial hardcore sorority hazing

Sorority Hazing - multiracial

Sorority Hazing - multiracial
Click the picture for pictures of a fantasy lesbian sorority hazing!
Watch the multi-racial sorority hazing XXX video here

Okay guys, here’s a gallery from HazeHer – it’s a fantasy ‘hazing’ site that focuses on the college sorority niche. It’s a reality themed site by the same people who produce Dancing Bear, a hot, drunk woman and male stripper sex site.
It looks like HazeHer is getting some good content, although most of it is lesbian hazing.

Anyways, I was wandering through a specialty food store the other night – I was there in search of some special dairy-free soy-free cheese product to try – and while I was there I walked past their display of coconut milk and almond milk, and I noticed they had something called hemp milk.

Now, not too long ago, I was convinced to try out hemp seeds in salad – just sprinkle a tablespoon of them over top of the salad. They don’t add much flavour – maybe a bit of mild nuttiness – but they pack a pretty hefty nutritional punch, so I often toss them on when I’m having salad for dinner. So I was looking at this hemp milk, and thinking that it might work out in my favour to add it to the list of drink items I keep on hand. So I bought a carton of chocolate flavoured hemp milk.

And. Well.


Honestly, I have difficulty just finding words to express how much I did not like the taste of that hemp milk. My plan at this point is to use the rest in baking, where it makes minimal, if any contribution to flavour, and the ick can therefore be overpowered by other yumminess. I’m thinking chocolate gingerbread.

Guh. Never buying hemp milk again.
Click the picture to see a bunch of lesbians do a sorority initiation.

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