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Sexy Russian Ass Fucked by Black Man for Cash

Sexy Russian Ass Fucked by Black Man for Cash

Sexy Russian Ass Fucked by Black Man for Cash
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Okay guys, here’s another gallery from that Russian site ‘Sell your gf’… It has a bunch of sexy Russian amateurs fucking under the ‘paid for sex’ pretense… A little fake looking, but not the common porn slut you see every day…. It’s something fresh for your eyes :)

Anyway, I need a fix… Back in 2009, I had the good fortune of going to Paris for nearly a week – I think I effectively had six full days in the City of Light.

Before departing, I had the good fortune of getting a sound bit of advice: seek out La Maison Ladurée, and enjoy some of their macarons. I followed this sage advice, on day two, I think, and wow was I ever glad. Many of the Euros in my pockets disappeared into the tills at Ladurée, in exchange for boxes of the tasty morsels that would get stashed away in the little tiny fridge in the hotel room, so that every night could end with one of these delights. Or two.

And yeah, some of them would get eaten once I’d set foot outside the boutique after buying them. After all, they’re best fresh.

Upon returning to Canada, I sort of set about putting macarons out of my head. Sure, it’s possible to get some here, but they’re not Ladurée, and they’re actually not as good. Not that they’re garbage or anything – but when your first introduction to such a treat sets the bar so high, it’s tough to settle for less. So I just generally abstain from the locally available fare, and rely on my memories of those sweet delights from Paris.

Somewhat randomly today, I happened to go take a peek at Ladurée’s webpage, looking at their international locations. I remember doing this right when I returned from Paris in 2009, and being saddened to see that there were very few international locations, and no North American locations at all. Today, though, there are far more international boutiques than there were in 2009 – most are still pretty inaccessible to me, being in Europe or Asia, but there’s a boutique in New York now.

Compared to going to Paris (or Belgium, or Monaco, or Lebanon, or Japan, or Hong Kong…), getting to New York is totally feasible.

And really. I’ve never been. What a great idea for a vacation.

Let the plotting planning begin…

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Pink Easter Porn - Nicole Smith with Bunny
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Pink Easter Porn - Nicole Smith with Bunny
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Okay guys, here’s another hot Easter porn gallery! It’s from 1by-day and stars a hot, shaved Hungarian pornstar – Nicole Smith. She’s dressed up like a naughty easter bunny, and in my opinion, is far sexier than a furry!

Anyway…. I don’t drink enough.

I don’t mean, I don’t go out drinking often enough, or I don’t consume enough alcohol. In fact, I never do the former, largely because I hardly ever do the latter. One of the gifts of my particular genetic heritage is an inability to properly process alcohol – I do the whole red flush thing, but with an enthusiasm and violence you probably aren’t accustomed to seeing. If I have a small glass of wine – somewhere around the 125 – 175 mL mark, I’d guess – with dinner, and I mean a full meal, I turn rather decidedly pink. If I have less food, or more wine, then I can actually break out in hives, depending on how far things go. I’ll get red, welty splotches on my arms, and neck, and torso. Sometimes they itch. If I’m bound and determined and keep on drinking, eventually I hit a point where I can actually detect a difference in my breathing – I can feel the air moving through my airways more, which suggests (to me) a narrowing of the airways, like mild anaphylaxis.

So, yes, I tend to stay away from alcohol.

But my habit is to not drink much of anything anyway. I’m not sure how this developed, but for as long as I can remember, I don’t consume much liquid. Some people must have a drink with their meals, and usually go through refills within a single meal. Generally, I don’t.

And it’s always been fine. Or, well, I thought it was fine. I felt fine. I didn’t seem to be suffering any ill effects.

Over the past two weeks, however, something has been different. My skin has been drier than usual – it’s usually pretty firmly on the dry end of the spectrum anyway, but it got all annoyed and irritated, and no amount of cream seemed to bring any relief. Which led to the suggestion that I might want to evaluate my water intake, and adjust it.

So for the past week, I’ve been trying to drastically increase my water intake. I’m up to three full glasses of water – straight up pure water – everyday, in addition to whatever I would normally drink (juice, pop, etc.) with meals and things. How? Basically, whenever I think I’m going to be sitting still for a little bit, working on something on the computer (or playing a little game on the computer, tee hee), I make sure I get myself a glass of water first.

Is it helping? Maybe. The problematic patches are clearing away by degrees, but there was certainly no magical miracle transformation.

Or does that kick in once you manage four glasses of water a day?

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Eve Angel as a Naughty Easter Bunny
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Eve Angel as a Naughty Easter Bunny
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Okay guys, it’s almost Easter! Time for more Easter Porn galleries including this Eve Angel. It’s also almost time for another day off! I can’t wait. Work sucks….

Anyway, no rushing…
A little while ago I mentioned feeling sudden hatred for my hair, and resolving to get a cut to fix it, and then waking up one morning not hating my hair anymore.

Despite my change in attitude, it still seemed prudent to schedule a cut anyway, so a few days later I finally picked up the phone and called up the salon. My current work schedule is not at all flexible, so that placed some pretty severe restrictions on when I could actually go in, and I relayed those constraints to the woman on the phone.

Once we got it all sorted out, my appointment was booked for April 25.

So much for getting a cut ahead of schedule.

And, of course, wouldn’t you know it, today? I hate my hair again.

The next six weeks are really going to test my patience, aren’t they?
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Brunette poses nude in front of HDR Sunset
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Brunette poses nude in front of HDR Sunset

Brunette poses nude in front of HDR Sunset
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Okay guys, here’s another of those femjoy / joymii galleries. This one has a nice looking brunette posing in front of a heavily modified sunset.. I believe the term is “HDR”, which, if done right looks quite nice!
Unfortunately, I think everyone overdoes it now… :(

Anyway, I was just about to type here that I suspect there is something fundamental to being human that makes us want to collect things, but then realized that I know one person who routinely does purges of his physical possessions – he says he starts to feel bogged down by his stuff, so he gets rid of massive amounts of it, and then he feels better.

Me? Well, I’ll admit to sometimes getting a bit overwhelmed by the clutter, but my solution is usually reorganization, with removal of items that are no longer desired. And by no longer desired, I mean emphatically no longer desired – if there is any hint of favourable feeling left in me for the item, I keep it.

People seem to collect things, though – some actively collect stamps, or coins, or dolls. One common stereotype is that women collect shoes and handbags. I always considered myself an outlier with that one – I don’t think I have a particularly large shoe collection, nor do I have an excessive handbag thing going.

Or, at least, that’s what I thought.

Last week, Coach sent me another 25% off coupon, and the arrival of that coupon sent me straight to their website to look at the current offerings. I haven’t looked in a while. Actually, that’s a lie – I think I took a quick peek in late November of last year, wondering if there was anything that I might want to put on my Christmas wish list. At the time, none of the bags were sufficiently captivating to make me add them to my list. Besides, I remember reminding myself that I currently have four Coach bags in my collection that handily meet any requirements that I might have.

So, I started browsing the site again last week, and I remembered that auto-reminder from not so long ago, and I was thinking I could probably just let this 25% off slide again since I don’t have any burning needs, and then one bag entered my field of vision – a Madison Op Art Sateen Tote, in silver – and a little chirrup of excitement stirred in the depths of my brain. Whichever neurons are responsible for coveting started firing.

I looked at the bag – a beautifully simple affair, with two handles that are long enough to be slung over a shoulder and a good size to it. It is different from the other bags in my collection. It struck me as a good candidate for a summertime handbag. I was, however, not entirely won over by the colour. I was a tad worried that silver might be a bit too blingy for my personal taste, and might be a bit out of sync with the rest of me. This hesitation kept me from running to the store, waving my credit card around with a slightly wild look in my eyes.

I have been thinking about that handbag, though, off and on, over the past few days. Today I opened up the website again to take another look at it.

And saw that the offerings had been refreshed compared to what I had seen last week.

And another handbag, in the same style, but with a different pattern to the fabric, jumped off the page at me. It’s a bright red-based graphic print – signature Coach Op Art Cs in a grid – but to my eyes it’s fun and summery and now I absolutely know that I want that handbag.

I didn’t think I had a thing for handbags. Maybe I need to reevaluate.

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Cute Russian Teen gets Anal - XXX
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Cute Russian Teen gets Anal - XXX

Cute Russian Teen gets Anal - XXX
Cute Russian Teen gets Anal – XXX
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Anyway, old habits die hard…
A few weeks ago, I happened to notice a few new Facebook requests come my way – one from my mother, one from my aunt, and one from my uncle.

I found this curious because these are three individuals that have, in the past, displayed limited interest in social networking sites like Facebook. It was particularly perplexing in the case of my mother, who has shown very little interest in computers in general.

As it turns out, the accounts were created so that they could play an online slot machine game that earns you loyalty points for use at MGM resorts in Las Vegas. My aunt really wants to see Vegas, so when she found out about this game she was all over it, and a number of other family members jumped on board as well, including my mother. Hence the friend requests – you get bonus ‘chips’ to play with for adding more friends, and you and your friends can send each other chips on a daily basis.

I took a look at the rewards being offered, and they’re not bad – it’s not as if you need a ridiculous amount of points to be able to get anything, and it’s not as though all you can get are souvenir dice and cards – though you can get those too, if you wish. There are some complimentary nights, room upgrades, dining credits, show tickets. It may turn out that there is also some fine print once you go to claim one of these rewards that restricts the usage in some way, but so far I am reasonably intrigued.

After all. I like Vegas, too.

So I accepted their requests and started playing myself. There’s a small variety of different slot games, with the usual sorts of variation found with slot games, and I’ve settled in with one that I particularly like – not because I’m especially lucky with it, there have been times when I’ve sat down to spin the reels a few times and found my chip supply completely drained rather quickly. I like the way the bonus game works – the top prize isn’t as spectacular, probably, but you are guaranteed a prize from the game – and I like the fact that there are fewer psych-out wins. You know, the ones where the game makes all the happy noises like you’ve won, but really you’ve only gotten back a small fraction of your original bet. Like, if you’re betting 300 chips per spin, and you win back 40. Those tricky things.

Anyway, I’ve been playing, and it’s been fun, but I’m finding myself fighting my instincts a little bit as I play.

I keep wanting to cash out.

Of course, there’s no such thing – in fact, the whole point of playing is to basically spend as much as I can, to rack up those loyalty points. But whenever I’m up, a little voice tells me it’s time to cut and run, and I briefly look for the CASH OUT button. Which doesn’t exist.

I just hope that, when I next do get to Vegas, that little voice hasn’t completely been beaten down, and I remember to walk away from the machine when I’m up.

If I’m up. Because, you know, the house always wins….

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