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Shaved blonde during a thunderstorm
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Shaved blonde during a thunderstorm

Shaved blonde during a thunderstorm
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Okay guys, here’s a hot femjoy gallery featuring a shaved blonde chick posing in a tree during a thunderstorm. Didn’t her mother teach her not to pose naked in trees when there’s a chance of a lightning strike? Shocking. At least she’ll get her thin nude body washed in the rain.

Anyway, Yesterday, I did some laundry.

Today, my most recent order from Victoria’s Secret was delivered. I didn’t order tons – just a handful of things, really. Still, they’re new, which means I want to wear them as soon as possible. First, though, they need to be washed. I have a really hard time wearing clothing without washing it first. I’ll do it if the garment is dry clean only, but washable stuff? Absolutely goes for a trip through the machine – or machines, if it’ll tolerate the dryer – before it goes on me. Stuff that’s straight from the store or the warehouse just doesn’t smell right – especially the stuff from a warehouse, I find those garments tend to smell extra chemically.

Which, of course, makes me wonder what chemicals are in the fabric to be producing that smell, and if I’m wearing the item, that means those chemicals are potentially transferring off onto my skin, and being absorbed, and good gravy, did you see that episode of House where the guy was wearing jeans that had been contaminated with some pesticide and it got into his system and started completely trashing him and so he was hospitalized but no one could figure out what was wrong with him because no one expected that he might have been exposed to pesticides?!?!

Um, yep. I wash my clothes before I wear them, whenever possible.

Since I just did laundry yesterday, though, that means I don’t have enough clothes to wash the new stuff in a full load. I suppose I could run a partial load through, but that seems so wasteful and gluttonous. I mean, I’d have precisely five items in the wash. Who does that?

So I shall wait. I should have enough to do a couple of proper loads of laundry come the weekend. I’m back to work again – which means I have to get dressed on a daily basis. A person will dirty a whole lot more clothes when she can’t laze about in her pyjamas all day.

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Blonde Amateur with Giant Breasts and Funny Face
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Blonde Amateur with Giant Breasts and Funny Face

Blonde Amateur with Giant Breasts and Funny Face
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Okay guys, here’s another amateur porn gallery starring a cute blonde with big fluffy boobs… It’s sort of a tame gallery – no hardcore, no pussy, but the big fluffy chest pillows are worth checking it out for! It’s from an ‘amateur girlfriend’ website, where most of the pictures are stolen.

Anyways, lucky 13…
The elementary/primary school I attended as a child was a relatively small one, and somehow, things worked themselves out so that my class happened to stay in the same classroom for at least the last three years that we were there. We didn’t have the same teacher all three years – though we did have the same one for the last two. Someone somewhere must have decided that spatial consistency is good for developing young minds, and so we stayed where we were from one year to the next.

In room 13.

Lots of people think of 13 as an unlucky number. As young kids, my classmates and I had all learned the general superstitious belief that 13 is unlucky.

As young kids, however, we were a resilient bunch. Rather than grow fearful and stressed that we had been doomed to a year – in fact, multiple years – of bad luck, we turned it around in our favour. I no longer remember which classmate had this idea, but it spread through the group like wildfire, and within a matter of days, we were all trumpeting this same story back to anyone who would listen.

For us, and only us, the number 13 was not unlucky. How could it be? It was ours. It had been assigned to us, as indicated by our classroom. If we owned it, it couldn’t possibly be bad for us. In fact, this likely indicated that it was in fact a good omen for us to encounter 13 elsewhere in our lives – because, at school, 13 was where we lived.

Yes, that is the sort of logic you can expect a bunch of potentially superstitious nine and ten year olds to come up with. It worked for us, though – none of us ever had a problem with 13.

At least, not while we were in that classroom. After our last year, we all moved to different schools, and a year after that, I moved to an entirely different city, so I don’t really know what became of most of my childhood classmates. They may now be a cluster of fierce triskaidekaphobes.

Now that we’re going to all be writing a whole bunch of 13s for the next twelve months minus a couple of days, I find myself wondering if that lucky 13 logic could apply to this year, for those superstitious types.

How do I feel about 13, years out of that period of my childhood?

Honestly? I don’t like the number 13. I don’t think of it as really unlucky, though. I don’t think of myself as a superstitious person, despite the observation that there are lots of those running around in my family, and the odds of transfer are thus really, really high. I do sort of avoid 13, but not because I think it’s a bad omen or anything.

I don’t like 13 because it’s odd, and I have this weird thing where I just don’t seem to like odd numbers. I much prefer even numbers. The only redeeming quality I see in odd numbers comes from those which are also prime numbers, which, oddly (ha!), I kind of like – which is really strange since even numbers aren’t primes, with the exception of 2. I also like multiples of 5 – because they’re multiples of 5. So 13 is sort of neat in my books because it’s a prime, but it’s still odd, which makes me not like it too much.

So yeah. I’m not a triskaidekaphobe.

There might be another word to describe me and my number preference system, though.
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Christmas CFMN Orgy style
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Christmas CFMN Orgy style

Christmas CFMN Orgy style
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Okay guys, it’s getting close to Christmas. It’s time to start posting the Christmas Holiday galleries! This one is a hot CFNM themed Christmas porn gallery from a teen CFNM themed website that features a lot of teens having orgies.
It must say something about me that I always want the girl who’s not participating, the one just sitting on the edge of the action, to get involved. In this case, I was watching the video hoping the girl in the green would get fucked…. I love corruption of innocents. (Hence my fetish towards drunken antics with malestrippers a la Partyhardcore!)

Anyway, thank you, emphatically!!!
I had my regularly scheduled dentist appointment today for a cleaning and check-up.

I am happy to report that I am still cavity free!

I don’t always get the same hygienist, and the one who worked on me last time gave me a bit of grief about flossing. Not too much, honestly – it’s not as though she severely scolded me or anything – but there was some bleeding while she was scaling, and she told me I needed to be sure to floss regularly.

Thing is, I do floss. Almost every night. True, there are nights where I skip it, but that’s a fairly rare occurrence. Mostly, I floss, then I brush.

And so, feeling the need to stand up for myself, I told her, I do floss.

She then told me that I needed to be sure I got below the gumline when I flossed. She admitted that my gums looked pretty healthy, but the bleeding she was seeing suggested otherwise, particularly with the upper teeth.

I didn’t say anything more at that point – in part because she went back to work, which means I had those scary-looking scaling implements back in my mouth, and I am not particularly keen to move my jaw and tongue around when those little hooks of death are working in there. I thought, though, that it seemed pretty likely that the activity of scaling might be sufficient to draw blood from otherwise healthy gums, particularly when the hygienist was a bit rough, which I had begun to suspect this one was, and felt somewhat vindicated when my gums felt a bit sore for some hours after the whole thing was done.

Today, though, I was granted even more evidence that I am in the clear, oral hygiene wise.

You may have picked up on this by this point in the blog – I’m a bit nervous about my teeth. I really hate getting cavities filled. When the dentist comes in to do the actual checkup, he peers into my mouth and starts poking around with one of those hook things, and I have tiny little panic attacks with every poke and prod. I have this vivid memory of a dentist – not sure if it was him or his predecessor – poking at a cavity with that implement to illustrate to me what decayed enamel was like, to show me that it was soft and sticky. I could feel the point sink into my tooth slightly, and then when he pulled it back out, I could feel it resist, then release with a sticky-sounding metallic ping. So I pay close attention – I’m trying to sense if he’s found any stickiness, so that I can mentally prepare for the fact that I need yet another filling. Also, even though I know he’s very likely checking that the old fillings are still okay, I can’t help but think that every spot he inspects more closely must be suspicious in some way.

So I sit there, with my mouth open and someone else’s fingers working a couple of metal instruments in there, wishing and hoping but becoming increasingly convinced that I will have to submit to the drill.

This level of insecurity also means I’m that patient who asks the hygienist questions when the opportunity presents itself. When she pauses to make notes, or switch instruments, I’ll jump in with a, How does it look? You see, if she thinks things don’t look good, I can use the scaling and polishing time to prepare myself for the ominous news that will certainly be delivered by the dentist later. So I ask.

The hygienist I saw today was not the one I saw at my last checkup – she is, however, one I’ve seen before, so she’s not new or anything. Right when I first opened my mouth for her, she peered in there, and commented, Ooh, your gums look good. I felt a small surge of hope and confidence. As she worked on my lower teeth, at one point, I tasted blood, and felt my hopes fall. At the first opportunity, I asked her, How does it look? I fully expected to be chided gently for some lapse in dental hygiene.

To my surprise, she replied, Good! There’s not much buildup, it’s totally reasonable, and there’s some bleeding, but it’s not bad.

I asked again after she’d worked on the upper teeth some, and she again reassured me that I was in good shape, adding, There’s a bit more bleeding than there was with the lower teeth, but that’s due to differences in blood supply – it’s nothing to be concerned about.

I must admit to an urge to jump up, shout, A-HA! Then do a little victory dance right there on the fancy tilting chair.

My oral hygiene habits are just fine.

Even better? This time around, my gums aren’t as sore after the scaling as they were last time. A-ha, indeed!
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Cute teen tied down and fucked by big dildo
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Cute teen tied down and fucked by big dildo

Cute teen tied down and fucked by big dildo
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Okay guys, here’s a hot Teen Kasia gallery… She’s tied up on a chair in some guy’s garage, and a couple of creepy guys are taking pictures of her while they stick large sex toys up her tight, teen pussy.. Teen Kasia is a very hot blonde Russian teen, but I’m not sure if she’s active anymore… I’ll have to do some research.


Grrrrr… My server was hacked again. Luckily, my webhost is absolutely terrific, and they reinstalled the OS, scanned all the files, and found some of the suspicious traces… After them working for many hours, I had to go through and see if their work broke any of my stuff..
It did, and I think it’s time that ‘LostCherries.Com’ goes away… I wasn’t really doing anything with it anyways….

That being said, I’m really, really tired. I was up until 7am emailing back and forth with the techs while they worked… And then up again at noon to continue poking around, finding out what’s broken… My blog has over 3000 posts on it, lots of broken links, old plugins… So much to check! I’m glad that I get regular backups as well….

I’ll be back tomorrow with a real post :)

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Shaved Teen gets body painted
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Shaved Teen gets body painted

Shaved Teen gets body painted
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Okay guys, this could be the start of a neat exhibitionism gallery. A tight young blonde gets bluejean shorts painted over her shaved pussy, and a bra top painted on her small A-cup breasts. It would be awesome to watch the video of her walking around outside, in some metropolitan center – filming reactions as people realize that no, it’s not really tight clothing that attractive woman is wearing – it’s paint. Just paint on her tight, hairless body! ALSscan is awesome.

Anyways, the return of the queen!

I am a terrible procrastinator.

Of course, you understand that by terrible procrastinator, I really mean that I’m pretty excellent at it. I can convince myself of pretty improbable things through my rationalizations. I was once the queen of the last-minute paper, the late night workfests, the middle-of-the-night epiphanies. Seriously. It was more than a bad work habit. It was a lifestyle.

In more recent years, though, I’ve found that having an actual job has reduced my procrastination power. Having to juggle a larger array of responsibilities seems to have triggered a more realistic view of time, how it goes, and what can be done in intervals of various sizes. Now, when I find I have an appropriate interval, I’ll actually think ahead to what work-related deadlines are coming, think a bit about how many more appropriate intervals I’ll be able to squeeze out of the remaining days, how many I’ll actually need to get the work done, and then sit down and actually do some work.

The queen was dethroned, to some extent. Sure, there were still panicky moments of realizing that a deadline had come slamming up much quicker than anticipated, but things were getting done early, which had previously been unheard of. I haven’t needed to attempt an all-nighter in years. Years.

It may, however, have been a temporary haze. Today, I did a calm, calculated assessment of what I needed to achieve before the work week ended, and realized that to meet that goal I’d need more hours than what I’m expecting to have in my office, so I packed up a batch of things and brought them home with me, thinking if I spent a couple of hours on them tonight after dinner or something, I’d put a serious dent in them, if not finish them off almost completely.

So into my tidy folder they went, and they came home, and the folder was placed beside my laptop, so that it would absolutely be in my field of view at some point this evening.

Yeah. The folder hasn’t even been opened yet.

Because that stuff doesn’t need to be dealt with right this moment. It can wait until tomorrow – or even the day after.

The queen is back.
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