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Sexy Shaved Blonde - Explicite-Art condom fucking

Sexy Shaved Blonde - Explicite-Art condom fucking

Sexy Shaved Blonde - Explicite-Art condom fucking
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Okay guys, here’s an explicite-art gallery. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of condoms in porn…. Sure it’s safer, yes, it’s a must have in our private lives, but porn is about fantasy. Fantasy doesn’t include STD’s. That being said, Explicite-art shoots it well, and I’m not too disappointed :)

Anyway, the nose knows…. Last holiday season, I had the good fortune of attending a rather fancy workplace holiday party as a +1. It wasn’t fancy in a sit-down multi-course gourmet meal sort of way, but it was held at one of the nicer restaurants in the city, and there were rather tasty and impressive appetizers being paraded around the room, along with an open bar.

One of the many tasty things I ate that night were what they called lamb pops – basically they did up rack of lamb, then cut the racks into individual ribs for serving. There were several of us standing in a small huddle near the tabletop grill where the attendant was doing a final sear and seasoning for these as they were being served – you’d walk up to his station and ask for the lamb pops, and he’d grab a couple of them, give them a quick sear, then sprinkle them with some sea salt crystals and put on a drizzle of balsamic reduction. Seriously good.

So there we were, a small clump of people, chowing down on lamb pops and exclaiming at various intervals about how good they were. Except for one guy. He didn’t even have a single pop. One of his work colleagues noticed, and inquired about this, encouraging him to try at least one, because they were so good it would be a shame to not even try one.

And this gentleman revealed that he actually really enjoyed lamb, and he was sure that the lamb pops were delicious, and that he was truly sorely tempted – but he was still going to decline. I can’t eat lamb, he said.

This, naturally, raised the question of, Why not?

The answer? It makes my dog sad.

He has a border collie – a dog whose breed was developed to herd and protect sheep, and their lambs – and when he eats lamb, the dog can smell it on him hours later, and treats him as if he’s been possessed by a monster and engaged in truly horrific, unforgivable behaviour. So he avoids having lamb so that his dog won’t give him the cold shoulder.

At the time, I figured the story was evidence of how sensitive dog noses are. Turns out, lamb meat has a really strong, persistent odour to it. Last night’s dinner was rack of lamb – my first time preparing it for the grill. (I did not do the grilling. I happily passed that task onto a friend who’s better with a bbq..) The lamb racks came from Costco, all sealed up tight in commercial vacuum packaging, and I cut them open yesterday afternoon in order to set them marinating. It was my first time working with lamb – I’ve eaten lamb that someone else has prepared before, but had never handled it raw myself.

Right from the moment I opened up the plastic wrap, I could smell it. And it got stronger as I pulled the 5 racks out of the plastic. Once I’d gotten them all sorted and tucked away in ziploc bags, thoroughly coated in marinade, I scrubbed my hands with the soap I keep in the kitchen, scented with ginger and vanilla. Still my hands smelled of lamb. I went on with my day – doing other dinner preparing stuff, then serving and eating the dinner, then watching a movie and having dessert.

And whenever my hands came near my nose, I could smell the lamb.

The smell only faded after I’d had a shower before bed.

So yeah. Lamb is powerful stuff. Knowing what I know now, I’d be shocked if a dog – any dog – couldn’t smell it on a person a day later.

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Normal looking blonde fucked by big black cock

Normal looking blonde fucked by big black cock
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Okay guys, here’s a semi-strange porn gallery. It’s a very average, regular looking woman getting fucked by a black guy. She doesn’t looked very ‘pornstar’ like. The set looks like it’s out of the 80’s, but I know for a fact that it was shot in the last 10 years. Laila Mason was born in 1986. It’s just something about her.. I’ve seen other XXX videos of hers that look just as retro.

Anyway, the elegance… The other night, I was fixing up dinner – homemade sweet potato ginger soup with some grilled sausage sliced up and dropped right into the soup.

I dished the soup into bowls, and then began slicing up the sausages… I deftly pierced the skin on one sausage with the tines of a fork, so that I could hold the thing steady as I worked on it with the knife. The sausage must have objected to my action, because it retaliated by spurting a jet of sausage juice, which left a trail of three greasy drops on the front of my shirt.
The visual.

This annoyed me. That being said, I do understand the sausage’s reaction – I’d be pretty ticked if someone stuck a fork in me, too.

I continued with the sausage slicing, with no further greasy mishaps, and proceeded to add the sausage to the bowls of soup. When I got to the last one, I thought I’d be clever and, rather than picking up the sausage pieces one or two at a time, I’d pick up the whole cutting board and sweep the sausage pieces neatly into the bowl.

The sausage pieces disagreed with my plan. Rather than tumbling in neatly, they sort of rolled around a bit, and I ended up dropping one on the countertop. Three of the others hit the soup like they were vying for the prize for best cannonball, and little splotches of soup scattered themselves over the countertop.

This was turning out to be a rather messy meal.

The final blow came as I finished off my bowl of soup, and I was settling back into my seat to enjoy my warm soup belly with TV, and I moved my arm so that my hand ended up brushing up against my shirt, and I noticed it felt damp. Perplexed, I looked down, and saw that somewhere along the way in my eating my soup, I had managed to dribble a bit of it down the front of my shirt, so there were now damp spots smelling faintly of sweet potato and ginger accompanying the spots of grease left behind by the insolent sausage.

I guess it’s a good thing I don’t eat out often…..
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Well, I posted a nice little amateur gallery a few days ago, and then sort of ‘fell off the wagon’ again… Or would that be ‘got on the wagon?’.
Anyway, it was nice to see so many people welcoming me back! I guess I’ll explain a bit more.
Well. It had been a while, now.

I kind of fell into a rut there. Nothing went wrong, life was continuing on as it always does, but nothing seemed particularly comment-worthy, and therefore I would consistently find myself with nothing blog-worthy on my mind. Job was the same. Day-to-day life was the same.

I wasn’t unhappy or anything. It just didn’t seem like anyone other than me would really care to read about it, so I never wrote about it. That being said, I had a lot of ‘welcome back messages’. So maybe….

So here we are. Still, nothing’s really changed, but I found I sort of missed writing these little blurbs, so I’m going to try to get back into it. I realize this will be challenging, since I still feel like I don’t really have anything to write about that would be worth reading, but maybe I can come up with something.

Maybe. I promise nothing….

In the meantime, here’s a nice amateur blonde girl playing with her boyfriend on the beach. 51 homemade pictures!

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Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy
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Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy

Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy

Sleepy blonde playings with her silky shaved pussy
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Okay guys, this hot girl is Natalia from Met-Art. I’m betting she’s Russian with a strong Asian bloodline mixed in… She has very exotic features and a gorgeous, smooth looking body. I bet everything about her is silky. Met-art has some high quality models. Oh, and they now own ALSScan – I wonder how it will change…

Anyway, an ethical dilemma…
Sephora has a fabulous returns policy. If you don’t like something you’ve purchased, take it back. If you have the receipt, you can have a refund. If you don’t have a receipt, you can still have a refund, but for whatever the current price for the product is – that is, not necessarily the purchase price you paid, if the item has since gone on sale or something. If you’ve used some of the product, that’s okay – they’ll still take it back.

But this raises a bit of an ethical dilemma. At what point does one decide that they’ve used too much of the product and returning it really starts to go against the spirit of the awesome return policy? Clearly, if you’ve used all of it, you shouldn’t be able to return an empty container. And equally clearly, if you’ve only used a tiny bit, so the container is still essentially full, that’s totally fine to return.

But what to do about quantities that fall somewhere between those extremes?

I bought a bottle of new-to-me body wash, and I’ve been using it for the past month and a half or so, so there’s about a third of the bottle gone. I’ve at long last determined that I actually don’t like it – it seems to dry my skin out a bit.

So I want to return it.

But I’m not sure I’m ethically okay to return it. I mean, there’s nothing in the return policy as it’s formulated to prevent me from being able to return it, but I don’t want to unreasonably take advantage of it – when things like that happen too often, wonderful return policies get changed so that people can’t abuse them. I don’t want to contribute to that scenario.

So. Can I return my bottle?

Realistically, I could keep it and simply use it in the summer, when dryness isn’t as big of an issue.

Of course, the problem there is that I’m not particularly fond of the scent.

I keep going back and forth on whether I can return it or not.

Maybe tomorrow will bring me an answer….
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Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked
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Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked

Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked
Blonde with Dangly Boobs fucked
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Okay guys, here’s a gallery I stumbled upon that had some intriguing facial expressions. Normally I’m not into ‘painal’, but I actually like the expressions this girl is making as she gets fucked! I’ve heard it referred to as ‘painal’ or ‘painanal’. Not really my thing. It’s from one of those giant network sites that give you access to a bunch of movies – Mofos.

Anyway, Robot resurrection…

A few years ago, I acquired a Roomba vacuuming robot to help out with the housekeeping around here.

It worked out wonderfully for several months. Then, Christmas rolled around, and I put up the tree, and I worried about the Roomba knocking the tree around and ornaments falling and breaking, so I put the Roomba on hiatus until after the tree came down.

Trouble is, once the tree came down, I sort of forgot to reinstate the Roomba’s cleaning schedule.

About a month ago, it became clear that if I were to use the Roomba once more, it would need its battery replaced – the thing didn’t hold a proper charge anymore.

It now has a spiffy new battery, and a couple of days ago, I pressed the button on top, prompting it to do a runaround of the floors.

It didn’t do a spectacular job – never did – but it did do reasonably well. I had to rescue it a few times – it managed to get itself stuck in a couple of spots – but otherwise it was fine just puttering around, and I puttered around working on preparing dinner at the same time, making sure to keep my feet out of its path. Not that I was worried about being sucked up or anything – I just didn’t want to mess with its random trajectory.

I had forgotten that it’s sort of fun to have this little robot helping me out. It’s almost like a little pet, a pet that’s doing some of my cleaning for me. It chirps out a happy little song as it prepares to begin doing its thing, it beeps as if it were a giant semi truck as it backs out of its dock, and once it’s redocked after it’s done, it plays a triumphant little tune as well, as if it’s pleased with itself.

Now, however, comes the true test. Will I remember to keep running it? I’m not going to program it, because I think I should be home when it runs, since it does need to be rescued periodically. So I have to manually push the button.

Think I’ll remember to keep pushing the button every few days?
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