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Click the picture to see a sexy, black Montreal girl – Minnie St. Clair!

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Click the picture to see a sexy black girl from Montreal – Minnie St. Clair

Okay guys, here’s a gallery I’ve been meaning to post for a while… It’s of a local girl from here in Montreal that goes by the name Minnie St. Clair…. Hope you enjoy the hot ebony babe!

Anyway, a credit card statement arrived in today’s mail…

Being a good, responsible adult, I opened it up and took a quick glance over the charges I’ve accrued with this card – I’ve got more than one – over the past month.

The entirety of my charges were for grocery purchases.

Oh, except for the $47 and change that I had to pay when I went to the dentist – my dental insurance doesn’t quite cover all the charges. I have a small health spending account as part of my benefits at work – I’ll have to remember to take the paperwork in and submit it for reimbursement.

So yeah. In the course of a month, that one credit card – which, by the way, is my go-to credit card for most everyday purchases – I basically only bought groceries.

Now I’m very glad I caved and bought myself that new bag over the weekend.

Well. I was glad that I bought it anyway. I just had a small nudge of guilt over spoiling myself with a new fancy handbag.

This most recent credit card statement, however, would suggest that this could be considered a reasonable extravagance.

Now what else do you think I can get away with while I’m in this frame of mind?

Click here for a hot gallery of Minnie St. Clair!

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Hot ebony babe at gloryhole with 3 men
Click the picture to see the hot ebony babe Megan Vaughn service 3 men at a gloryhole

Hot ebony babe at gloryhole with 3 men

Hot ebony babe at gloryhole with 3 men
Click the picture to see a hot black woman fuck and suck three white men at a gloryhole!
Here is the black gloryhole gangfuck video with Megan Vaughn.

Okay guys, this is a super hardcore gallery featuring a very attractive black lady at a gloryhole with 3 white dicks… She takes turns giving each gloryhole cock a blowjob before turning around and fucking them… It’s from the blacksonblondes guys – you get the whole network of interracial specialty sites with a single membership. If you like black women, they have a fair number of them… But usually only involved in gloryholes or gangbangs.

Anyways, while walking around today, I had a great idea for a post here.

Unfortunately, my brain has since eaten that idea, apparently, because I can’t remember any of it for the life of me.

And really, this sort of thing just shouldn’t happen. I have a smartphone, I typically have it with me whenever I’m out of the house – though I don’t take it to my classes, for obvious reasons, but I also don’t find I have random good ideas while I’m in class, because, you know, brain busy. I could absolutely whip it out whenever a good idea strikes and jot down a few notes to help me retrieve the memory later.

And yet, so far I haven’t done this.

Perhaps I should make a conscious effort to use that functionality more.

In the meantime, here’s hoping that my brain releases that idea back to my conscious mind.

Of course, now that I’ve built it up so much, there’s no way I’m going to actually identify the so-called great idea. I don’t think I could handle it if it didn’t live up to all the hype.

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The ebony gangbang gloryhole video is here

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4 thin babes modeling nude
Click the picture to see 4 thin, gorgeous models posing nude. (Make sure you scroll down past the movie!)

4 thin babes modeling nude

4 thin babes modeling nude
Click the picture for a sexy mixed ethnicity porn gallery of 4 gorgeous models from Hegre-art (make sure you scroll down past the movie!)

Okay guys, here’s another hot hegre-art gallery featuring 4 gorgeous, thin models with shaved pussies. Hegre-art always has gorgeous models and great photography. The only thing I’d do different with this, is shake it up a bit more.
Add a Latina and an Asian… Get the full ‘United Colors of Benetton’ nude modeling going.

Anyways, packing up…
This week marks my return to work for a new semester. While I’m not technically ‘on’ until Thursday, I do have to show my face at a department meeting tomorrow morning, which is just as well since I have some organizing to do before the actual first day, and being on campus for the meeting in the morning means I’ll have an afternoon to get all that sorted out – I strongly prefer to do that work from my on-campus office, since all the files I need are on the network drive and easily accessed there. I’m pretty sure I don’t have up-to-date copies on my laptop, so trying to do the work from home would involve loads more work than it should.

So I’m getting ready to get back to it, and part of that involves a bit of packing to get my office ready. I’ve got my new agenda in my handbag – although now I’m wondering if I want to switch to a different handbag, the agenda doesn’t quite fit in the one I’ve been using nearly all summer. I’ve bought myself a bag of granola from Costco for munching on in my office when I’m hungry but haven’t got enough time to go to the food court to fetch up some food – this granola should help cover the gap until I have time for an actual meal-sized portion. I’ve got my sneakers, lock, and water bottle ready to be stowed in my cubby, where they will wait for my excursions to the Rec Centre. I still need to pack up my little knapsack with my gym clothes.

I’m still undecided about what I want to wear tomorrow. Part of me thinks that since I’m showing up for an official department meeting, I should dress well. The other part of me thinks that since I’m not actually in class, I can be a bit on the casual side. I have a feeling that this indecision will persist until tomorrow morning when I need to either get dressed or commit to showing up at work in my skivvies, which I’m sure would not go over well at all.

I sure wish I still had a bit more down time.

On the other hand, getting paid sure is nice.
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Young Black Teen - Kiesha Little
Click the picture for a nude gallery of a young black teen with a fully shaved pussy!

Okay guys, here’s a new black teen for you guys. The last ‘ebony lesbians’ I posted ages ago went over well, and Pat wanted to find the ‘hottest black girl porn’. Unfortunately, the really hot ebony teen I was thinking of seemed to have removed herself from the internet… I can’t find her website anymore!! Instead, I bring you Kiesha Little. Make sure you look at the rest of her pics in the gallery… I collected this before I started the 3 picture preview porn. I feel like a change, and want a few more naked ethnic girls on the blog :)

Here’s another black teen you might like – Minnie St. Claire!

Anyways, doodely…

Have you ever noticed the Google Doodles?

Any time you go to the Google page and their usual logo isn’t up there, you’re looking at a doodle. Sometimes they’re interactive – the one they did to commemorate Jim Henson’s birthday had a few easter eggs in it, which a friend pointed out to me, but I no longer remember how to do. There was one with a PAC-MAN game embedded into it – I spent a few minutes playing with that.

The doodles, particularly the interactive ones, are fun little distractions in your day. Unfortunately, I use Google Chrome as my browser of choice, and one of the features of Chrome is that your address bar can be used to do a Google search, just by keying your search terms in there. Which means that I don’t actually have to visit Google to do my Googling, so I actually don’t see the doodles very often – only when a friend has found them first and has told me about it.

Fortunately for me, Google maintains an archive of all their doodles. So I could, in theory, spend some time sifting through there to play with all of the doodles I’ve missed.

Would I actually do that?

Well. Work contracts will be starting up again soon, and I do have an ongoing project that I’d like to see wrapped up before the new contracts begin.

So probably yes.

Click here for a hot gallery of Kiesha Little showing her shaved black teen pussy

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Black girl gangbanged by white guys - Tila Flame
Click the picture to see a sexy black girl gangbanged by white guys!

Black girl gangbanged by white guys - Tila Flame

Black girl gangbanged by white guys - Tila Flame
Click the picture to see an ebony bukkake gallery featuring Tila Flame!
The black girl bukkake movie is here

Okay guys. today’s gallery comes from ‘cumbang’. It’s niche involves black girls getting blowbanged, gangbanged, and/or bukkake‘d by “hillbilly” white guys… The premise is a little ridiculous, and the ‘redneck’ aspect is a little tiring. I’ve never understood why some porn sites feel the need to get so wacky… Seriously, I’d much rather them keep the gangbang/blowbang/bukkake theme – but instead of having drunk white guys, shake it up a bit… A bunch of guys in suits, a bunch of guys dressed as firemen… Maybe a group of cops, soldiers, etc.
Not ugly guys in t-shirts.
Still, cumbang has hot black babes, and sexy group sex, gang action.

Anyways, I am in a state of high anticipation.

After having determined that my current collection of bras does not in fact fit me, I pulled together a new collection in my virtual shopping bag while combing the clearance bins at Victoria’s Secret. It is not a small collection. While I will not disclose the precise number in a public forum such as this, I will say that I purchased fewer than ten, but more than four. Keep in mind that my goal was to replace my entire collection, and I think having more than four bras is pretty reasonable. A girl might be able to get away with only four bras if she was really diligent about doing her laundry. If she’s more like me, and is subject to, ah, we’ll call them lapses, then four is not enough.

So I placed my order for the new stash of bras, plus some other assorted odds and ends on clearance or sufficiently decent sale. Then the waiting began for the shipment confirmation, which arrived on Wednesday, I believe, stating that my order had successfully shipped – yay – and that Canada Post expected that my items would be delivered on 14 June 2012.

This is very exciting. Except that when I click the tracking link, it tells me that my package has been processed at the postal facility in Mississauga, and that’s it. It doesn’t show as having arrived in my city, it doesn’t even show as being in transit. Particularly maddening, this information hasn’t been updated since 6 June.

I really want my stuff. Now, please.

I think I can maintain the image of the reasonable, patient person up until 14 June. If delivery ends up being late – which I suspect it will, given my track record of experience with Canada Post – I may lose it just a tiny bit.
Click here to see Tila Flame, a sexy ebony babe get blowbanged and bukkake’d by a bunch of white guys
The black girl bukkake movie is here from Cumbang

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