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Asian Anal Fisting (And Vaginal)
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Asian Anal Fisting (And Vaginal)

Asian Anal Fisting (And Vaginal)
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Okay guys, here’s another hot gallery of that French-Asian slut Sharon Lee! In this Explicit-Art gallery, Sharon Lee gets her Asian ass fisted! Now, I’m not really into anal-fisting… In fact, I can safely say it’s something I never, ever want to try…. But it is kinky-dirty, and it’s fun watching a relatively ‘normal’ looking Asian lady get fisted… She also gets vaginal fisted in a hot asian lesbian fisting gallery. It’s by Explicite-Art.

Anyways, an ounce of prevention…
I’ve been pretty good about keeping up with my weekly bouts of physical activity so far this year.

I’ve noticed something, though. Well, in truth, I’ve noticed a number of things, but let’s restrict ourselves to just this one for today. Other girls, they’re quite happy to wander around the change room in bare feet, and they’ll freely saunter off to the showers and back again, all with no footwear.

And then there’s me. Maybe it’s my own inherent squeamishness, maybe it’s a germophobic tendency my mother drilled into me, but I never ever put my bare foot down on that tiled floor. In fact, I don’t even put my socked foot down on that floor. I had intended to be okay with the socks, but then on the very first day, before I started changing, I noticed girls wandering around in bare feet, and noticed water on the floor where girls who had been in the showers had dripped off or left wet footprints around, and my mind just seized up and said NO.

So how does this work? I change my socks and shoes in my office before heading to the locker room – I switch my regular socks for my (old, sort of worn out) sport socks, and then slip on a pair of sandals I keep in my office for precisely this purpose. I then walk over to the locker room, and proceed with changing my clothes, but I’m able to slip the sandals on and off, so basically the pants come down partway, then one foot is popped out of the sandal, the attached leg is extricated from the pants, and the foot is reinserted into the sandal. Repeat for the second foot/leg combo. Repeat again, but with pants being stepped into, and then I change the sandals for my sneakers. Reverse the procedure for changing back into my streetclothes later.

I have not seen anyone else do this.

I suspect this may indicate I’m a bit weird in this respect.

But I don’t care, because this way works for me. I won’t be picking up any unwanted microorganisms that might be lurking on that floor. Ick.
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Sexy quadroon nude
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Sexy quadroon nude

Sexy quadroon nude
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Anyways, it’s probably not a good sign…
I’m friends with someone who has people he knows ask him to look at their computers. He’s not a programmer, or an IT guy – well, he did spend a few summers working as an IT guy, but that was some years ago, it’s certainly not what he does now – and he’s never done any sort of coursework or certification. He’s a guy who got interested in computers when he was a young impressionable lad, and basically made use of his research skills to learn what he needed to know for whatever it was he wanted to do at the time. He still makes use of those research skills now to keep on top of the latest and greatest developments, though in a more expanded sort of way, so that now when someone asks him a random question about something – be it software packages, digital cameras, video games, cars, travel destinations, restaurants, home theatre, electronic gadgetry – he usually has a useful answer.

Of course, when people have problems, they like to seek out the help of the guy who has answers.

So I’ve heard stories about him being invited to various co-workers’ homes after hours to take a look at their home computers or laptops, and sometimes he’s asked to take a look at the co-worker’s offspring’s machine. He’s told me that he particularly dislikes looking at laptops that belong to women, especially teenage girls – the fragrance worn by that person, whether it’s actual perfume or the fragrance added to her hand cream or lotion of choice, gets into the surfaces that the hands and wrists rest on, so as the laptop gets warmer because it’s running, the scent gets diffused into the air.

The take home message being, your laptop will after a period of time, take on a scent that is essentially whatever scent is associated with you.

Today I had some friends over, and he sat down in front of my laptop – not to fix it, but to use it briefly to look something up – and informed me that my laptop smells like chocolate.


At least it’s not some stinky perfume.
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Sorority Hazing - multiracial
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Sorority Hazing - multiracial

Sorority Hazing - multiracial
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Okay guys, here’s a gallery from HazeHer – it’s a fantasy ‘hazing’ site that focuses on the college sorority niche. It’s a reality themed site by the same people who produce Dancing Bear, a hot, drunk woman and male stripper sex site.
It looks like HazeHer is getting some good content, although most of it is lesbian hazing.

Anyways, I was wandering through a specialty food store the other night – I was there in search of some special dairy-free soy-free cheese product to try – and while I was there I walked past their display of coconut milk and almond milk, and I noticed they had something called hemp milk.

Now, not too long ago, I was convinced to try out hemp seeds in salad – just sprinkle a tablespoon of them over top of the salad. They don’t add much flavour – maybe a bit of mild nuttiness – but they pack a pretty hefty nutritional punch, so I often toss them on when I’m having salad for dinner. So I was looking at this hemp milk, and thinking that it might work out in my favour to add it to the list of drink items I keep on hand. So I bought a carton of chocolate flavoured hemp milk.

And. Well.


Honestly, I have difficulty just finding words to express how much I did not like the taste of that hemp milk. My plan at this point is to use the rest in baking, where it makes minimal, if any contribution to flavour, and the ick can therefore be overpowered by other yumminess. I’m thinking chocolate gingerbread.

Guh. Never buying hemp milk again.
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Elegant blonde with fuzzy pussy
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Elegant blonde with fuzzy pussy

Elegant blonde with fuzzy pussy
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Okay, so maybe Piper A. from met-art has more than just peach-fuzz on her pussy.. It’s a little stubbly, but I know some of you like that… Personally I prefer it smooooooth…
Piper is very elegant and sophisticated looking. She was also photographed by the same guy responsible for Mariko. I just wish met-art was a smidge harder. A little bit of hardcore or at least some large lesbian dildoing would be fun!

Anyways, there’s a special dropbox deal on right now… You can get 5gb extra free space by helping them beta-test their new photo upload capabilities.
This only works for the windows and android versions right now….

To begin,

1) Sign up for a drop box account if you don’t already have one here

2) download the beta:

3) close dropbox if you have it open

4) install the beta

5) get an empty SD card or USB drive and create a folder named:

6) copy 5gb of photos into that folder (I’ve been told that AVI’s also work)

7) eject the drive

8) plug the sd card / drive back in, and in your autorun selection, select ‘import photos to dropbox’. (note that it *has* to be done via autorun. Copying photos into your dropbox folder manually won’t work).

It’ll take a while to upload all the photos, and the space will be there… I personally love dropbox – it makes for an easy way to transfer files between home and work, and provides a convenient backup for important documents….

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Nude Babe dressed like Court Jester - Harley Quinn
Click the picture to see a gallery of Carlotta Champagne dressed like Harley Quinn!

Nude Babe dressed like Court Jester - Harley Quinn
Click the picture for a hot gallery of Carlotta Champagne dressed in a Court Jester Halloween costume!

Okay guys, continuing my halloween porn galleries is this hot one of Carlotta Champagne – a playboy-esque babe dressed like a Court Jester for Halloween! Now, I’m betting that if she went out dressed like that, she’d be pretty popular at the clubs! I sort of wonder if we’ll see many Jester’s/Harley Quinn’s this Halloween, or if batman was too long ago?

Anyways, I fell off the wagon….
I didn’t go for my exercise session last Thursday – I ended up unable to schedule an appointment for Friday, and had to do it Thursday instead.

I didn’t go for my exercise session yesterday – I had to take my car in for an oil change.

At this moment, I’m not entirely convinced that I will have the required spiritual fortitude to get myself down to the rec centre for hamster wheeling tomorrow. I’m not feeling it. Plus, I’ve got a fairly significant stack of work coming my way tomorrow – it would behoove me to get moving on that.

But then again, if I don’t go tomorrow, that may kill all of my good intentions, and I may never get down there again.

I’ll pack up my stuff and take it in with me. We shall see what we shall see.

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