almost illegal teen poses naked
Click the pic for a hot gallery of a busty young teenager posing nude!!

Okay guys – I previously posted a hot asian showing off her panties from this hot ‘Pose for Daddy’ site…. As well as Taylor Matthews in an ‘I pose for Daddy’ set…and now it’s time for a busty white teenager to show her stuff! Hope you like!!

Anyways, I once read a quote somewhere, no longer sure where or who said it, but it went something like this:

“Asian girls look like they’re about 15 for 50 years, and then overnight they turn into Yoda.”

Well. This is clearly a gross exaggeration. I don’t look like I’m 15 anymore, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t looked 15 for a while. I also know boatloads of other girls of similar ethnicity/extraction of various ages who don’t all look 15. And they don’t look like Yoda either….

Still, I see the point the speaker was trying to make – people of my ethnic heritage tend to age somewhat better than our other-ethnicity counterparts. It takes longer for us to get wrinkly. ^_^ From what I’ve seen – amongst my relatives, that is – the wrinkliness is slower in developing too.

Well, that’s good news for me. But there is a downside to this. Basically, I’ve noticed that older Asian women tend to fall into two categories, looks wise. On the one hand, you’ve got the wrinkly jolly looking old lady. On the other, you have the wrinkly grumpy looking old lady. There doesn’t seem to be a halfway compromise here – they either look friendly and spunky, or downright snarky and spiteful.

._. I sure hope I fall on the happier side of the fence when I pass my Yoda-date!!!

Anyways – enjoy the Posing For Daddy series with a busty, almost illegal nude teen!

2 Responses to “Super cute, super young teen!”
  1. Tyler says:

    hey u look super hot in yur pic n i would luv 2 talk 2 u n get 2 noe u more

  2. Bob says:

    my huge dick will slide in your ass

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