Sunny Leone's pretty pussy
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Okay, those were Sunny Leone pictures – unrelated to Vivid, but I’ve got the free Sunny trailer for you to watch… It’s at the end of this post :)
The trailer is pretty nice – it’s all girl on girl action. Lots of flicking tongues and smooth shaven pretty pussies!

Now that Sunny Leone is a Vivid Contract girl, we’re going to be seeing some slightly harder action with her! I don’t know if we’ll ever see TRUE hardcore – boy girl, or group sex with Sunny Leone, but we will definately see some hard dildo action :)

That being said, every other vivid girl that started out soft with just girl/girl action HAS produced at least one sex video – so I’m hoping that Sunny Leone will follow suit!

Anyways, remember how last week there was that one day where I woke up and there was no water running in the bathroom?

Ever since then, the water temperature has been exceedingly difficult to control. You start up the hot and cold water, and adjust them to a suitable temperature. Then, without any further adjustment, the cold water will suddenly stop running, instantly scalding you. The solution? Turn the hot water off completely. Wait until the trickle of water left behind runs cold, then slowly add back hot water until the temperature is again comfortable.

Today, a call was finally logged to building maintenance. They said they’d look into it. Hooray.

Now, there’s a new wrinkle – not only does the cold water run down to a trickle at the drop of a hat, but the hot water can do it too. So in addition to periodic scaldings, there are sporadic freezings.

This makes for a very interesting dance pattern while in the shower. It also makes the shower take much longer than usual.

I’m sort of wondering which water deity I’ve offended, how I did it, and perhaps more importantly, how I make up for it. :)

Eitherway, I’ve been running on way too little sleep these past few weeks, so it’s off to bed a little earlier for me tonight! :)

Enjoy Sunny’s Vivid Trailer!
If you can’t see it, or want to buy it, it can also be found here
Alternate trailer and purchase link

12 Responses to “Sunny Leone’s first vivid video!!!”
  1. ahmad says:

    please send mo more sexy pictures and send me some
    web sites that contain sexy topics

  2. Randall says:

    I think that if we could see a video of you taking a shower, we could help determine the problem with your water. Please post as soon as possible and we can start to solve this problem. :-)

  3. Kaori says:

    Humm.. you think a video would help?
    Maybe I’ll try that first, instead of booking with the repair man! :)
    he left a message on my cell phone today, I don’t think he’s an English speaker – heavy, heavy, HEAVY French accent! :)
    Eitherway, problem should be fixed soon!
    BTW, more partyhardcore coming up this week :)

  4. G-UniT says:

    Fuck u pervertZ
    Im a real NiGGA, Im 2pac from the dead
    Say hello to Dr. Dre 4 me cuz im gonna shoot the fu#king shit outta FiFtY and then kill all of dem mutha f@@kerZ, who think they can rap and also the f#ckerZ who made the bloodZ and da CripPZ fight again

  5. archer says:

    i just want to fuck her harder

  6. rohan says:

    i want to eat her pussy sooo good mmmmmmmm

  7. Adam says:

    I was so disapointed of the 1st Sunny movie! Because it was boring & she ONLY likes girls. Sunny does not DO guys @ all of her 3 movies. Her movie sucks & it will be better if she DO with guys instead of girls. If a chick like Sunny who wants to be a porn star, she should think BIG like Nautica Thorn or Lanny Barbie.

    By Adam

  8. Venom says:

    She looks too good for porn…

  9. dave roque says:

    she is very pretty pls send me more pictures of her and also her video…thanx

  10. leonebhi says:

    she is really awesome but she looks very amazing at her visit to avn adult expo.
    much better in cloths than in naked.
    do visit avn adult expo

  11. sandeep says:

    i love sunny leones

    she is so cute i watch many video of sunny
    i wanna meet to you sunny

  12. shani says:

    i love sunny she is so hot i wish to sleep with sunny

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