Sunny Leone - Pierced Nipples
Click the picture for a hot gallery featuring Sunny Leone‘s pierced nipples!!!

Okay guys, here’s a hot early gallery of Sunny Leone – one before she got fake breasts, and when she had nipple piercings!! Personally, I’ve never been a fan of Sunny Leone‘s implants.. I much preferred when she was natural.. Hardcore was a good move for her, but she’s too picky about who she stars with! Nice undies though!

Anyways… Just like that…
I understand that, at times, I am a creature who is subject to whims and strange flights of fancy. I am aware that this behaviour often makes me look sort of fickle.

Well. Wants can change given the right circumstances, right? It’s called being adaptable.

In any event, looking back on my sudden changes of heart, mostly they are matters of little consequence.

Until this most recent one.

Yesterday, I woke up. I began the process of dressing myself.

I realized with a jolt that I no longer like any of my underwear.

In fact, I dislike it. I pondered my collection and only came up with Bleh. Every. Single. Piece.

I want to replace it all. Every last bit. Out with the old and in with the new, says I.

Problem: Buying all new underwear requires spending money. And Victoria’s Secret, my go-to store for the purchasing of a great many garment items, including underthings, is not currently having a sale on any of the underthings I actually want.

So I must wait. And continue using the unsatisfactory undergarments currently in my possession.


Honestly, I didn’t give it too much thought yesterday, thinking the feeling might pass quickly. It hasn’t. Garumph.

Click here for a hot gallery of Sunny Leone with Pierced Nipples… She was Penthouse Pet of The Year and was a Vivid Contract Star.

4 Responses to “Sunny Leone – Pierced Nipples”
  1. Jason says:

    Well Kaori, if you don’t like your present underwear, and you don’t want to buy any more at the moment, there’s only one thing for it.

    Don’t wear any. :)

    I’m sure, were I one of your co-workers, I wouldn’t complain. 😉

  2. Barry says:

    You could sell your underwear to make money to buy more. And go commando until the new ones arrive.
    Are they too small or getting frayed? I’ve changed style because trunks are more comfortable but I’ve never just stopped liking my underwear. Explain this more. Just the panties or everything?

    But her face is still fantastic. And she’s not missing any meals.

  3. Kaori says:

    Jason: Hahah, but i don’t wear a lot of dresses… mostly pants! :)

    Barry: I don’t think used underwear goes for too much :) Otherwise, that would have been a great idea!!!!!
    Nope, they’re not too small, and they’re not really fraying… Just bored!!!!!!!
    And the bras always need to match the panties…
    I do like Sunny.. but… she had so much more potential, and she just keeps getting older and older like the rest of us!

  4. Jason says:

    Well there’s always time to change a habit. 😉

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