south american porn with anal toys
Click the pic for a free gallery of sexy young Latina Pamela Spice taking an anal dildo!

Okay guys, I’m hoping that you love this shaved latina teenager!! Especially with her penchant for anal sex and anal toys!! Pamela Spice is relatively new to the scene, but will to get dirty with her lesbian girlfriends!! I have a few more free galleries of Pamela Spice that I’ll be posting over the next few days ^_^ I believe i have 10 galleries of this South American beauty – of which a good percentage contain anal dildos!

Anyways, I know that this isn’t riveting, but I finally bought some new hangers today. Some regular white plastic ones for tops, some heavy duty white plastic ones for light coats, and a couple of no-slip ones for dressy pants.

With all the online clothing and outerwear purchasing that I’ve been doing lately, I ran out of hangers! (And closet space, but we won’t talk about that!!!) For a while I had extras floating around, then I had exactly enough, but I didn’t stop shopping at that lovely equilibrium point, so I ended up with too few. That has since been remedied – I now have extras floating around again. ^_^

So that means that I can continue madly shopping, right? ^_^ Sadly, I strongly suspect that my credit cards say no….

Still, online shopping is the best!!!

Enjoy the South American anal toy gallery of Pamela Spice

3 Responses to “South American anal toy – Pamela Spice”
  1. Jim says:

    Regular and..heavy duty? Did you actually buy hangers or more orgasmic toys?? :-)

  2. Barry says:

    Listen to the credit cards.
    This one is a definite winner even though she’s trying to look about 13.
    The crocs were really nice too.

  3. Kaori says:

    Jim: Heavy duty sex toys, eh?? :) Apparently, cheap sex toys are dangerous.. Lots of them have phthalates!!!

    Barry: Listen to the credit cards saying “use me… use me!!!!!” ^_^ Glad you enjoy Pamela Spice.. she only looks illegally young in a few pictures.. She looks hot in the rest!

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