Shaved brunette teen lesbian
Click the pic for a free gallery of a flat chested shaved teen!

Okay guys – this girl isn’t realllllly my type. Yet strangely, there’s something alluring about her. Eitherway, I hope at least some of you enjoy this flat chested and shaved teen!!!

Well, we’re into day two of the allergic reaction. My hands and feet are much worse today, and my feet in particular itch like there’s no tomorrow. The rest of me hasn’t changed much, though I think my neck and chest are getting a bit better, but that might be wishful thinking on my part.


Anyways – enjoy this sexy model from Nubiles.Net!!! I’m gonna get some more bed rest and hope I wake up blotch free!!

10 Responses to “Small breasted brunette teen”
  1. Brak-in-Black says:

    I hope you got a copy of that girl’s birth certificate, K. “Shaved teen” usually implies that said teen actually HAD pubic hair at one time. This one may be still waiting for hers to come in. Don’t quote me on this, but I think that’s Tawnee Stone’s daughter.

    By the way, I think your chest is getting better too.

  2. Jim says:

    I really hope you do start to get better ASAP. The allergic reaction thingy worries me! keep us posted with how you are doing! Wish i were there to wait on you and take care of you! About the small breasted brunette,i like her! Im tired of all those big breasted blonde girls. Brak can have them! :-)

  3. Barry says:

    Hope you’re feeling better. I had to take a steroid for an allergic reaction, not fun. How’s the roid rage? Do you feel hot?
    Nice gallery.

  4. Kaori says:

    Brak: Hahah, thanks to 2257 laws, you don’t need to worry about that anymore! :)

    Jim: Getting better!!! Glad that you like this girl – she is cute!

    Barry: I’m feeling toned!! Bulking up!! *ROAR*

  5. US GIRL says:


  6. Stealth Fire says:

    man you are hot could you send me more pictures to my friends email

  7. I love boobs says:

    I want 2 touch your boobs man.your r hot.can i fuck u?

  8. sky says:

    To mee, I think you are very sexy. You’re my kind of woman!

  9. jizz says:

    no tits and shape at all in her bodie…and her face is shitful

  10. davi-p says:

    jizz can fuck himself. i like her. i would shove my massive cock up her cunt and fuck her hard till she screams for more.

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