small breasted teen Summer from Nubiles
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I decided it was time for more of a ‘girl next door’… Smaller breasts, a more innocent look.. It might have helped if the teen had braces!!!

Anyways, I had resolved for this year to cook more often. Additionally, I had defined cooking as involving the cooking of raw meat and the chopping of vegetables. None of that heating up oven food or warming canned soup or canned chili or any of the other things that I typically do to prepare a meal. Cooking means I have to take something from the raw state to the cooked state.

What this means, is that I haven’t really been doing a whole lot of cooking so far this new year.

Last night, I had croissant-wiches that were stuffed with havarti cheese and imitation crab meat salad – and of course, a spinach and baby green salad on the side. This isn’t cooking by my above definition, but it feels like it should count anyway! Nothing was prepared for me – it’s not as if I was able to pop these out of their cellophane and chow down. I didn’t have to do much, granted, but it doesn’t fall into the category of ready-made food.

Still.. sandwiches for dinner…

And yet, in spite of all this wondering about cooking, and determination to try to keep my resolution, I really really wanted McDonald’s for dinner tonight!

I’ve also discovered that I’m mildy allergic to penicillin… The fun continues tomorrow!

BTW – nobody has told me what they think of ‘GirlsAreSexy‘!!!

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