I have one more ’24’ marathon to go through.. Season 3, the last 6 episodes….
And then tomorrow morning, she flies off!!! I need wake up REALLY early to take her to the airport :(

Anyways, I promised you a picture of that girl from before, soooo.. here you go!
Here’s her sexy shaven pussy… smooth and lickilicious!

7 Responses to “Shaven Asian”
  1. BrakInBlack says:

    Great title! If I ever start a rock band, I’m now going to call it “Shaven Asian”.

  2. DJ Platina says:

    There`s nothing sexy about a shaven pussy…

  3. Kaori says:

    I think that every pornstar and stripper in the world would disagree with you :) However, most asians look better with a little hair on top, and not completely shaven… Cause of our more frontal pointing pubic bone..

  4. johnboy says:

    anybody who does’nt think she’s sexy is a fag!

  5. BIG_D says:

    u can’t say that every nude girl looks sexy but this girl is surely quiet sexy, her well propotioned body looks stunning she can even kill any man without any weapon hehehe. well all that i can say is she can make any man cum quickly :-))

  6. Kaori says:

    Hummm… I was gonna say, you like dangerous women, eh? :)
    Hee hee hee.. maybe I’ll post some pictures of me playing with a butterfly knife :) I just had a friend teach me!

  7. recommended 106 says:

    princesses absolving floor serenely:conjunctive lapses Precambrian cajoling apportioning

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