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Anyways, it’s a fiery ball of lies….

For as long as I can remember, everyday I wake up, wait a bit for morning groggies to pass, and then proceed to make a final decision about what I will wear. I say final decision because usually, I’ve given the matter some consideration the night before – not always, some mornings I’m flying by the seat of my yet-to-be-chosen pants, but usually I’ve got something in mind. Part of the final decision making process, then, is an evaluation of whether the items I’ve chosen are actually suited to the day I am about to face.

Typically, I do this by checking out how sunny it is. In my mind, sunny means warmer, cloudy means cooler.

Now, when I stop and think about it, the error in this line of logic is just appalling. Yet I continue to make use of it, no matter how many times it leads me wildly astray.

In the wintertime, there’s really no issue, because I live in Canada – I can run with the default assumption that it is freaking cold, put on a sweater, and be comfortable.

I run into trouble with the other seasons, though, especially summer, when the days are so long – the sun is really up when I wake up. I have an east facing bedroom, with blackout shades on the window, but they weren’t quite properly measured before they were installed, so little slivers of sunlight peek through the sides in the morning. Annoying, but apparently not too annoying – I have yet to run out and buy a curtain rod and side curtains to block those sneaky sunbeams. So these little glimpses of sunshine are what I base my final clothing decision on. If they’re strong, and a little warm feeling, I figure it must be a warm day, and dress accordingly. If they’re faint, or non-existent, then I figure it’s a cooler day with overcast skies, and I dress a bit warmer.

Which explains why I can think that it’s totally appropriate to wander outside in just a light t-shirt and breezy pants when it’s only 15 C outside.

It makes for a very brisk walk.

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