Sexy Japanese Woman with Shaved Pubic Hair - Mariko
Click the pic for a free gallery of a sexy Japanese woman with a muscled body and shaved pubic hair!

Okay guys, here’s another of Mariko’s Met-Art galleries!! We were discussing before whether this fit, Japanese babe has fake boobs… Previously, I think we determined that Mariko’s breasts were natural… Now, I’m not so sure! Some of the pictures make it look like her breasts are fake – but I see no evidence of scarring…. Strange! Eitherway, if you want closeup pictures of a shaved Japanese teen pussy, enjoy the gallery!

Anyways, my paternal grandmother was a packrat extraordinaire – the woman pretty well threw away nothing, everything was kept for that one shining moment when its’ hidden use would be unveiled. Her house was practically bursting with old phone books, old boxes, old clothes – there was even an old armchair stuffed into the little entryway, where it served no purpose, because it was just a space between the door that went outside and another door that opened up into the house. Wait, I stand corrected – the chair wasn’t completely useless, it was a stacking spot for more phone books. And possibly an old coat. When my grandmother broke her leg some years ago, and needed to be moved into an assisted living facility, my parents were faced with the ever-so-fun task of emptying out the house so that it could be sold. They tossed lots and lots of junk. They also found tons of brand new stuff stashed away in the basement – things they had given my grandmother, things other people had given her, all things that were intended to replace items that had had long lives of great service and were really pretty well all used up, but they still worked, so she tucked the replacements away for the day when the old stuff really couldn’t be used anymore. Probably she forgot she had most of that stuff.

With such formidable packrat skills in the genetic pool, it is perhaps no surprise that I have some of these tendencies. I decided today that I’d like to have a little stash of sweets in my office, and instead of heading to the store to search out a sale, I went diving into my pantry. I have a habit of buying Halloween candy the week after Halloween, when it’s all on terrific sale, and then slowly working my way through it the rest of the year. Trouble is, because the sales are good, I overbuy a bit. No worries, candy stays good pretty much forever, right? Except, I obediently put it away in the pantry, and then often I forget it’s there. I eat some, when I remember and I’m craving something sweet, but other times I forget about the candy stash, and I’ll stick my head in the fridge or freezer looking for sweets, and come away with a glass of juice, or Coke, or maybe a little bit of sliced strawberries leftover from something else, or sometimes I even change my mind about the sweet bit and walk away with a chunk of cheese. So the next round of post-Halloween sales roll around, and I buy more on sale, even though I’ve still got some from the previous year. Repeat this a few times, and you’ll end up where I am today.

I started rooting around. I found a box with some full-size Coffee Crisp bars tucked inside – they must have fallen out of the big box that was bought from Costco a while back, and just been hastily shoved back into another box. I found two bags of fun sized Mr. Big bars. I found a big box of Junior Mints. I found about six bags of fun sized Coffee Crisp bars. Apparently, I always think I need more of those when the sales come around. I found a big bag of little Tootsie Rolls. I found some gourmet licorice. I found fun sized boxes of Mike & Ikes. I found some individually wrapped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Since there is no shortage of Coffee Crisps, I’m going to take some of those to work with me. And the Junior Mints too.

The kicker? I was sort of hoping to find some fun sized Twix bars.

And the moral of the story? I’m NOT buying anymore Coffee Crisps this year!!! Maybe just some Twix :)

Enjoy the perfect Japanese female body gallery here!

5 Responses to “Sexy Japanese Woman with Shaved Pubic Hair – Mariko”
  1. CS says:

    They’re FAKE!!! She got super amazing minimally invasive surgery which was done through the nipples. That’s why they look all funky and her tits look so great.

    Also all that candy…just mentioning makes feel sick.

  2. Jim says:

    I think the jury will always be out on this one. They could be fake or they could be real. I would think if they were fake she would have had larger ones put in since alot of women make that mistake on size and get them too big.Or maybe she did have a good quality set installed. Or maybe she just works out her upper body enough to have such a nice even concentric shape. Or maybe she has good gene’s. I thought Sean’s comment to my comment from the other day was rather amusing..since the swine flu-N1H1 vac clearly has not gone through the “normal” time durration of long term safety tests before being released to the public. That is why it has been headlines all over the news and why you even mentioned it here.

  3. C-U: Kaori Addict says:


    I’ve been a member for several months now. No mysterious charges have arrived, and I made sure to check if I was being charged the moment I signed up for it…
    Just in case…

    For those who do not wish to sign up for PornSupreme…
    Much of it is accesible from outside of the members area…
    Though I’ve yet to watch the vids offered, so I’m unsure nonmembers can… View them.

    Like always it has joint membership for paying members to 3 other sites… (I do not have said access).

    It’s… Odd.

    Snacks are good.
    I partake in a new snack type every week, … As long as I have the money for it.
    Go minimum wage workers!!!!
    -.-‘ LoL

    I’m both a saver… And a spender… I save money… So that I get to spend more…

  4. Necto says:

    Jim said ” maybe she just works out her upper body enough to have such a nice even concentric shape.”

    lets promote fitness for women…

  5. Kaori says:

    CS: I think they’re just inverted nipples :) I don’t think they have breast implants *through* the nipples yet!

    Jim: Yeah… I’ll have to track her down and ask her!! :) As for the Flu shot – I dunno.. Canada says they’ll have it fully tested in the next month or so?

    C-U: Awesome – glad that you looked to make sure… Minimum wage sucks!!! Hopefully you’re not stuck there for too long!!!

    Necto: Hahaha.. you know.. Exercising can result in a full cup size of growth!!

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