RealPeachez Lesbian Slumber Party
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Sorry about that tattoos Joris! It is kind of… over the top! :)
Whoever that girl is, has been a friend of Peachez18 for a long time.. I’ve seen her in other galleries with Sarah..

Anyways, so here’s the deal – I’ve been sitting on comments from my supervisors for at least a week now, possibly two. I need to start revising. I had told myself that I will work on this today.

Before I was going to do that, I needed to finish ironing.

Monday I bought a fancy new iron. Tuesday I bought a new ironing board after discovering that the one the house’s previous owner left behind was not left behind because he is a lazy shmuck who can’t be bothered to iron his own clothes, but because somehow he bent one of the legs, so the tapered end points to the floor. Not the best thing to put a hot iron on. But now, now, now I can iron safely.

And it needs to be done anyway.

Just like vacuuming (I still love my Dyson!). And dishwashing. And laundry. And cleaning bathrooms.

Whoever would have thought that I’d be doing chores to avoid schoolwork? ^_^

I would have had a post up last night, but my internet was broken! Sorry guys! (Although I think it hurt me more than it hurt you! I can’t function without my internet!!!)

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