RealPeachez Lesbian Slumber Party
Click the picture for a lesbian gallery of RealPeachez

Sorry about that tattoos Joris! It is kind of… over the top! :)
Whoever that girl is, has been a friend of Peachez18 for a long time.. I’ve seen her in other galleries with Sarah..

Anyways, so here’s the deal – I’ve been sitting on comments from my supervisors for at least a week now, possibly two. I need to start revising. I had told myself that I will work on this today.

Before I was going to do that, I needed to finish ironing.

Monday I bought a fancy new iron. Tuesday I bought a new ironing board after discovering that the one the house’s previous owner left behind was not left behind because he is a lazy shmuck who can’t be bothered to iron his own clothes, but because somehow he bent one of the legs, so the tapered end points to the floor. Not the best thing to put a hot iron on. But now, now, now I can iron safely.

And it needs to be done anyway.

Just like vacuuming (I still love my Dyson!). And dishwashing. And laundry. And cleaning bathrooms.

Whoever would have thought that I’d be doing chores to avoid schoolwork? ^_^

I would have had a post up last night, but my internet was broken! Sorry guys! (Although I think it hurt me more than it hurt you! I can’t function without my internet!!!)

8 Responses to “Sara Peachez (RealPeachez) has lesbian sex”
  1. Brak-in-Black says:

    Oddly enough, I saw both RealPeachez and FauxPeachez last week at the Iron Maiden show. They flashed their tits during “The Number of the Beast” and tried for 40 minutes to get backstage to blow Bruce Dickinson. They left with some forklift driver in a white F150. I tried to yell “Hey, I saw you on Kaori’s XXX Blog!” but their heads kept disappearing below the dashboard.

  2. toque says:

    Hi Kaori!

    This is my maiden post! I came about your site purely by accident. I’m a writer researching a story and ran across a reference to your blog at Fleshbot. It’s very refreshing to read the opinions of a porn-positive woman! Many people still stigmatize porn (c’mon folks it’s the 21st century!). I was also surprised not only to learn that you’re a fellow Canuck, but also a fellow Montrealaise!!!

    I’m looking forward to reading some of your past posts… also, a few things: An ironing board? Really? I do all my ironing by putting an old zabuton mat on my kitchen table! And don’t feel too bad about not speaking French. I was born here and my French is absolutely laughable!

    Brak-in-Black – A friend of mine actually saw one of Iron Maiden’s guitarists (I think it was Adrian Smith) on the Sherbrooke street here in Montreal a few years ago. Sherbrooke street is where a lot of Montreal’s high-end hotels are. He got his autograph and was apparently very nice…

  3. NECKICE says:

    The peach on the right with the blue shortyshorts needs to SHAVE! LOOK at that — all over her stomach and ssit! damn.

    hey torque — glad you came into us (ummm..). YOu will find a friendly lot of folk here who all like to chat about everyday life things like school, work, dining out, music, and cum. WELCOME!

  4. Kaori says:

    Brak: Sounds like that driver had a good time :)

    Toque: Welcome! Embracing the Canadian/French culture with your name, eh? :) You’ll have about 450 past posts to read through! Enjoy!!

    Neckice: Yeah.. she’s awful, but seems to have a big attachment to RealPeachez! And WOW that’s an awful picture you grabbed from up top! Hahahah
    Thanks for pointing it out! :) I didn’t have time to look at them last night! I just remember seeing Asia there :)

  5. toque says:

    Thanks for the warm welcomes Kaori and NECKICE!

    NECKICE, as Kaori put it correctly, my handle’s “toque” not “torque”! A toque is what we Canadians call a knitted hat (Americans call them “beenies” or scullies”).

    Kaori, 450 posts!?!? That’s gonna be HARD… no pun intended; OK, pun TOTALLY intended 😉 I’m just being goofy ’cause I totally went nuts last night cheering for the Edmonton Oilers.

  6. NECKICE says:

    sincerest apologies, toque.

    I must have just watched the brilliant film TORQUE before I posted!

  7. theo says:

    sexy ladies nice pair of tits

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