Huge breasted teen - Samantha
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Okay guys, time for some gigantic, saggy, natural breasts! Samantha IS one of the more popular girls on, so I figured I’d see how she does here!! And no, she doesn’t do triple penetrations!

Anyways, when I got my hair cut in January, it was at a new place with a special promotional offer, so for the price of a cut – which, by the way, is just over half the price of a cut at my old place, so I’m switching – I also got partial highlights put in. Just five foils, at the front of my head, and I went for a toffee colour. I like them, but there’s a bit of a problem: because of the way the layers are cut, they don’t follow through the full length of my hair. Not a big deal, I can live with it.

Almost two months later, now I also have about an inch worth of roots showing on the bits that were lightened. I suppose my vanity could tough it out until they grow out completely. Or, I could spend a little over $20 and colour my hair. ^_^

Now I have a dilemma…. Well, a dilemma beyond the should-I-or-shouldn’t-I dilemma. ^_^ What colour should I go for?

Last time I wanted to dye away old highlights I went for a deep burgundy brown colour, and I liked that a lot! I’m wondering if I want to try something new, though, something a little closer to my natural colour (read: no red in it). Why? I’m hoping to avoid having roots show as it grows out, and I don’t want to get into the cycle of colouring my hair every two months to get rid of roots…

That being said, I don’t want to just go basic black – it seems like a waste to just colour your hair the same colour that it grows in at. ^_^

Something for me to ponder obsessively for the next little while. ^_^

Anyways, enjoy the big-breasted natural beauty Samantha

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