Raven Riley - Oral Sex
Click the pic for a hot gallery of Raven Riley giving a blowjob!!

Okay guys, it’s been AGES since I’ve posted Raven Riley!!!! I’ve collected a few free galleries of her for you guys to peruse.. I’ll start posting them soon!!
Anyways, for a few years now, summer has been that time of year when I try to catch up on some longish term projects. This sort of saddens me, because I still remember when summer meant a long stretch of completely carefree days. Sleeping in, planning out the day’s activities and games, playing for as long as I wanted with no guilt, no shame, no worry about how this was going to come roaring round the corner and deliver a swift kick to the rear. Just fun, all day, everyday.

Needless to say, this was when I was younger. When I was old enough to hold down a summer job and recognize the value of spending money, my summers became the time to earn a decent chunk of change for frivolous spending throughout the school year – it’s much easier to buy a little bit of candy here and there if you don’t have to ask your parents for the money to do so. Still, even with the summer job, things were still pretty carefree – provided I showed up on time(ish) and got my work done, things were quite rosy. Once quitting time hit, I could leave, and all the pressure of the work day would be left behind – not that I ever had tons of pressure anyway, they were always pretty low on the corporate food chain jobs – summer work plus low pay equals little to no pressure on the job. No major responsibilities, no decision making needed. Just show up, do your thing, and collect your paycheque every two weeks.

There are times when I sort of miss that.

Then I give my head a shake and get back to work. Got a deadline, doncha know….

Enjoy the Raven Riley oral sex gallery here!

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