Raven Riley - Oral Sex
Click the pic for a hot gallery of Raven Riley giving a blowjob!!

Okay guys, it’s been AGES since I’ve posted Raven Riley!!!! I’ve collected a few free galleries of her for you guys to peruse.. I’ll start posting them soon!!
Anyways, for a few years now, summer has been that time of year when I try to catch up on some longish term projects. This sort of saddens me, because I still remember when summer meant a long stretch of completely carefree days. Sleeping in, planning out the day’s activities and games, playing for as long as I wanted with no guilt, no shame, no worry about how this was going to come roaring round the corner and deliver a swift kick to the rear. Just fun, all day, everyday.

Needless to say, this was when I was younger. When I was old enough to hold down a summer job and recognize the value of spending money, my summers became the time to earn a decent chunk of change for frivolous spending throughout the school year – it’s much easier to buy a little bit of candy here and there if you don’t have to ask your parents for the money to do so. Still, even with the summer job, things were still pretty carefree – provided I showed up on time(ish) and got my work done, things were quite rosy. Once quitting time hit, I could leave, and all the pressure of the work day would be left behind – not that I ever had tons of pressure anyway, they were always pretty low on the corporate food chain jobs – summer work plus low pay equals little to no pressure on the job. No major responsibilities, no decision making needed. Just show up, do your thing, and collect your paycheque every two weeks.

There are times when I sort of miss that.

Then I give my head a shake and get back to work. Got a deadline, doncha know….

Enjoy the Raven Riley oral sex gallery here!

5 Responses to “Raven Riley – Oral Sex”
  1. IFuckAmy says:

    Why would anybody want to grow up?

  2. C-U: Kaori Addict says:

    I guess that is easier… Leaving your job at work, not taking it home with you.
    I work at a (franchise-owned) Taco Bell… But… Here it can get pretty stressful for all who join our ranks.
    The higher-ups in our store act as though everyday could be the day of reckoning, cuz, instead of anyone believeing in our ability to do our job sucessfully, they think we’ll screw up so badly that it’ll cost us the store.

    Its like they want to see their employees suffer at this store.
    Everything to the ‘rea’ managers here is a life or death crisis, like our getting the line wiped down every ten seconds (yet we rarely ever mop) to minor irritations such as having our boards work correctly.
    It’s an easy enough job as you said, but that’s only when you aren’t frequently involved in store politics.

    I wouldn’t trade it for any other job at this point, the people there have started to become like family.

    You know, there was once a time that BJs turned me on (okay I didn’t switch to real porn till recently), but lately, eh, the more I seem them, the more I rather see vaginal and anal.

    Actually I always rather see vaginal, but that’s cuz it looks the best. Vaginal is hot, DP is hotter sometimes.
    And contrary to my earlier statement DP combined with oral can be much hotter still, cuz orgies jus… Are so… Exotically erotic to my senses (having never had sex [ooo… So wanna rant about that, but I’m trying to be more positive about a lot of things] to begin with… Orgies are definitely outta my normal envisioning capabilities).

    Guys… Can’t you help more with getting enough money to convince Kaori to let those Fleshlight guys make a model of her pussy?

  3. Barry says:

    “Sort of miss that” I completely miss that. I had no job growing up. I had so little that I wanted my allowance took care of it. Give me a book and I was good for the weekend. Working has gotten me hooked on spending. It’s not much spending but what there is of it I want to stop.

  4. Neo says:

    Yummy – I love me some Raven Riley. Although the gallery is a little too.. “preview.” Not enough goods… like where’s the penetration shots and the cumshots?

    Anyways, I completely agree with you. The ability to leave work at work and just focus on yourself at home is something I miss incredibly. My work is difficult enough at work and then having to do more at home kills me. But then again, back then – I wasn’t paying the rent I do now, nor was I paying the auto payment I do now, nor was I paying for the fine stuff I like now. I guess the older you get, the more complicated life gets.

    I suppose we could just go back to simpler times – eating out of tupperware, sitting on a bean bag, driving beat up third hand cars. Either way… the sex is still the same right Kaori?

    • Kaori says:

      IFA: Ahhh.. if only we could all be Peter Pan!!!

      C-U: So tell me the truth, anything gross happen to the food at Taco Bell?? ^_^ I wish we had Chalupa’s here in Canada… I don’t think we actually have any Taco Bell’s in Montreal!!
      As for the fleshlight, it would be kind of fun!

      Barry: That sounds awesome!! I wish I could spend more time reading fiction on the weekends, relaxing……

      Neo: Yeah, sometimes they do that.. It pisses me off.. I guess it’s a ‘tease’…. But yup, sounds like we should move back towards ‘simpler’ lives… Drive cheaper, crappy cars, live in smaller towns with lower costs of living… I actually have a bean bag chair – a ‘LoveSac.com’ – they’re not cheap!

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