V-shape shaved into pubic hair design
Time for another met-art gallery! Hope you guys enjoy the gallery, and the unique pubic hair design shaved into the one girl!

As a general rule, I don’t like swallowing pills. I prefer them to taking liquid medicine – which always always always tastes terrible, except for Dimetapp cough syrup, which tastes good but does nothing for other cold symptoms like sore throat or sinus and nasal congestion. If I can avoid it, though, I prefer to not be taking anything!! Needless to say, it was with some surprise that I realized that I had seven capsules in my hand last night to take with my dinner. The seven were:

*a multivitamin
*a calcium supplement
*a vitamin E supplement
*an acidophilus capsule
*two Cold F/X capsules

Even stranger, of those seven, four I try to take on a daily basis to pretend I am a healthy individual. ^_^
The Cold F/X capsules were an addition to bolster my immune system against this nasty little bug I caught…. I like to think I have a pretty hardy immune system, but when I get sick, I get all the wind knocked right out of my sails for a good three days minimum.
And the penecillin, well no, it was not for a nasty STD… If you read my previous post you’d see that I’m currently suffering from a bout of strep throat… *ICK*

It’s off to bed, and I think I’ll be feeling a lot better tomorrow!

In the meantime, enjoy met-art, and the funky porn they have!! I’m not hairy enough to shave any pubic designs like those European women can do!

3 Responses to “Pubic hair shaved into a design”
  1. Brak-in-Black says:

    Not that unique, Kaori. I’ve had my pubic hair trimmed the exact same way ever since the Texas Longhorns took the NCAA Division 1 football title one year ago. Thank GOD the USC Trojans didn’t win, is all I can say.

  2. July says:

    Hola Soy July de Argentina y queria contactar chicas y chicos, soy lesbiana y profesora de danza clasica y contemporanea tengo 21 aƱos y me encanta el sexo virtual tengo webcam y muestro todo! por favor solo gente seria! edited y edited

  3. Kaori says:

    Brak: Heheh, sorry.. I can vaguely imagine the longhorns logo, but you lost me on the rest!

    As for July, the lesbian professor of dance… sorry, I had to get rid of your spam.. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but.. I don’t :)

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