Private School Jewel
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Okay guys, here’s a hot teen you may recognize!! Private School Jewel finally has her own site open…. She’s been ‘spotted in the wild’ for a few months now, and has had her site worked on for the past few years… Seriously… At least two years they’ve been collecting pictures of Jewel to launch PrivateSchoolJewel. I *believe* I posted some of her met-art galleries….. She rose up the ranks in popularity at met-art due to her fresh teen looks and ‘girl next door’ blonde appeal!!! I think she’s actually Canadian.. I have plenty more free pictures of Private School Jewel to post :)
I hope we see Private School Jewel hardcore soon!!

Meanwhile…. Get out of my dreams!!!!
And into my tummy!!!!

The night before last, I dreamed of poutine. I was on a quest to find an amazingly good poutine so that I could introduce my parents and some of my aunts and uncles to the wonder that is really good poutine.

Honestly, I don’t get poutine that often. After all, it’s fries and cheese curds swimming in a gravy-type sauce (if you can find it in my history, I took a picture of it once for the blog..). There’s just no way that that is a regular part of a balanced, nutritious diet. So as much as I enjoy the stuff, I don’t routinely include it in my meal rotations.

Ever since I had that dream, though – poutine has been popping up in my thoughts a lot. And it’s been a couple of days now.

I think it must be a sign. I think my body is trying to tell me something. I think I’d better plan on having some poutine for a meal soon. Maybe for dinner tomorrow night.

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